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Annabel poem

Once upon a time there was a cow in the world. Her name was Annabelle. Her stomach often hurt. But one day she saved the ship from a shipwreck.

One foggy day, Annabelle was grazing in a meadow in Cornwall, just off the seashore. The fog was so thick that she couldn’t even see her nose and accidentally swallowed the prickly thistle.

Oops! How sick her stomach hurt! Annabelle gave up pinching the grass and closed loudly.

And at the same time, a large ship was sailing on the sea. The captain brought a spyglass to his eyes, but saw nothing but fog.

– Where are we now? He asked the senior aide.

– I don’t know exactly, sir! Somewhere off the coast of Cornwall.

“Give a signal,” the captain said. The Senior Assistant Captain gave the signal.

– Uh-u-u-u-u-uh- the siren sounded.

Annabelle heard the siren and thought:

“Probably another cow ate thistle. We need to send for a doctor.” “And she closed in back so that the other cow knew she had been heard.

-Listen! The captain said. The senior aide stopped the siren and listened. And through the waves and fog they heard:

– M-uh-u-u-u-uh!

“It’s Annabelle mooing,” the captain said. – So we’re somewhere near her lawn.

And he wasted no time in giving the order:

– Mop, Stashina! Oh no, stop, car!

– Full back!

– Drop Anchor!

– Give a signal!

The anchor hit the bottom, the ship stopped, and the siren buzzed again:

– Uh-huh-uh-uh-uh!

The captain looked overboard. Then the sun came out, and he saw that just in time he stopped the ship: another minute, and they would crash on the sharp rocks.

He managed to save the ship only because he heard Annabelle mooing.

Then he heard again:

– M-uh-u-u-u-uh! M-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

“Strange,” he thought, “she’s still mooing. Maybe she has a stomachache?

And he sent a ship’s doctor ashore with pills to treat Annabelle.

– Give it another one! He said and handed the doctor a small box with a large silver medal.

When the doctor came ashore, Annabelle was still mooing, but the doctor gave her pills, and her stomach immediately stopped hurting.

“The captain asked me to give you this,” the doctor said.

He took out a box, which the captain handed him, and showed Annabelle. On the box it was written:

“Annabelle from the captain – for saving the ship”.

And in the box was a real silver medal.

The doctor hung the Annabelle medal around his neck. Annabelle was very proud.

“Your mooing saved our ship,” the doctor said, “and now I have to hurry, because we have to sail on, to America.

And he went back to the ship. The sun shone brightly, the fog dissipated.

Annabelle looked at the sea.

– Yikes! She said.

– Uh-huh! The ship replied.

The ship sailed farther and farther away, and “Uh-huh!” became quieter. But the captain could still see Annabelle with a medal around his neck through a telescope.

– Yikes! Annabelle said, looking at the sea. – Yikes!

And from a large ship on the high seas, the response was also heard:

– Uh-huh!

Annabelle felt very happy, she plucked the grass, and her medal burned in the bright morning sun.

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