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Azaran Blebul poem

“O venerable and venerable king,” Queen Scheherazade tells her husband King Shahriar, “it dawned on me that in ancient times, in days long past, a king named Khosrov Shah lived in Persia, whom the Almighty endowed with power, youth and beauty and instilled in his heart such a strong love for justice that during his reign even goats and tigers lived in peace and drank water from one stream nearby.
This king, who wanted to know about everything that was happening in his capital, had a habit of walking around the city at night in the clothes of a stranger with his vizier or with one of the courtiers.
And then one night in the quarter of the city where the poor lived, on one of the outskirts of the narrow streets, he heard young voices. Together with his companion, he approached the dwelling, from where the voices came, and clung to the crack in the door. He saw three girls. They sat on a mat around the lamp and talked. The girls looked like sisters and all were beautiful. But the younger one with its beauty was much superior to the elders.
Eldest said:
– I would like to be the wife of a royal confectioner who bakes gata. After all, you know that I love sweet cookies, especially those amazing tender pies with filling, which are called ‘sultan’. Only a sultan’s pastry chef can bake so perfectly. Ah, sisters, that’s when you’ll envy me! After all, I will get fat and prettier, and the color of my face will become softer and fresher.
Middle Sister said:
– I’m not very vain. I would like to be the wife of a royal chef. Ah, if only you knew how I want it to be! That’s when I will have the opportunity to taste all those delicious dishes that are eaten only in the sultan’s chambers. They serve baked eggplants stuffed with rice and all sorts of spices. When I see the full trays of these eggplants being carried, my heart clenches With what appetite I would eat them! Of course, I will not forget you and will often invite you to visit if my husband-cook allows, but he will hardly allow you to do it.
Expressing their wishes, the older and middle sisters turned to the younger one, who sat silently, and asked with a mockery:
– Well, what do you, beauty, want? Do not worry when we marry our chosen ones, we promise to find you a husband among the grooms of the sultan, or his servants, so that you live near us. But you tell yourself who you want to marry. Let’s see what’s on your mind.
The younger sister, shyly dull, trembling and gentle in a voice like the murmur of a stream, could only say, ‘Oh, sisters!’ The sisters, mocking her shyness, bombarded her with questions and jokes, and finally forced her to express her desire. Without looking up, she said:
– Oh my sisters. I would like to become the wife of our sovereign-sultan. I would give birth to glorious children for him. The sons born in our marriage would be worthy of their father. And the daughter I would like to have would be like a smile from the sky, some of her hair would be golden, the other would be silver, every drop of her tears would turn into pearls, her laughter would ring like gold coins, and her smile would bloom on her lips like a rosebud.
Sultan Khosrow Shah and his companion, not wanting to be noticed, stopped listening and withdrew.
Khosrow Shah was very interested in everything he heard, and he wanted to fulfill the wishes of the girls. Not to mention his intention to the vizier, he ordered him to remember the sisters’ house well in order to bring them to the palace the next day. The vizier replied that he would do the sultan’s will and the next day brought the sisters to the palace.
Sitting on the throne, the sultan nodded his head and said:
They approached, trembling with their whole body and ashamed of their miserable clothes, and the Sultan said to them, smiling complacently:
– Greetings, O Young Girls! Today happiness has smiled on you, your desires will come true, and what your desires are, I already know, because kings know everything. First of all, the wish of the oldest of you will come true: today you will become the wife of my senior confectioner. And you, the middle one, will marry my senior cook.
Having said this, the king fell silent, and then turned to his younger sister, whose heart from terrible excitement seemed to jump out now. The Sultan stood up and, taking her hand, sat her down next to him and said:
– You are the queen, this palace is yours, and I am your husband.
The wedding of the three sisters took place on the same day: the wedding of the queen was distinguished by unprecedented luxury, and for the sisters it was ordinary, like ordinary people. Therefore, the elders became terribly envious of the younger and planned to bring trouble to her. But they carefully concealed their evil intention and accepted their sister’s blessings with feigned gratitude. Instead of being satisfied with what has fallen out they were happy, they experienced hellish torment from envy and hatred for their sister.
It’s been like that for nine months. At the end of the ninth month, the queen gave birth to a son, beautiful as a young month. The elder sisters, at the request of the sultan, were present at the birth of the queen, performing the role of midwives. They did not feel any compassion for their sister, nor did they touch the beauty of her son, they decided to destroy the young mother. They immediately took the newborn, threw it in a basket and hid it, and instead put a dead puppy and, showing all the court women, convinced them that the sultan’s wife had given birth to a puppy. When this news reached the ears of Khosrow Shah, his eyes darkened, he fell into deep melancholy, locked himself in his room, withdrew from state affairs. He felt humiliated, his heart was broken.
As for the newborn, the aunts threw him in a closed basket into a canal that flowed near the palace. Fortunately, at this time, the manager of the gardens, Khosrow Shah, passed along the canal and saw a basket swinging on the water. With a long pole, he pulled the basket, opened it and, seeing a beautiful boy, was as surprised as pharaoh’s daughter was when he found Moses in the reed thickets.
The manager of the gardens was married for a long time, and he really wanted to have children – and not one, but two, three. But his wish, like that of his wife, was not fulfilled. They were very sad because of their childlessness and loneliness. And so, when the manager found a boy of extraordinary beauty, he was unspeakably happy, took the basket and ran home. Entering his wife’s room, he excitedly said:
– Peace be upon you, O my wife, may this child be to us, the son, given by fate. “And he told his wife how he found the basket.
So they took the boy and loved him like family.
The following year, his poor mother, who had been so mercilessly deceived and deprived of a child, gave birth to a second son, more beautiful than the first.
But the older sisters with hypocritical sympathy, and in fact with fierce hatred, as in the first time, did not spare the newborn and, putting it in a basket, threw him into the canal. And all the courtiers were shown the kitten and assured that it was born to the sultan. And everyone was very surprised and saddened. And the king, disgraced, would undoubtedly have succumbed to fierce anger if he had not believed in the triumph of justice. The sultan’s heart was full of bitterness and despair.
And as for the baby, the keeper of the happiness of the children this time instructed the manager of the gardens to notice the basket again while walking along the canal. Like the first time, the manager saved the boy and took him to his wife, who loved him like a family, and began to tenderly care for him as well as for the first.
The Sultan’s wife gave birth to her third child. Her sisters, whose hatred did not subside, and the newborn girl were also thrown into the water. But she was also sheltered by the manager of the gardens, raised and educated together with her brothers.
However, this time, when the sisters put a blind mouse instead of a newborn, the sultan, despite his good-heartedness, could not contain his anger and cried out:
– God cursed my family because of this woman. Truly, she is a monster. Only death can free my home from it.
And he condemned the sultan to death. He ordered his squire to carry out the command. But when he saw the tears and boundless sorrow of the woman whom he loved in the depths of his heart, he took pity and, turning away, ordered to lock her in one of the remote rooms of the palace, where she was to spend the rest of her life. And from that day on, he never saw her again. The poor woman, immersed in sorrow, experienced all the bitterness of earthly life.
And the sisters were very happy about what had happened, their anger was satisfied, and from that day on they began to eat delicious cookies and dishes made by their husbands with a calm heart.
And the days and years flowed with equal speed for both the right and the guilty, bringing to everyone what was destined for him.
The children who were adopted by the Shah’s steward grew up and amazed everyone with their good manners. and beauty.
And the name of one of the sons was Farid, the other Pharouz, and the girl was Called Farizada.
Farizada was truly the smile of heaven. Part of her hair was made of silver, the other of gold. When she cried, the drops of tears that fell to the ground turned into pearls, when she laughed, her laughter was like the ringing of golden dinars.
That’s why her father, mother, brothers, and everyone who knew her, calling her by name, added ,”smiling like a rose.”
Everyone was surprised by her beauty, intelligence, meekness, agility, her ability to stay on a horse during hunting, pull a bow, accurately throw arrows. She admired her polite treatment, knowledge of various sciences.
This is how the children of the manager of the royal gardens grew up, and he himself, surrounded by love and respect, rejoicing in the beauty of his adopted children, lived to a deep headman.His wife, having lived the years allotted to her by fate, died before him. Her death caused all family members such sadness and pain that they no longer wanted to stay in a home where the deceased for each of them was a source of goodness, peace and happiness. The governor went to the sultan and on his knees asked to be relieved of his position, which he had held for many years. The Sultan was upset that he had to part with his faithful servant, and regretfully complied with his request. Freeing him, he gave him a beautiful estate near the city with extensive fields, forests, pastures, with a luxuriously furnished palace surrounded by gardens and a grove inhabited by all kinds of birds, domestic and wild animals.
It was in this estate that a kind old man moved with his named children. Here he died, surrounded by their love and care. No father was mourned as much as an old man was mourned by his adopted children. And he took with him the secret of the birth of these children, which he did not know.
In this wonderful estate continued to live young men with their younger sister. And since they were raised in wise simplicity and modesty, they were content with their position and desired nothing but a life of peace and love.
Farid and Faruz often went hunting in the forests and fields around their estate. And ‘smiling like a rose’, Farizada loved to walk in the garden most of all. And then one day, when she was preparing to go for a walk, the maids informed her that some old woman with a seal of goodness on her face was asking to be allowed to rest in the shade of these beautiful gardens. Farizada, whose heart was full of sympathy, wished to personally receive an unfamiliar old woman. I kindly treated her, fed her, gave her a drink and offered her a faience dish with selected fruits, cookies, dry fruits and sweets. Then, supporting the old woman under her arm, she took a walk in the garden, listening to her wise speeches. When we reached the most magnificent tree, Farizada seated the guest in its shade. Word for word, and then Farizada asked the old woman if she liked these places.
After much deliberation, the old woman lifted her head and replied:
– Yes, my lady, I have wandered all my life in the countries of Allah and I have never had a chance to rest in such a wonderful place. But, my lady, just as you are the only beauty in the world and there is no equal to you anywhere, just as the sun and the moon are the only luminaries in the sky, there are three wonders in the world, and there is nothing like them anywhere. And I wish they were in this beautiful garden.
Farizada was very surprised that their garden was missing some three curiosities, and said to the old woman:
– Be merciful, my good mother, rather tell me so that I know what these three incomparable and unknown wonders are to me.
The old woman replied:
– Oh, my mistress, how can I thank your kind heart for your hospitality to me, a wandering old woman, if not to tell you about them.
And after a brief silence, the old woman began to say:
– So know, my lady, that if the first curiosity had been in this garden, all the birds would have gathered***
here to see her and sing with her. Because all the songbirds – nightingales, canaries, larks, turtledoves and goldfinches, and all the countless birds of the world recognize its beauty and superiority over them. This, O my mistress, is Azaran-Blebul – Talking Bird.
– If the second curiosity, O my lady, was in this garden, the wind that makes the trees sing would freeze to listen to it, the strings of tara, lyres and violins would fall silent in the houses. And this is because the wind that makes the trees sing, and the tar, and the lyre, and the violin, O my lady, recognize her perfection and beauty. It’s a singing tree. Neither marshmallows, gently rustling leaves, nor lyres are able to make such sweet sounds that pour from the mouths of thousands of invisible leaves.
– And if the third curiosity, O my lady, was in this garden, all the waters would freeze, fell silent to look at it. And this is because all the waters of the oceans and seas, springs, streams, rivers, ditches, both in cities and in villages, recognize its incomparable beauty. This is Golden-Jet Water.
Yes, O my mistress, if one drop of this water is thrown into an empty pool, it will foam, rise, clog with a golden sheaf and will not stop flowing and splashing and will never overflow over the edge of the pool. The jet will relentlessly take off and spray its golden drops.
With this golden water, transparent as topaz, Azaran-Blebul, the Talking Bird, likes to quench his thirst. With the same golden water, thousands of invisible mouths of the tree like to quench their thirst.
After saying all this, the old woman added:
– O my lady, O my queen, if all these miracles were in your garden, how would your incomparable beauty be praised, how far the glory of it would spread, O my beautiful state.’smiling like a rose’.
Farizada, hearing the old woman’s story, exclaimed:
– O blessed mother of mine, how beautifully all that you have told. But you didn’t tell me where these wonderful objects were.
– O my Lady, these miracles, which are worthy of your sight, are in the same place on the border of India. And the road leading there is behind your estate. If you send someone for them, you will tell him to walk along this road for twenty days, and on the twenty-first day let him ask the first person he meets where the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree and the Golden-Jet Water are. This person will definitely show him their place.
Having said this, the old woman wrapped herself in a veil and withdrew, continuing to mumble the blessings. She was already far away when Farizada woke up from the deep thoughts into which she was plunged by an old woman with her story. She wanted to bring her back, to catch up, to find out the details about these amazing curiosities, to ask how to buy them, but, seeing that she could not catch up, she began to remember every word of the old woman in order to keep in memory. And in her soul began to grow the desire to master these miracles, and no matter how hard she tried not to think about it, she could not do it. She kept repeating, ‘At least see them once!’
And she began to wander through the favorite corners and alleys of her garden. But these places have already lost their attractiveness in her eyes, bored her. And the singing of the birds with which the warblers greeted their mistress further intensified her mental anguish.
And the clairvoyant Farizada became sad and began to cry, and every tear cooled and turned into a pearl grain.
Finally, Farizada’s brothers returned from hunting and, not finding her in the jasmine gazebo where she usually waited for them, upset her with inattention and began to look for her sister in the garden. And when they saw her pearl tears in the sand, they said to each other:
– Ah, how sad should our sister be if shed so many tears? But what was the reason for this?
And they followed in the footsteps of their sister, and found her in the back of the garden all in tears. They ran up to her, caressing her, wanting to cheer her up.
And they said to her:
“Oh, Farizada, our beloved sister, where are the roses of your smile and the gold of your laughter?” Answer us, sister.
– Ah, my brothers!.. Farizada exclaimed and fell silent. She became embarrassed to continue. For the first time she had to ask her brothers for something, it was difficult for her to express her request, but they insisted:
– O our beloved sister, what has so excited your soul? Tell us your grief if you have no doubt about our love for you.
Farizada finally decided to open her heart to them and say it all:
– Ah, my brothers, I don’t love my garden anymore…
And she began to cry, and pearls fell from her eyes. The brothers listened silently, upset, and she continued:
– Alas, I stopped loving my garden, because there is no Talking Bird – Azaran-Blbul, there is no Singing Tree and there is no Golden-Jet Water.
And without catching her breath, she told the brothers about the good old woman and her story.
The brothers were very surprised by what they heard from their sister’s mouth and told her:
– Dear sister, calm down and don’t cry. We will get all these miracles for you, even if they are on the inaccessible top of Mount Kaf, but tell me which way to look for them?
And Farizada, reeling from making her first request, explained to them in detail where these curiosities were, and added:
– That’s all I know, I don’t know anything else.
And both brothers exclaimed in one voice:
– Sister, we’re going in search! And my sister exclaimed in fear:
– No, it doesn’t. no need to go.
Farid, the eldest of the brothers, said:
– Dear sister, your desire for us is more precious than anything else in the world. I’m the eldest, and I’m the first to take care of that. My horse is not yet saddled, it will take me to the border of India, where the three miracles you have named are located. And I’ll bring them.
And addressing Farouz, Farid said:
“And you, dear brother, will stay with our sister to take care of her.”
Having said this, he jumped on his horse, leaning over, kissing his brother and sister, who, with tears in her eyes, asked:
– Don’t leave, get off your horse. I don’t want to see the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, or the Golden-Jet Water, just not to part with you, not to yearn for you.
But Farid kissed her again and said:
– Dear sister, do not worry, my absence will not last long, and with God’s help, no misfortune will happen to me. But so that you don’t torture yourself with anxiety, I’ll give you my knife.
And he took off the knife from his belt, the handle of which was decorated with pearls that fell from her sister’s eyes when she cried for the first time, he gave it to her and said:
– This knife will give you the news of me. From time to time, take it out of the scabbard and look at the blade. If the blade is clean, as it is now, it means that I live healthy, but if it darkens, know that some trouble has happened to me, and if blood begins to drip from it, then you can believe that I am not alive.
He said and, not wanting to hear anything else, drove the horse to the fullest on the road leading to India.
He drove twenty days and twenty nights through deserted places. On the twentieth day of his journey, he reached the foot of the mountain, where there were rich pastures and one single tree grew. An elderly monk sat under a tree. His face was hidden under his long hair and beard. The beard was long and white, like a newly combed coat. The legs and arms were excessively thin. The nails of the feet and hands are very long. This elder was undoubtedly a hermit who retired from the world who knows how long ago.
And since this was the first man he met after twenty days of travel, Farid came down from his horse and, holding it under the bridles, approached the hermit:
“Greetings to you, O holy man,” he said.
The old man, apparently, also responded with a greeting, but his voice sounded from under the thick mustache and beard so deaf that Farid could not make out anything.
Then Farid began to think: ‘What should I do to understand his speech? After all, I must continue my journey according to his advice.’ He pulled scissors out of the cat and, approaching the hermit, said:
– Oh, Venerable, allow me to take care of you a little, because you are immersed in holy thoughts and you do not have time to take care of yourself.
Seeing that the old man did not mind, Farid began to put in order his beard, mustache, eyebrows, nails. And it was as if he had rejuvenated the old man by about twenty years.
The old man felt relieved, a smile appeared on his face. He then spoke in a voice purer and more sonorous than that of a child:
– May a blessing be upon you, my son, for your beneficence that you have done to a decrepit old man. Whoever you are, O virtuous traveler, I am ready to help you with my experience and advice.
Farid was quick to reply:
– I came from distant lands in search of the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree and the Golden-Jet Water. Can you tell me where I can find them, or what you know about them?
At these words, the old man dropped the rosary in excitement and did not answer anything.
Farid asked:
– Good man, why are you silent? I’m in a hurry, my horse is fluttered, it can catch a cold.
The hermit finally spoke:
– Of course, my son, I know where the miracles that you are looking for are, I know the way to them. But how can I, son, after your kind attitude towards me, allow you to expose yourself to terrible dangers? It will be much better, son, if you hurry back to your country. Many brave men followed this road, and none of them returned.
These words did not lead Farid to despair, and he said:
– Good man, you just show me the path I have to take, don’t worry about the rest. God has given me hands that can protect me.
The old man asked the young man:
– How can your hands free you from the Invisible, which cannot be grasped by any hands, and it itself has a hundred times a hundred dexterous, tenacious hands.
Shaking his head, Farid replied:
– Venerable Father, my fate is inseparable from me. If I run away from her, she will follow me like my shadow. So give me advice, because you know a lot. By doing this, you will do me a great favor and do me a good deed.
Seeing that the young man would not back down from his intention, the old man put his hand in the bag and took out a granite ball. After giving the ball to Farid, he said:
– This ball will take you where you want to go. Saddle the horse, throw the ball. He’ll roll in front, chase the horse after him. And where the ball stops, get off the horse, tie the bridle to the ball so that the ball doesn’t move until you come back. And go up the mountain, there you will see large black stones around and hear sounds. These sounds are not made by water, not by winds, they are human voices. They will shout such words that make the blood freeze in their veins. You don’t have to pay attention, you don’t have to hear those voices. But if you get scared and look around, you’ll be one of those black stones that are full on the way. And if you can not hear them and go up to the top of the mountain, there you will see a cage, and in it the Talking Bird. And you say to her, ‘Greetings to you, O Azaran-Blebul. Where is the Singing Tree, Where is the Golden-Jet Water?’ The Talking Bird will answer you…
Having said all this, the old man took a deep breath and fell silent.
ListenedIn the elder’s advice, Farid jumped on his horse, threw a granite ball with all his might, and chased the horse behind it. The red ball rolled, bouncing, not stopping in front of either the bump or the pothole. Farid’s horse, the lightning horse, could barely keep up with the ball. The ball and the horse raced so fast until they reached the first rock. Here the ball stopped.
Farid got off his horse and, as the old man said, tied the bridle to the ball. The horse stood as nailed to the place, and Farid began to climb the mountain. At first he saw nothing, but the higher he climbed, the more black stones he encountered. Farid did not know that they were once young men like him, and they were turned into stones by an invisible force. Passing by these stones, he suddenly heard such screams that he had never heard in his life. After the first howl, terrible inhuman screams were heard from one side and the other.
These laments, as the old man said, did not resemble the howls of the wind in the desert, nor the sound of waterfalls falling into the abyss, nor the roar of streams rushing from the mountain peaks. These voices came from nowhere. From everywhere you could hear: ‘What do you want?’, ‘Hold him!’, ‘Kill him!’, ‘Throw him into the abyss!’, ‘Oh, oh, oh, ah’… These voices mocked him, and sometimes gently called: “Handsome young man, come to us, come to us.”
But Farid, oblivious to these screams, continued to climb up. And the noise was getting worse, becoming intimidating. Sometimes his face touched the breath of those who were screaming, they screamed left, right, front, back, and so terrifying, persistent and threatening were their cries that Farid trembled against his will. Suddenly, from a sudden and strong scream, forgetting the old man’s instruction, he looked back. At the same moment, a nightmarish howl arose and then a deep silence reigned. Prince Farid turned into a black basalt cliff. And his horse at the foot of the mountain is in a shapeless boulder. The red granite ball rolled down and returned to the old man.
On the day farid was in trouble. Out of habit, Farizada took out her brother’s knife, which she always wore on his belt, and saw that the blade that had shined yesterday had faded and rusted. And she began to moan, screaming:
– Ah, my beloved brother, where are you now, what happened to you? Woe betide me, why did I let you go? Oh, how miserable and now despicable I am in my own eyes!
To the crying and lamentations of the sister, the second brother, Faruz, ran and began to comfort and reassure her. Then he said:
– Sister, you can’t run away from fate. What happened to Farid had to happen wherever he was. Now I have to go to my brother’s aid, I will try to bring the curiosities that you want to have.
Farizada begged him:
– No, no, don’t leave if you go what my despicable soul desires. I don’t want anything. Dear brother, if trouble happens to you, I will die of grief.
But the crying and pleas of his sister did not stop Farooze, He saddled the horse. Saying goodbye to his sister, he gave her a necklace of pearls. These were pearls from Farizada’s tears shed as a child. Handing over the necklace, he said:
– When these pearls are petrified and stop calling, then my body is also petrified.
Farizada, very sad, hugged her brother and said:
– My dear brother, may God keep you from evil and trouble! And may he help you come back with our older brother.
Faruz went down the same road as his brother, and on the twentieth day reached a hermit who was sitting under a tree in the same position in which Farid had seen him.
After the usual greeting, Faruz reported on the misfortune that had happened to his brother and the purpose of his visit. The old man began to persuade him to retreat from his intention, but, seeing that he could not be convinced, gave him a granite ball, which led him to the foot of a sinister mountain. Here he left the horse tied to the ball, and he began to climb up the mountain.
Walking the same path his brother was walking, Faruz heard the same screams, but held firm. Halfway through, however, he suddenly heard, ‘My dear brother, don’t run away from me.’ That voice deceived Farooz. Thinking that his name was Farid, he looked back and immediately turned into the same basalt cliff as his brother. The horse was also petrified, and the ball rolled back and brought this news to the old man.
Farizada did not let go of the necklace that her brother had left her from her hands day or night. And suddenly she saw that the pearls no longer moved, they stuck together and did not come off each other.
– Oh, my poor brothers, you have fallen victim to my foolish whim. I will find you and share your destiny with you.
And having suppressed weakness in herself, she put on the rider’s clothes, armor and went along the path of her brothers until she reached the old man we knew. Respectfully greeting the old man, she asked:
– O Holy Man, Father MoHave you ever met two young horsemen who went looking for the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, and the Golden-Jet Water?
The old man replied:
– O my lady, O clairvoyant Farizada, I have seen them, I have given them advice. But, alas, they, like many others before that, were stopped on the way by the Invisible.
Hearing that the holy old man called her by name, Farizada was very embarrassed, and the old man continued:
– O beautiful girl, you were not deceived by the one who told about the three wonders in pursuit of which many princes and princesses laid down their heads, but he was silent about the dangers to which those who seek these three miracles are exposed.
And the elder told what dangers await her if she wants to find her brothers and three miracles. And Farizada said:
– O Holy Father, from your words my soul is overcome with fear, it is in confusion. But how can I back down when it comes to saving my siblings. O Holy Father, hear the pleas of a loving sister and show a way to save the brothers from the enchantments of witchcraft.
The old man replied:
– O Farizada, daughter of the king, here is a granite ball that will lead you in their wake. But you can release them only when you master the three wonders. And since you put your life in danger only to save your brothers, and not to master the impossible, this impossible can become your prisoner. Know, O king’s daughter, that no human being can resist the cries of the Invisible. Therefore, in order to defeat him, you need to arm yourself with strength, resourcefulness and dexterity, strain your mind. Such a force can defeat the Invisible.
Having said all this, the old man gave Farizada a granite ball. Then he took out some wool from behind his sinuses and said:
– With this piece of wool you, Farizada, will overcome the forces of the Invisible. – Then I added:
– Bring your head close to me, O Farizada.
And she bowed her head with her hair half gold and half silver. The Old Man said:
– Let the daughter of a man with this piece of wool defeat all the evil forces flying in the air and all the machinations of the Invisible.
Dividing the wool into two parts, he plugged both of Farizada’s ears. I made a hand sign to make it go. Farizada moved away from the old man, confidently threw the ball and galloped after him.
When she reached the cliffs at the foot of the mountain, tied the horse to the ball and began to climb up, the voices were already screaming, but these terrible howls reverberated in her ears with a barely audible whisper or distant buzz of bees and therefore could not inspire fear.
That is why, lowering her head, Farizada with a calm heart continued to climb the rocky rocks covered with thorns, although she was of a gentle build and was accustomed to treading only on the soft, fine sand of the alleys of the garden. Without weakening or tiring, she reached the top of the mountain, where a vast plateau opened up before her There, in the center of it, she saw a golden cage suspended from a golden pillar. In this cage sat the Talking Bird.
Farizada, out of joy, seemed to have found wings, ran to the cage and, grabbing it by the ring, exclaimed:
– Bird, bird, so I caught you, you are mine, you will not escape from my hands!
I no longer needed the hair in my ears, Farizada took it out and threw it away. All the frightening sounds fell silent, and it was the turn of the Talking Bird.
And Azaran-Blebul spoke, but these were not just words, but wondrous sweet-sounding melodies:
– Rose Maiden, Speak,
speak, Farizada.
For you I longed,
you came, and I came to life.
I can’t be saved from you…
Ah, listen to me,
stars, sun and moon,
the light of the eyes, Farizada!
You don’t know about yourself –
I keep your dreams alive.
I know,
Just me
I know
O thee, my soul.
Ah, diamond moon,
golden sun, ah,
day and night,
night and day,
you listen to me…
So sang the Talking Bird. And Farizada was so fascinated by her that she completely forgot about the suffering she had experienced and, addressing the bird, said:
– Oh, Azaran-Blbul, O heavenly miracle, so from now on you are mine, are you promising me this?
I take you as a witness,
mountain peaks,
flat valleys,
gloomy cramps,
groves and rapids.
Oh, what eyebrows,
dark nights,
oh, what eyes,
clear stars are lighter.
Farizada said:
– Very well, I believe you. Now tell me, where is the Singing Tree?
Azaran-Blbul said in song that the Singing Tree is already visible on Hillside. Farizada looked in that direction and saw a tree of such gigantic size that an entire army could be placed under it. And she said to herself, ‘Is it really possible to uproot this huge tree and transplant it into my garden?'”
Blebul understood Farizada’s doubts and told her:
– There is no need to replant the whole tree, it is enough to cut a small twig, plant it in your garden, and it will turn into the same giant tree.
Farizada walked over to a tree and heard his music, his sweet singing. Neither the marshmallows in the gardens of Persia, nor the Indian lute, nor the Syrian harp, nor the Egyptian violin have ever made such sounds that could be compared with the chorus of thousands of sounding leaves of a musical tree. And when Farizada recovered from the admiration she had been overwhelmed by the music, she tore a twig from the Singing Tree and, turning to Blebul, asked where the Golden-Jet Water was.
The Talking Bird pointed to the cliff of a gentle turquoise color, from under it flowed a spring, sparkling with the color of molten gold. It was cold, refreshing and as crystal clear as the cleanest mirror.
And so, when Farizada had mastered all three wonders, she turned to Azaran-Blbul and said:
– My bird, I have one more request that you have to fulfill, because in fact I came here just for the sake of it. And I mastered you precisely because only through you can I achieve my goal.
And Blebul replied:
– Tell me, O daughter of the king, what do you desire, all that is in my power, I am ready to fulfill.
Farizada said in a mournful voice:
– My brothers, noble bird, my brothers… you probably already know…
Hearing this, Azaran-Blbul was confused. He had no right to interfere in the affairs committed by the Invisible. He was his loyal subject and depended on him. But then he thought that he no longer belonged to the Invisible, that he was now serving his new mistress, and that everything in his power should be done for her.
– The Rose Maiden, O Farizadah,
sprinkling with water, living water,
golden-jet moisture okropi
boulders that basalt is heavier.
These are people, glorious youngsters,
the incomparable strength of the brave.
Sprinkle with water, living water…
In every drop, a drop of gold
life beats like a young stem.
Sprinkle with water, living water…
Let them wake up from a bad dream,
O my princess, O spring,
sprinkle basalt with living water…
Oh and ah, one hundred thousand ah!
A night in agate rays…
The stars are clear in their eyes…
Farizada, holding a crystal jug in one hand and a golden cage and a Singing Branch in the other, began to descend from the mountain. And everywhere I met the black basalt stone, I sprinkled it with golden-jet water. The stone immediately found life and turned into a beautiful young man. Not a single stone escaped her attention. That’s how she found her brothers.
Waking up from a stone dream, Farid and Farouz approached their sister and hugged her. And the rest of the young men, who were the sons of noble people, approached Farizada and kissed her hand, saying that from now on they were her slaves. And all together descended to the foot of the mountain, where Farizada revived the horses. Then everyone went to the old man sitting under the tree, but the old man was no more, and the tree disappeared.
Here, Farizada asked Blebul what the old man’s disappearance meant.
The Talking Bird replied:
– Why do you want to see the old man again, O Farizades? He taught a man’s daughter how she should use a scrap of wool to defeat the sinister voices, hatred, evil that outrage our souls and prevent us from going up. His purpose was to teach the people of the land justice and then disappear from the world. And he disappeared. From now on, your soul will be saved from the evil that made people unhappy, because you have learned to resist evil – not to hear its voices. You have learned the meaning of peace of mind, because he is the mother of all happiness.
These words were uttered by the Bird exactly in the place where the tree of the old hermit once stood. And everyone was delighted with the wise speech of the Talking Bird.
Farizada’s fellow travelers continued their journey, and gradually they became less and less. Everyone who reached the border of his country kissed Farizadeh’s hand, and, after saying goodbye, left. On the twentieth day, Farizada and her brothers, alive and well, reached their home, bringing with them three curiosities.
First of all, Farizada hung a cage with Azaran-Blbul in the garden in one of the gazebos – the most magnificent, reserved for receiving noble guests of honor. As soon as the voice of the Talking Bird was heard, all the birds of the garden seemed to freeze on thet of surprise and admiration and, as if conspiring, gathered together to greet the newly arrived miracle guest. Among them was the local nightingale, which was also called a blbul, and of the other birds there were quail, a lark, a starling and a canary and those who could also sing: a dove, a turtledove, a crow, a magpie and a swallow. The birds sang in different voices, but all together sang along to the loud song of Azaran-Blbul. In this way, the birds seemed to express their devotion and obedience to the Talking Bird, and she, inspired by their admiration, showed all her skill.
Next to the gazebo was a marble pool that served as Farizadeh’s mirror, she saw in it her face and beautiful hair – half gold, half silver. In this pool, she poured a drop of Golden-Jet Water. The golden drop began to murmur, swell and turned into a sheaf, which with a thousand streams of golden droplets flew high up and again fell into the pool. The scattered spray was so cool that the heat and stuffiness hanging over the garden were asleep.
Then Farizada planted a small twig in the garden, and it immediately took root, stretched out, turned into a giant tree. And the tree sang, and no marshmallow sounds could be compared with its songs***
in the gardens of Persia, neither the sounds of an Indian lute, nor a Syrian harp, nor an Egyptian violin. To hear these divine sounds pouring from the thousands of mouths of the Tree, a deep silence reigned around, the birds fell silent, the murmur of water subsided, the marshmallows removed their delicate veil.
Farizada no longer had any reason to be sad or longing. She began to do her usual household chores, sitting next to the Talking Bird, who entertained her with wise and interesting stories. The rest of the time it was occupied by the Singing Tree and golden-jet Water. The brothers were engaged in hunting during the day, and when they returned home, they spent fun evenings with their sister.
One day, when Farid and Faruz were driving through a narrow gorge where it was impossible to take a step either to the left or to the right, they came face to face with the sultan, who was on his way to hunt with his courtiers. The brothers came down from their horses and knelt before the king, lowering their heads to the ground. The Sultan was very surprised to see young men in this forest dressed so richly as if they were from his retinue. He wanted to see their faces and ordered them to stand up. The brothers stood up with dignity and stood before him, expressing deep respect for the Sultan, who in admiration looked at them from head to toe for a long time, admired their slenderness and beauty. Then he asked, who were they and where did they live? His heart was excited and somehow in a special way was drawn to them as if they were family.
The brothers replied:
– O king of all times, we are the sons of your late slave, your servant, who ran the royal gardens. Our dwelling, which you gave to our father, is not far from here.
The Sultan was very happy that he had met the sons of his faithful servant, but was surprised that so far they had not appeared in his palace and entered his retinue. And when he asked them about it, they said:
– O king of all times, forgive us for not taking advantage of your magnanimous patronage. The reason is that we have a younger sister, whose care our father bequeathed to us before his death, and we cannot part with her.
The king was very touched by brotherly love, and he was even more glad that he had met them, and said to himself, ‘Never thought that in my kingdom there could be two young men so beautiful in all respects and devoid of vanity.’ And he wished to visit their home and get to know them better. The Sultan announced this desire to his brothers, who were very happy. Farid galloped forward to warn his sister.
It was unusual for Farizada to receive such a distinguished guest, and she was confused and did not know what to do. She immediately decided to turn to her counselor Talking Bird and told her:
– Oh, Azaran-Blebul, the Sultan wants to come to our house. It is a great honor for us, and we must treat him in a manner worthy of his greatness. Teach me what we have to do to make him happy with us.
Blebul replied:
– Oh, my mistress, there is no need to order the cook to cook a variety of dishes, because today the king can only like one dish. It should be made from eggplants stuffed with pearls…
Farizada was surprised and, thinking that the bird had misunderstood her, said:
– Bird, what are you saying? How can I stuff eggplants with pearls? It’s an unheard of dish. If the king honors us and wants to have lunch with us, it means that he wants to eat, not swallow pearl grains. You probably wanted to say ‘eggplant stuffed with rice’.
But the Talking Bird cried out:
– Not at all, not at all, stuffed with pearls, not rice, no rice, not rice…
Farizada, who believed the Talking Bird in everything, instructed the old cook to cook eggplants stuffed with pearl grains, of which they had many…
Meanwhile, the sultan had already appeared, accompanied by Farouz. Farid met the king at the gates of the garden and, taking the horse by the bridle, helped to dismount. And Farizada, on the advice of Blbul, approached the sultan with her face covered and kissed his hand. The Sultan was delighted with her gracious reception and the fragrance of fresh jasmine that came from the girl. He wept, remembering that in his old age he had remained childless. Then, blessing Farizada, he said:
– He who leaves behind posterity does not die, but remains immortal. Your father did not die, he is still alive because he left such children. Live long, my child, and now take us to a thick tree that will protect us from the heat.
Farizada and her brothers escorted the Sultan to the Singing Tree by the golden-jet water pool, where there was also a gazebo with the Talking Bird. This is where the sultan was seated. Stopping for a minute by the pool and looking at the splashes of icy golden-jet water soaring upwards, the sultan exclaimed:
– What wonderful water, how nice it is to look at it!
At the same moment, he heard a chorus of voices of the Singing Tree and was all captured by divine music. But as soon as he entered the gazebo, it seemed to him that the whole garden seemed to be numb. And at this time, Azaran-Blebul gave his voice:
Welcome, Khosrow Shah,
Greetings, greetings.
Greetings to your coming, Khosrow Shah,
Greetings, greetings!
As soon as the Talking Bird greeted the arrival of the Sultan, all the birds of the garden echoed, repeating:
Welcome, you’re welcome.
Fascinated by these miracles, the sultan exclaimed:
– This is the abode of happiness, here a person will not get sick, will not grow old and will not die. This is the earthly paradise. I would give up all the kingdom to live here with you.
Then he asked to talk about these miracles. Pointing to the Singing Tree and the Talking Bird, Farizada said:
– I will tell about them when our king rests. Having said this, Farizada went to get a dish of eggplant and served it to the king.
The Sultan was surprised that he was served his favorite dish. But he was even more surprised when he noticed that the eggplant was stuffed with pearls. And he said to Farizadeh:
– I swear by life, I’ve never seen anything like it. What is this new dish? Since when did pearls replace rice and pistachios?
And while everyone was silent, not knowing what to say to the Sultan, the Talking Bird spoke:
– O Khosrow Shah, you wonder what such a dish can be, but why didn’t you wonder why you believed that the queen of Persia could give birth to some animals instead of children? Remember, O Khosrow Shah, those words that you heard one evening from the mouth of the youngest of the three sisters: ‘Oh, my sisters, when I become the wife of the Sultan, we will have glorious children. My sons will be worthy of their father in all things, and my daughter will be the smile of heaven. Not the hair on one side will be golden, but on the other – silver, her tears, when she cries, will turn into pearl grains, laughter – into the ringing of gold coins, and the smile of the Sudetenland is similar to a rose. “
The Sultan, listening to Blbul’s words, grabbed his head with two hands and began to cry. But Blbul soon drove away his grief with the words:
” Oh, Farizada, throw off the veil, let your father see your face…
As soon as Farizada threw back the veil, her gold and silver hair scattered over her shoulders. Seeing this, the Sultan jumped up from his seat and shouted loudly:
– This is my daughter, my daughter!
And Azaran-Blbul exclaimed:
– Yes, King, this is your daughter, and this is your sons! And since neither the sister nor her brothers knew the secret of their birth, Azaran Blebul here told everything that the king himself did not know.
The king and his children, listening to the Talking Bird, were numb with shock. When they woke up, they embraced each other, shedding copious tears of joy, and the king said:
– O my children, hurry up to see your mother an hour earlier.
But what words can convey the joy of a mother! Rejected by her husband, hunched over, withered, she lived in a remote corner of the palace. Seeing her children, she seemed to rise from the dead and appeared in a new guise – rejuvenated and even more beautiful than once.

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