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About basque sailors and about three waves poem

Not so long ago it was, and not so recently. He lived in a village called Dev, which stands on the very shore of the Bay of Biscay, a fisherman named Thomas. All the bays, breakers, reefs and capes along the coast from the Algorta to Biarritz he knew by heart, with his eyes closed he could lead his boat wherever he wanted. His temper, however, was cool, but fair. And he traveled a lot, and he was a skilled fisherman, but that year he was unlucky.

Then Thomas took a boy named Bilinch to his team. And at first everyone thought that it was he, Bilinch, who brought misfortune to the fishermen, but then they realized that it was not in Bilinch. They were the first to come to the place of fishing, and only dead fish fell into their nets. The boats that were nearby were bursting with the catch, and Thomas and his friends were returning home empty-handed. And so it went on not for a day or two, but for all the long months of fishing. Fishermen were scratching their heads, thinking that it was shaking, what they were angry with the sea, but they could not come up with anything.

So in resentment and misfortune and spring came, the last day of fishing came. All the fishermen are asleep at home, and the boy Bilinch is patching the sails. The last day. Maybe he’ll get lucky, he thinks.

He worked, worked, sat down to rest, in a dream he began to bow, and then two shadows appeared on the pier. They just fell from the sky, those two female shadows. Bilinch was so frightened that he couldn’t move. This is what saved him, because the witches flew to the pier.

Witches began to whirl around the boat. Whirled, whirled, and the eldest says to the youngest:

– Let this boy sleep. Let him sleep and wake up only when I order him.

Bilinch closed his eyes tightly, lying down – not breathing. And then the boat took to the air and sailed across the sky. I stopped, went down to the ground, the witches jumped out of the boat. No matter how much Bilinch was afraid of them, he opened his eyes: he wanted to see where they had sailed through the air, but in the dark he did not see anything. Only some shadows swirled, only some voices sang in tune with the wind.

The witches returned, the boat rose into the sky again. And when they arrived at their native village, the eldest witch said to the younger one:

– Say goodbye, daughter, to this boat and to the fishermen who go to sea on it, forever!

– Forever Why, Mother

“Forever,” I told you, “because you’ll never see them again.” Lie down on the seabed tonight!

– But the sea is calm as a puddle of oil, Mother!

– Even before they circle Cape Ar-ranchaga, I will raise three huge waves. The first will be from milk, and they will elude it. The second will be from people’s tears, and they too will walk away from it. But they can’t get away from the third wave, the bloody wave.

– Why Do You Hate Them So Much, Mother

– I don’t hate them, daughter. I am a witch and my destiny is to persecute people for the rest of my life. I disturbed them all winter, I chased the waves at them, Threw dead fish in their nets. But my power ends tomorrow at midnight, and today I will call on them the last, terrible trouble.

– You Will Not Spare Anyone, Mother

– No one, no fisherman, daughter.

– And if they don’t go to sea today

-Shut up! They have to go to sea! All against them. They will go to sea and die. I’ll keep my witchcraft word. There is only one way to deceive fate, but they do not know it and will never know it!

– What remedy is this, Mother.

– Throw the harpoon into the middle of the third, bloody wave. That wave will be me, and then the harpoon will pierce my heart.

The witch said this, jumped off the boat and shouted to Bilinchu:

-Wake up!

And both of them disappeared, as the shadows melted at dawn, only laughter rushing through the pier and flying away, into the sea.

Bilinch told Captain Thomas, but Thomas was a real sailor, and he did what every real sailor would do. He went to sea. And everything happened as the witch said at night.

The ocean was quiet and calm, like an oil puddle, but suddenly – it is not clear where it came from, and whether it came or tried – a huge wave rose in front of the barque. Tall as a house and white as snow.

“Look,” Captain Thomas whispered, “it’s a wave of milk!”

The rowers trembled with fear, a cold sweat appeared on the forehead of the B-lynch, but the captain shouted:

– Go ahead, guys! Arrawn is a mutillac, as the Basque sailors say.

The oars hit the water, and the boat climbed to the crest of the wave. The second time the oars hit the water, and the barque was already on calm water.

But then a second wave grew in front of her. It was taller than the first and sparkled like crystal. Splashes burned my eyes, and it seemed that tears were pouring down the faces of the sailors. Yes, it was a wave of human tears, and again Thomas and others.The snakes left her, and the wave rolled away from their boat and crashed on the sand near the village of Dev, where they all came from.

– Look ahead shouted kapi-tan. – Look ahead, and let your hand be firm!

Again, the oars hit the water, but immediately froze in the air, because a huge red wave was coming towards the boat. She covered the sky. The dawn stopped smiling at the sea, and the sea stopped smiling at dawn.

– Arrawn mutillac! The captain shouted. – Take the harpoon, Bilinch, throw it in the middle of the damn wave!

He took a Bilinch harpoon, swung and threw it in the middle of the bloody wave, in the heart of the night witch.

The wave groaned and parted.

The wave rushed to the shore and licked the sand as the beast licked the ground before dying.

Again, the dawn smiled on the sea. Once again, the sea smiled at dawn.

That day, fishermen were tired of pulling out nets and the fish were glistening in piles at the bottom of the boat. Aodka was already scooping up water with the sides, but the catch was all in Thomas’ hands.

– Arrawn mutillac! The sailors rejoiced. -We won!

No wonder in Baskonia they say that people can compete with the magical power and come out of this fight victorious!

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