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About the forest man Basa-Jean and the shepherd poem

In autumn, Basque shepherds descend from the mountains to the green low pastures. And then one day they forgot an iron grate in a mountain hut in order to bake cakes. And we realized only in the evening when it was time for dinner. But no one dared to walk through the mountains, and even in the dark.

The fact is that at this time the forest man Basa-Jean rules the mountains as he wants. Basa-Jean’s height is huge, as if not a person at all, but a hundred-year-old oak. Only instead of moss on his body, he has wool. Basa Jean is the real master of the Pyrenees Mountains. His strength is extraordinary: a whole forest alone can uproot, it can move a mountain from its place. Well, that’s why people don’t want to meet him. Stay away. Can you save yourself – Basa-Jean goes everywhere. You hear a rock fall off a cliff. It was Basa-Jean who threw it off. And this, you think, is a tree to the road branch stretches No, Basa-Jean stands, thinks.

Well, shepherds are sitting at the hearth, but there is no grate, there is nothing to bake bread on. No one wants to go to bed hungry, so the shepherds began to cheer each other up, who to go upstairs. No one, of course, wants to. Basa-Jean is feared. Finally, it was agreed that the one who will now go to the mountains is entitled to a gold coin. Then one shepherd agreed.

“What to be, it can’t be avoided,” he says. – If our grate is now in Bas-Jean’s hands, then it should still be taken away. There is nothing for him to use other people’s things.

As he said, so he did. I got to the hut and looked inside. And there, of course, Basa-Jean is sitting, going to dinner.

The shepherd is frightened, he does not go to the hut. But Basa-Jean noticed him, ordered him to enter. Yes, he shouted at him so loudly that the shepherd decided: the top of Ori had collapsed.

Basa-Jean asks what the shepherd needs. The shepherd replies that he came, they say, behind bars for cakes, they forgot it here. Basa-Jean and says to the shepherd:

– If you answer my question in such a way that you have nothing to object to, I’ll let you go. And I’ll bring the grid back. And if you don’t answer, blame yourself. I didn’t invite you to visit me.

Basa-Jean fanned a fire in the hearth of the forest. It was as bright as day in the hut. Basa-Jean looks at the shepherd: a tired man sits in front of him, wrinkles of the face have puffed up, how old he is – and you can not tell right away.

“Well, how old are you, shepherd,” Basa-Jean asks and chuckles, waiting for an answer.

The shepherd sighed, also chuckled.

“I, Basa-Jean,” he says, “count my sheep: I am afraid of losing. I think I always don’t have enough money. But I never counted my years, and for what neither will you lose.

Basa-Jean laughed.

– Well answered, well done. Take your grate and don’t get caught on my road again.

I thanked the shepherd Basa-Jean, took the grate, began to descend down the mountain. He goes and thinks: It turns out that Basa-Jean is with a smart man and he is not averse to talking. It’s good that I went, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten the grate Just thought so, as I immediately stumbled and dropped the grate on the ground. All night afterwards I searched for her.

So the shepherd punished himself for boasting, and maybe it was not without Basa-Jean.

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