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Ak-Chechek — White Flower poem

Far, far away, where nine rivers merged into one stream at the foot of nine mountains, black cedar roared with mighty branches. Under his silk needles, leaning on a strong trunk, a long time ago there was a small hut.
In this hut lived a grandfather yellowed from old age, like smoke, fumigated. And the old man had three granddaughters, one more beautiful.
My grandfather went to get firewood. I climbed a wooded mountain, saw a larch with black branches.
“This tree has dried up at the root. Hit once, it will fall.
The old man pulled out from behind his belt, sharp as a young month, axe, hit the barrel with a blade, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a terrible beast jumped out, and how it would cling to the hand with its teeth!
– Oops, oops! The old man wept. “Let me go, let me go.” I’ll give you what you want.
“Okay,” the beast replies in a human voice. “Give me your beloved granddaughter.”
The old man came home and said to his eldest granddaughter:
“Will you go to this beast?” I gave the floor.
The girl looked around, saw the beast.
“Better,” he says, “I’ll throw myself into the water!”
The old man asked the second.
– I’d rather choke!
“And you, Ak-Chechek, my White Flower, wouldn’t you agree?”
The youngest granddaughter raised her head. Her round eyes are full of tears:
– What is promised must be fulfilled. What to be, it will be.
And the beast led the girl through the valleys, through the hills, through the rivers, through the forests.
They came to a golden glade, where larches always turn green, where the light key chirps without ceasing, where the cuckoo cuckoos all year round.
On the edge of this glade, next to the blue mountain, I saw Ak-Chechek seven hills, transparent, like eternal blue ice.
The beast approached the middle hill, struck with its paw – the door swung open in the ice hill, and the white high palace opened. Ak-Chechek entered. On the tables are painted bowls of food. On the walls are two-string topshops and silver shoor whistles. They ring by themselves, and invisible singers sing songs. They do not respond to greetings, they do not respond to the call.
Ak-Chechek began to live in a blue hill, in a palace as white as ice. There is no one inside, outside a terrible beast lies, guarding the girl day and night.
When Ak-Chechek lived in her thin hut, she met the morning dawn with a song, the dawn of the evening with a fairy tale. She had no one to laugh with now, no one to say a word to.
And the older sisters married accurate hunters. So they decided to visit a little Ak-Chechek.
“If she died, we will cry for her, we will sing a song, if she is alive, we will take her home.
Going on the road, fatty meat was fried, in travel bags-archimaks put. Araki (Araka is an intoxicating drink made from milk.) was brewed and poured into large furs. We saddled the well-fed foreigners and set off.
Heard a terrible beast stomping hooves, saw two sisters on frisky horses.
The beast struck with its paw, and the sparkling ice palace turned into a pathetic hut.
On the bare ground – peeling animal skins, by the fire – a blackened wooden cup.
Ak-Chechek came out of the hut and bowed low to her sisters.
“Dear you are our Ak-Chechek,” the sisters cried, “you did not need to listen to your grandfather. Get on a horse, wave a whip – and even a fast-winged bird will not catch up with you.
“I will not violate my words,” Ak-Chechek said.
” Oh, you’re not born, White Flower! The sisters sighed. “Apparently, your pride will make you die here in this dirty hut.”
So, wailing and grieving, the sisters ate the meat brought, drank the arak, kissed Ak-Chechek tightly, mounted their horses and rode home.
A terrible beast struck with a paw – the hut disappeared, and in its place became a palace, more beautiful than before.
And so the khan of that land planned to marry his eldest son. He told all the people to come to the wedding feast. Even Ak-Chechek heard about this holiday, even Ak-Chechek was invited to this great toy (Toy is a holiday).
She began to cry, groaning for the first time:
“Ah, don’t sing to me now, don’t dance anymore on holidays.
A terrible beast approached her, spoke in a human voice:
“For a long time I thought, my quiet Ak-Chechek, what to give you, how to reward you,” and put a golden key at her feet. – Open a large chest.
With the golden key, Ak-Chechek opened the diamond lock. The wrought-iron lid came off. Like pine nuts, silver and gold jewelry is poured into the chest. I put my hands in the chest, as if my hands were drowned in white foam in soft clothes.
Ak-Chechek dressed for a long time, choosing. But even without a choice, if she dressed, there is still no one on earth more beautiful.
Stepped Ak-Chechek across the threshold – a velvet-black horse stands at the threshold. The bridle is decorated with pearls, the silver saddle shines with milky luster, silk and pearl tassels hang to the ground.
Dressed as white as early in the morning, Ak-Chechek quickly galloped on a black and velvet horse. Here she passed over the high mountains, crossed the fast rivers with a ford, and hears Ak-Chechek behind her the stomping of hooves, and hears – the voice of a thick and low gentle song sings:
If you stir the water, will you swallow?
If I wait a day away,
Will you come?
Ak-Chechek turned around, saw the young man. He sits astride a pearly white walker, wearing a fur coat covered in black silk, and a tall sable hat on his head. His face, like the evening moon, is round and pink, the black eyebrows of his beauty are such that it is impossible to tell.
– Dyakshi-ba? How do you live? The rider said hello.
“Dyakshi, I live well,” Ak-Chechek replies. – Slerde dyakshi-ba? How are you doing? — and she doesn’t hear her words.
The heart seemed to be pierced with a needle, frost ran through the skin. She does not dare to raise her eye, she looked down, saw that the young man’s legs were embedded in stirrups, copper, large. Like overturned bowls, these stirrups are deep, like two little suns, they shine.
If we stir the water… —
the young man sang again.
Ak-Chechek and the horseman at one time came to the great feast.
Women, without blinking, look at the young man, they forgot to take the meat out of the tepshi-pelvis, the bowls with araka are cold in their hands. The men on Ak-Chechek do not breathe looking, their songs have broken, their pipes have gone out. And my grandfather and both sisters were also at this feast. They saw the young man and sighed:
“If our sweet Ak-Chechek lived with us, this young man would be her fiancé,” the older sister said.
“If Ak-Chechek had come to this feast, she herself would not have turned to the beast,” the second replied.
They did not recognize their Ak-Chechek in her light clothes. Ak-Chechek herself did not dare to approach them.
The sun hides behind the mountain, Ak-Chechek sits on a velvet-black horse. She pulled the reins to her, looked back quietly, looked at the young man, lowered her eyes and slapped the horse.
Ak-Chechek has already passed halfway through and again hears the stomping of hooves, and again the same voice, soft and thick, the same song sings:
If I bring water in my palms,
Will you heat it?
If at a distance of a month of the journey I will die,
Do you remember?
Did you have a good time? Ak-Chechek hears.
Her delicate face turned white like a dry tree. She can’t utter a word, she even dropped the occasion. And the young man catches up with her, about to catch up with her… Ak-Chechek hurried her horse without looking back.
At the blue hill, at the golden door, she dismounted.
– Hello! A terrible beast says to her in a human voice. Did you have fun at the feast? What kind of people did you see there?
– Whether the holiday was good, I don’t know. I didn’t count how many people there were. At the Great Khan’s feast, I saw only one person, only thought about him. He rides a pearl-white walker, wears a black silk fur coat, a sable hat on his head.
The terrible beast shook. With the ringing, the black skin fell. The one that Ak-Chechek had been thinking about all day was standing in front of her.
– My Good Ak-Chechek – White Flower! It was I who was a terrible beast for seven years, it was you who made me a man, with your loyalty you lifted the evil spell, destroyed the evil sorcery.
And the topshops and shores rang, thundered; the singers, invisible, laughed and cried as they composed a great song. Our kaichi songwriters picked it up and brought it to us with love.

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