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Fox woman poem

Once upon a time there was a husband and a wife. Every day, as soon as dawn broke, my husband left the house. He wandered around all day, and his wife didn’t know why he didn’t come home in the afternoon. She decided to find out where he was.

One day, when her husband left the house in the morning, she went after him. When she got close to him, she noticed that he was missing one eye. Seeing this, the woman decided to leave him.

She hit the road. She walks, he goes, and a giant meets her. He grabbed her, put her on his shoulders and carried her home. I reached the mountain, climbed to the very top, and there was an underground yurt. The giant threw the woman into the yurt.

A woman woke up. It’s cold, she’s not wearing clothes. She regretted leaving her husband just because he was one-eyed, and began to cry. Suddenly I heard:

– Stop Crying! Here over you hang the skins of earthly birds. Take them and put them on!

The woman looked up and saw a basket woven from grass. In it, she found a cook of crow skins. But, no matter how hard I tried, I could not put it on. The kitchen was small for her.

The woman cried again and heard someone’s voice again:

– Stop Crying! There’s a grass basket hanging over you. In it you will find the skins of earthly animals. Take them and put them on!

The woman looked upstairs and saw the basket. There she found the skins of foxes. She took them and tried to wrap herself up. And she immediately felt warm.

Wrapped in skins, the woman ran away from the yurt. On the way, she was thirsty. She reached the river and bent down to get drunk. And suddenly she saw that she had fox ears. She moved on, and it seemed to her that someone was following her. Looking around, she saw that a fox’s tail was dragging behind her. The woman tried to get rid of him, but, no matter how hard she tried, she could not. So with the fox tail and went on.

She reached the place where her father was fishing. I went down to the seashore and watched my father get seals. The old man saw the fox and moored to the shore where it was sitting. He wanted to take the fox, but it bounced off him. Then he threw her seals, and he went to his village. And when the father left, the fox ran after him.

Evening came. A fox woman ran to her father’s house. Many times I tried to enter the house, but as soon as she tilted her head to enter, her head immediately bounced to the side.

The fox could not enter her father’s house, went into the field, and remained forever a fox.

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