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Helen the Beautiful poem

That’s not the kingdom in which the state was-lived the king. The king had three sons. The eldest – Vasily, the middle – Fedor, and the smaller, as always told, was Ivan. Without Ivan, a fairy tale rarely lives.

That’s when these sons are old, so now the king gathers all three and announces this thing:

– Now, my beloved sons, you know what now? I’m not old yet, I’d like to marry you and look at your kids, at your grandchildren.

The sons reply:

– So what, Father, bless, who will we marry?

The father replies to them as follows:

– That’s what, sons, you choose your bride yourself: you need to live with her, not me, – my advice is this.

– No, Father, we would like to know what you would like to marry us to?

– So I’ll probably tell you this. Take you, do yourself a self-arrow and shoot: where your arrows fall – there you are destined to marry. Let it fall on the peasant yard, or on the popovsky, or there on the princely one – where the arrow falls – there you are destined to marry.

The guys thanked their father. They went, made a self-arrow, shot and went after this shooter to see where their bride was. The eldest, Basil, fell on the royal court; in the middle – -Fyodor – fell on the princely court; they went after the shooters and immediately got married, And the youngest – Ivan – got up and flew away, and he himself does not know where. I also had to look for my arrow. So he goes and goes. I got out of town and walked in the direction of the forest. And he sees a large swamp lying in the forest. And there is a small farm in the swamp. And on this farm he sees his arrow. Yes, it comes up to this farm and puts it on the roof. He takes her off the roof and wants to go home. Just wanted to go home, suddenly an old old old woman comes out of the farm and spoke:

– Well, Ivan the Tsarevich, how you came here for the arrow, then, then, then, your fate attracted you to me. You have to marry me with my father’s blessing. He looked at her and said:

– Did I live to see such an old woman? After all, you don’t have a single tooth in your mouth, and you can’t. And I don’t need you, and I won’t take you!

– Well, you can’t take it as you want. Since my father has blessed me, you have to take me. And if you don’t take it, you still can’t leave me.

And he said:

– No, I won’t, I’ll go away.

And off he went. But he can’t go anywhere, he gets bogged down in the swamp.

– Here she comes closer to him and says:

– Well, you won’t drown, but you won’t take it – you’ll drown anyway, you can’t go anywhere from me.

And he thought a little bit, ‘What am I going to do, I’m still going to hunt. Well, anyway, chort with her, I’ll take it, I’m not going to live with her.’

Then he said:

– Well, okay, come on, chort with you, I’ll get you married!

And immediately found myself already on strong ground. Here they go, and she says to him dearly:

– Here, Ivan the Tsarevich, although you took me, but you do not know how to hold (why you said this, it will later be clarified). He walks forward and doesn’t even look back, thinking to himself:

‘I’m not going to live with you anyway.’ And soon they came to the kingdom. He took her to one room, left her, and he went to his father to express his unhappy situation, what happened to him. That’s when he came to his father, his father asked; – Well, where did you, son, go for so long and where did you find a bride? Your brothers have married: one to a princely daughter, the other to a royal one. He replies:

– Oh, Father, don’t ask about my marriage. What a miserable younger son I have.

– Well, so tell me about you, son, and I’ll hear who you married, who did you bring?

So he began to tell how he shot and went to look for his arrow and how the shooter flew into the swamp and went in the direction of his arrow to look for.

– When I came to the swamp, and I see a small farm and on it my arrow on the roof. I took it out, I want to walk away. As soon as I went, an old old lady came out of this hut and said: ‘Well, Ivan the Tsarevich, Then fate is for us, since your father has blessed you to marry me.’ I, of course, refused it and wanted to get away, but I began to drown in the swamp and can not get out. Then she came up and said, “If you take it, you won’t drown, but if you don’t take it, you’ll drown and you won’t go anywhere.” And so I, Father, took it and brought her. I was reluctant to drown in the swamp, do what you know with me. Now says Ivan’s father:

– Well, what to do, Vanya, apparently, your fate. Let her live. If he can’t do anything, it’s nothing. Let her live anyway, maybe she will die soon, since she is old. TThen you marry another.

And suddenly those brothers come to their father, the father and say:

– Well, here’s the thing, my beloved sons: come to me tomorrow, and I will arrange a feast for you. And bring a shirt, let the wives sew on the shirt, and I will know which of the three is the most handmade, and I will give the kingdom to my son.

The Goth brothers said:

“Okay, Father, we will go and order them.

– Let your old lady sew if she can; and if he can’t, then there’s nothing to take from the old one.

Ivan hung his head and walked away. So he came to this room where she was sitting, and very sad sat on the bench. He doesn’t even look at her.

It fits.

– Well, Ivan the Tsarevich, are you not cheerful – did you hang your head violently? What did your father tell you to do, what order did he give?

And she knows – a sorceress. So he says to her:

– What can you do? Father let all the daughters-in-law sew a shirt, but what can you sew, how do your hands shake, walk a little? And it’s better to fall behind, do not upset in vain!

And he hung his head down. She says:

– Listen, Ivan the Tsarevich, not all your head, but go, bring me ten arshins of silk, I may be thin, but I will do it, do not spare the silk.

Now he thinks, ‘Ah, chort with her, let her!’ And he went and brought ten arshins of silk, ‘Let him do it.’ And he went so that his eyes wouldn’t look. These daughters-in-law, when the brothers brought them silk, came to see how the old old woman would sew. When she received this silk, she took it, cut it into small pieces and threw these pieces out the window:

– The winds are violent, make the father a shirt, without a single seam, so that he would not be ashamed to wear it in front of guests.

And suddenly, within a few minutes, the shirt was ready: rolled, starched.

She picked it up, wrapped it up and sat down in her seat. These daughters-in-law ran home from her. Well, they also did everything the same way: they cut the silk into small pieces and threw it out the window, they themselves began to wait for it to be ready, and they also said these words:

– The winds are violent, sew father’s shirt!

No matter how long they waited, nothing worked out for them. So they say to their husbands:

– Well, husbands, we didn’t succeed. Run quickly to the market, buy any of the best shirts to carry to your father.

Those, of course, gathered and went to the market. And from the best stores bought the best silk shirts. Brought home. Immediately in a row we gathered, it was necessary to go to my father, by nine o’clock. And Ivan also knew that, that he had to. And suddenly Ivan comes to his old woman and says:

– Well, what do you have done?

And he turns his head to the other side, not even looking at it.

She replies:

– Here I am, Ivanushko, there is a towel here – the father has a shirt wrapped up, if you like it, so give it, let him not judge what he is.

And so all three brothers come to their father.

As soon as they arrived, the father asked his eldest son:

– No-ko, Vasily, show me that you have a wife for a needlewoman?

Now Basil takes out his shirt and puts it on the table. When he looked at the shirt, he shook it and said:

– Wow, you can buy as many of these shirts on the market as you like. Your wife is a bad needlewoman. Such shirts, it happens that on holidays our footmen wear, and even grooms. But- ko, you, Fedor, show your wife the craft, what kind of needlewoman is she?

When he looked at the shirt too, and unfolded:

– Ah, just like everything was coming from the same factory. Probably both shirts from the same store.

Then the king approached the younger son and said:

– well, Vanyusha, now you show your old lady needlework, I will not ask her much, which one she did – I will put up with that.

Ivan hands him a bundle and says:

– Look, Father, I didn’t look at it myself, and she said that let the father not judge – what is.

Now the priest unfolded his shirt and said:

– Well, look at what kind of shirt it is. There is not a single stitch, it seems to be alive. For this shirt, Ivanushko, you and your needlewoman’s wife should be given the kingdom, but I don’t know, it’s just old, duck! That’s the shirt! There is no shame in wearing such a thing in front of guests. Now the priest says to his sons:

” Here’s what, sons, bring me bread tomorrow, and by this concoction I will know how your wives will feed you.

And with the theme of words, the brothers parted ways. The older brothers came and said:

– Well, wives, father did not praise your needlework, but praised only the shirt that Ivanova sewed by an old woman. She has a very good tailored shirt. And thoseFather ordered to bake bread for the guests. Well, try, we’ll bring you flour.

Then Ivan also comes to his old woman. I sat on a chair and hung my head. Silent. So she walked up to him and said:

– What, Ivan the Tsarevich, was it not funny that he hung his head violently, or the priest did not like the shirt, or did he give a new order? I’ll try and maybe do it somehow. He tells her:

– He didn’t blaspheme for the shirt, he even said thank you and praised you. But now he ordered baked bread. And where do you do it, how your hands are shaking, and it’s scary to look at yourself.

– Well, listen, Ivanushko, don’t you spare ten pounds of flour to bring me. I’ll make some bread. Oh well, that’s okay.

Well, he brought her anguish, and he left so that his eyes wouldn’t look.

And now, of course, she has dissolved the flour, the dough was coming out.

She stopped the stove, and at this time the daughters-in-law come running to see how she will bake. When the stove was heated, she plundered the coals on the stove, pours this dough onto the coals, closes the stove and keeps it in the oven for two hours. (Before, apparently, they also baked by the hour!) It’s been two hours. She opened the stove and the scent went all over the hut, so that the spirit was nourishing. Then I pulled it out. And such a bread came out ruddy and lush, which is like a picture. Well, the daughters-in-law ran home. Now the furnaces were stopped at the same minute, the coals on the stove were looted, this dough was poured on the coals and the furnaces were closed with a barrier (only a little did not guess, they did not go off the wrong one!). It’s been two hours; as they hid the stoves, and there were only coals: no bread, no dough, there were only coals.

And all of a sudden, their husbands come.

When they came and asked:

– Well, how, wives, are the loaves ready?

– No, we didn’t succeed, everything burned down. We need to buy on the market, so the time is up, we can’t cope now.

So the brothers went to the market, and Ivan does not go anywhere without care. So they ran to the market and bought the most expensive raisin bread. They brought it home, and the wives wrapped these loaves of bread in tablecloths, and the brothers carried it to their father.

Ivan sees that the time is itti, comes to the old woman:

– Well, what if it’s – give it, I’ll take it, it’s time.

She brings a tablecloth, wraps the bread and says:

– Nah, Ivanushko, carry. Will you like it, no father, and I can’t bake better.

Ivan followed the brothers. When they arrived, the king asked the eldest son:

– Well, show your wife what she will feed you?

He’s now serving bread. He turned it around and looked at it, and he says:

– Duck we have a kind of bread on holidays footmen and groomsmen eat. Well, you, Fedor, show me. He unfurled the tablecloth.

– Nah, Father, look.

– It doesn’t matter if they took it from one factory or from one market. Well, you, Ivanushko, show me, your wife is old, I will not exact it here. Ivan unfurled the tablecloth.

– Nah, Father, look, I didn’t look myself. And she asked not to exactly.

When the priest unfolded the tablecloth, the aroma rushed through all the rooms.

And the priest said:

– That’s how bread is served, any guests are served: eat a piece – the other will not go crazy; and eat the other one – the third one will want more. – Then he said: – Well, son, if your wife were younger, you would give the throne for her needlework, well, only she is very old, so until I say anything, but come tomorrow all three with wives, let them bring me on the carpet of their work. What they can do, let them do it.

The brothers all went home. And at this time, the king began to gather guests for a ball. The brothers came and said to their wives:

– But, wives, sew on the carpet, and tomorrow we will go to the father for a ball.

Ivan, therefore, also goes to his old woman, hangs his head and thinks: ‘What am I going to do now, as the priest gave such an instruction? Well, where I take her to the ball, I will be ashamed, both in front of the brothers and in front of the guests. And everyone will look at her and laugh.’

An old lady approaches him.

– What, Ivan the Tsarevich, was not cheerful, he hung his head violently, what made you rude to your father, or did I do him something bad, or gave him a decree of what?

– Father thanked you very much for your work, but now he gave such an instruction – by tomorrow to sew you all on the carpet with your own hands and also come to him with my wives for a ball. Well, where am I going to take you, because the brothers will laugh and all the guests.

– Well, okay, Ivan, what to do? Go to bed, by morning I’ll make you a carpet, and you’ll go to the ball alone. Where am I going to make fun of people?

Ivan went and fell asleep. Meanwhile, these daughters-in-law sewed on the carpet at night and in the morning dressed in royal outfits and coped for the ball. And Ivan went to his old woman.

When he arrives, she hands over the carpet and says:

– Nah, tear down the carpet father.

He looked at her and asked:

– Are you like, don’t you go, old lady?

– No, I won’t go. Where am I going to make fun of the people? He takes the carpet and she says to him:

– When you bring this carpet, put it on the table, and there it will be seen.

He takes this carpet and turns itti, and she says to him:

– Listen, Vanya, I will add a few more words to you: when you come to the ball, your brothers will immediately tell you:

“That you didn’t bring your old lady, at least people would see how beautiful she is.” And you tell them, ‘Stop laughing, brothers, why laugh at the old one?’ And then watch and sit. It will rain, and you say, ‘My wife is washing her face with rainwater.’ Brothers will laugh at you. Then the thunder thunders, and you say, ‘My wife in an expensive robe is starting to get dressed.’ They’ll laugh at you even more and say, ‘Brother is starting to be stupid.’ That’s how lightning flashes, you say, ‘Here’s my wife coming.’ And immediately go out on the porch to meet me.

And with these words, Ivan came out and just doesn’t hear his feet underneath him as he goes to the palace. So he comes, puts the carpet on the table, the carpet jumps off the table in a row and begins to dance, dance and play music. And when those brothers brought carpets, they were only to be thrown under their feet and walked.

So my father says:

– Well, Vanya, for such needlework of your old woman, why didn’t you bring her, at least she sat here with us.

He replied to his father:

– But it didn’t go, and maybe it will, I don’t know.

And after that everyone sat down at the table, and Vanya sat down next to the brothers. Then the elder brother Vasily begins to say:

– So what did you, Vanya, not bring your old woman, at least people looked at such a beautiful woman.

And confirms in a row Fedor. He says:

– And stop you, brothers, from laughing, because not everyone is beautiful.

And all of a sudden, it’s raining.

Vanya looks and speaks:

– My wife washes her face with rainwater. And Vasily says to Fyodor:

– Look, look, Ivan and his old woman are starting to be stupid, he has ground something that is washed with rainwater.

So the thunder came.

– Here’s my wife in a shell dress. Fyodor says to him:

– Quit you, Vanya, because it’s uncomfortable to joke with guests. So the lightning flashed. He says:

“My wife is coming here,” and jumped out and ran to meet her. I ran out, looked – three white horses were racing, and on it sits such a beautiful lady that it is impossible to even circle with an eye, only to look, you will be so happy. I drove up to the porch and grabbed Ivan’s hand, and walked up.

And Ivan is so excited that he thinks: ‘Is she a wife, is it not in a dream for me?’ He comes, of course, at the table, and the brothers, father and guests hatch their eyes, look at her inseparably, to which Ivan’s wife is good.

Then he stood up and said:

“So, brothers, will you still laugh at my wife that she is an old woman?”

And the brothers fell silent, definitely died. Everyone is sitting at a table. Then the father approached his son and daughter-in-law and said:

– Give me a hand, thank you very much for your needlework. And so, Vanya, I say, and all the guests will confirm this: I give now half a kingdom, and after my death you intercede as king over my entire kingdom. Then he asks his son:

– Well, Vanya, tell me what is your wife’s name? And Ivan replies:

– Father, I don’t know myself, because she was an old woman, ask her yourself. He approached her:

– Well, daughter-in-law, tell me what your name is, so we will honor you.

She replies:

– My name is simple and easy , – my name is Elena the Beautiful.

Now on. Guests began to eat and look at Elena the Beautiful, and also daughters-in-law. Here she is eating, a piece in her mouth, and the other in her sleeve, and daughters-in-law do the same. And the guests all watched, marveled and even some could not eat, she was so beautiful, and there is nothing to say about Ivan, he sits without memory from such a wife. And as she laughs, the gold will curl, and cry – the pearls will roll.

Now after that we went dancing. Ivan went out with his Helena the Beautiful to dance. And so they danced a little – she will take and wave her sleeve. The window opened and the Neva River flowed outside the window, various ducks, drakes, eiders swam along the river, and everyone sang to different voices.

Then the brothers came out and went dancing with their wives. They also danced a little, and the daughters-in-law waved their sleeves, and crumbs and bones poured from the sleeves and flew to the guests and to the father.

Tsar z zshouted:

– What are you, what are you? After all, the eyes can be so knocked out by all the guests!

They felt ashamed. When all this calmed down, Ivan remembered: “Where did my wife put this old age, let me go and see.”

And it does.

She asks him:

– Where do you go, Vanya?

She guessed where he was going, just didn’t think he would do anything.

– Yes I’m not far off.

And he ran away. Comes to the room where she lived, searched, searched, there is nothing. Then I went to the washroom and saw that there was a bush hanging. Without saying anything, he flooded the stove and once – threw it there.

– Let it burn so she never wears it again.

Thought for the best. When he came back, she asked him:

– Where have you been, Vanya?

– Yes, I was not far away, – they won’t say.

– I guess you were home and burned my bush. If you burn it, tell me the truth and go home now. He then says:

– Yes, Helen the Beautiful, burned.

– Do you know what you did? You have now revealed me to Koschei the Immortal. My father blew all the capital into this bush to close me off from Koschei the Immortal for seven years, and there were still three days to wait, then he would forget me, and now he would notice and take me. Come on, let’s go soon, we’ll have time.

As soon as they went out on the porch, a black vortex came down, picked it up, and he was left alone.

So he came home, not drinking, not eating, fell down and let’s cry. And he thinks, ‘What have I done now, I couldn’t wait three days.’

The father waited, waited for the explanation with which son would come, did not wait, and on the third day he himself went to visit them. When he comes, he looks – his son is lying in bed alone.

– Well, vanyusha, you don’t come to me and lie in bed alone, but where is your wife?

“My wife,” replies Ivan the Tsarevich, “that’s what I did, father. When he ran away from the feast and began to look for where she had put this old age, and began to tell him, he searched, searched, found this bush of an old old woman. He took it, flooded the stove and burned it. When I burned and ran back, Elena the Beautiful asked: ‘Vanya, where have you been, did you not burn all my bush?’ – ‘I was at home and burned your old age’. – ‘Well, come on, let’s go home soon, or Koschei the Immortal will grab me.’ She also said, ‘You couldn’t hesitate for three days, then Koschei the Immortal would have forgotten me completely.’ And when we went out on the porch, the blackened came down, and helen the Beautiful was picked up by an invisible force and carried away. Now I’m alone and lying and crying.

Everything expensive flew away from him.

Then the father said:

– You’re a fool, Vanya, therefore; you couldn’t have hesitated for three days, and she would have been your whole life. But now what are you going to do, and I can’t help you either. And now the kingdom is gone for you, because you are unmarried.

Now Ivan says:

– But, okay, Dad, let my mom bake me plantains, at least I’ll die, but I’ll still go look for her, I can’t live without her.

And that’s how a handbag was prepared for him in a row. He said goodbye to his father, to his mother, and set off.

Here he goes, walks, goes far and wide, and he’s all on the road. And he got to the point where he couldn’t help it and he had nothing to eat. And he thinks, ‘Well, nowica is still a dear hungry umre.’

And at this time he sees – there is a hut. It stands and spins.

He walked over and said:

– Hut, hut, turn your eyes to the forest, and to me the gate: I do not have a century to spend, but one night to spend the night, Let the passerby!

The hut was settled. He walks in and sees an old woman standing by the stove.

– Phew, I haven’t been to Russia and I haven’t heard of the Russian spirit, and now I hear it. I eat you, well done, I haven’t eaten human meat for thirty years.

He spoke:

– What are you, Grandma, going to eat cold, hungry, you would give me water, feed me, steam the bath, and in the bath, and then you would be softer to eat me.

Then the old woman looked at him. I got him drunk, fed him, and at the same time she steamed him in the baina, put him to bed and let him sleep, and then she went to the bed and said:

– Well, tell me, well done, whose tribe are you and what is your name? Tell me, where are you going, where are you going?

– My name, Grandma, is Ivan the Tsarevich. And I go – half willy-nilly, and the other – unwillingly, and the third – by my hunt. I married an old lady by chance, and she turned out to be Elena the Beautiful. I took and burned her old woman’s bush, and she was carried away by Koschei the Immortal. And now I’m going to look for it.

– You’re a fool, Ivan the Tsarevich; you are my son-in-law and she is my niece. And you didn’t know how to hold it, because in three days it would be yours forever, and now I don’t know. There’s nothing I can do to help you. Do you know how her father hid her from Koschei the Immortal? He invested all his capital to close it for seven years (those aunts know, the sorceresses, maybe they helped their father themselves). And now you go to your father, if he has mercy on you, then okay, and not pardon, duck, perhaps, and the living will not be. He doesn’t live far from here. So go, and when you see a big house and an old woman meets you, she will drink you, feed you. It’s going to be your mother-in-law, and if it’s home, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

And so he said goodbye to this aunt and went.

He walks, goes and goes, and whether he goes far, close, he does not know. And suddenly he sees – there is a house, big, big. Comes to this house. As soon as he went to the porch, he saw an old woman come out to meet him. She opened the door and said, “Come in, well done, into the hut.

When he entered the hut, she had now set the table, given him a drink, fed him, and put him to bed. And she sat down next to her and began to ask:

– Well, tell me, well done, whose will you be and where do you go, though are you not from relatives? And she knows: her aunt announced.

– If you weren’t from the family, I know your aunt wouldn’t have missed you. A bird does not fly to us here, the beast does not prowl, and the young man does not pass. So he begins:

– This is who I am: I am Ivan the Tsarevich, and I go half will, and the other – by my hunt because of great need.

So he made a statement about his situation. She just gasped.

– Well, I was happy, son-in-law, that my father is not at home now. Gone is my unfortunate Elichka at Koschei the Immortal! And now you rest. As the father comes, I will wake you up. If you approach him, fall to your knees and ask for forgiveness. What he’ll tell you, I don’t know.

Ivan, of course, is asleep. Suddenly, my father comes to the house and says:

– Well, who we have in the hut, tell me, or you’ll be sick. Who did you launch?

She tells him:

– Listen, husband, we are not a stranger. I started our son-in-law, do you know what position he is in? He goes and weeps bitterly.

He said:

– Well, take him here, I’ll talk to him if he came here. There will be no mercy for him from me, as long as he did so.

Suddenly, she arrives:

– Well, Ivanushko, go, my father came.

So Ivan comes up and, without reaching him, fell to his knee and said:

– Father, forgive me, I have committed a great crime. He told him:

– Well, son-in-law, get up, sit down with me at the table, I’ll tell you everything.

So Ivan sat down at the table, and his father said to him:

– Do you know what you did, that you burned this bush?All life flew around the world and collected wealth, and all slammed into this bush, and you burned it like a rag. There’s nothing else I can do to help you because she lives with Koschei the Immortal, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Well, I can only give you a horse, a helmet and a sword, and now you go to Koschei, if you made this crime yourself. Of course, you will drive up to koshcheeva territory, he will burn you with fire and will not let you in. You then take off your helmet and start waving at it. He’ll let you in then, and you’re going to talk to yourself. Maybe you can come to him as an employee, or a slacker, and everything can happen that by some case you will see her there. Then, if you see or get it, then come to me, well, if you do not get Helen the Beautiful, then do not turn to me, otherwise you will not live.

Then he brings him a horse, gives him a sword and a helmet.

He said goodbye to his father-in-law and mother-in-law and hit the road. Here he was driving, riding, driving and coming to the Koshcheyeva territory, and Koschei at that time was sitting on the place where his sword lay. Then Koschei begins to burn him with fire. He throws off his helmet and starts waving it. Then Koschei let himself in, sees that he is coming with a request. When Ivan approached him, he asked:

– Well, tell me, well done, why did you come, for what need? He replies:

– I have come to you, I want to act as some kind of employee or slacker, to serve faithfully and truthfully. Then he said to him:

– Yes, I have only those who can serve as my slaves, who are equal with me by force.

He says to Koschei the Immortal:

– I don’t know your strength, you show in advance what kind of power you have.

– He who is with me by force is even, who can throw my sword upwards, and that it flies six hours at the top, this one will be with me even with strength. Then he said:

– Listen, you’ll show it yourself first, and then I’ll do it to you.

Then Koschei came down from this place, took his sword and threw it up.

I handed him a watch.

– Nah, look.

Exactly six hours passed, and the sword fell on the same thing. place and went into the ground, only one handle was visible. Takes his watch, “Well, go and give me my sword.

Ivan the Tsarevich approaches the sword and cannot even move it from his seat, and he himself stands.

Koschei asks:

– Well, what are you worth, not throwing? Time and tide wait for no man.

– Wait, there’s a little cloud floating around now, I’ll throw your sword for that cloud.

Koschei looked at him, took him, blew him, turned him with a nut and threw Ivan the Tsarevich into an open field. So Ivan the Tsarevich lies there. He had no way to move there, in the nut.

And here lies a day and two. Fortunately for him, an eagle flew in at this time. An eagle flew in, saw this nut and pecked. Ivan the Tsarevich jumped out and said:

– Well, thank goodness I’m alive now, thank you, Father Eagle.

The eagle answers him:

– Dak tell me, Ivan the Tsarevich, how did you get into this nut, explain to me.

– And behold, father-eagle, koschei the Immortal dragged his wife away from me, and I came to him, but I could not lift his sword, and he became angry at me, blew at me, turned me into this nut and threw it into a clear field, this is how I found myself here.

He tells him all this briefly. The eagle answers him:

– Yes, I have known this for a long time, Ivan the Tsarevich, but if you want to be an equal force with Koschei, then come to me as an employee for three years, and I will give you such force that you will be equal to Koschei.

Ivan the Tsarevich thought for a moment and said:

– Duck, Father Eagle, I’ll Go With You.

Then the eagle put him on himself and flew to his house (here, poor girl, ten years to suffer). When the eagle flew home, he turned into an old man, brought Ivan tsarevich to the kitchen and said:

– Here’s baking and cooking on me and on yourself, only you and the work, and I’ll pay you for it in a year.

Ivan the Tsarevich begins his work, and soon he lived with his grandfather for a year. That’s when he lived for a year, they sat down to dinner. The old man went down to the cellar and brought a bottle of wine. He poured this wine into a cup and said; – Here, Ivan the Tsarevich, drink, this is for you for a whole year, for your work.

Ivan the Tsarevich looked at this cup in says:

– Grandpa, I won’t have a drink, I haven’t drunk much at all. And Grandpa replies to him:

– It’s not that you’re going to feel bad. You drink, it will be better for your health.

Then Ivan the Tsarevich takes this cup and drinks it in one spirit.

When they had lunch, he said to him:

– Let’s go, Ivan the Tsarevich, to the field, I will show you my sword. He’s the same as Koschei’s.

Come to this sword, the old man takes the sword, gives Ivan the watch and throws this sword upwards. The sword flew by for six hours and fell into the same place. And Grandpa said,

– Vil, Ivan the Tsarevich, the old man still has the old man’s power in the old way. Give me a watch, can you lift or throw away my sword?

Then Ivan the Tsarevich gave the watch and took the sword and threw it out only for two hours. The sword flew by for two hours and fell into the same place.

– Now, okay, Ivan, let’s go home and continue my work.

They came home, and Ivan began to do what he had done before.

And so he spent his second year again. And we sat down again with my grandfather for lunch. When we first sat down to dinner, Grandpa brought him two bottles of wine and said:

– Well, drink, that’s for you for this year of work.

He didn’t even refuse, as he found out for the first time what kind of wine he was, took it, drank everything at the same time. When he had lunch, Grandpa said to him:

– Well, let’s go to the field, see and find out if I have the same strength as I used to have?

Grandpa goes to his sword, gives Ivan the watch and throws out the sword. The sword flew by for six hours and fell into the same place. Then Grandpa takes the watch and says to Ivan:

– Well, now you’re kidding.

Ivan threw it away, and the sword flew by for six hours and fell to the same place.

Here he said:

Come on, live with me for another year.

Go. Dear Grandpa and says:

Here, if you live with me for another year, then you will have one and a half times more strength than Koschei. Now you have equal strength with him, because my sword is as heavy as Koshcheyev.

Now they came home again, and Ivan entered the old place and lived for the third year. When he lived for the third year and sat down to have lunch again, Grandpa brings a whole quarter and says:

– Behold, Ivan, drink your salary for the third year.

Instead of wine, he gives him strength. He drank. After lunch Grandpa says:

– Let’s go, Ivan, to the field, I’ll try again, do I have the strength in the old way?

Here we go again to that place. Grandpa takes the sword and hands him the watch. He threw out his sword. The sword flew by for six hours and fell on the old spot. Grandpa picks up a watch and says:

– Well, now, Ivan, throw up your sword, we’ll see what happens. Ivan quit. Six hours have passed and there is no sword. Seven and eight have passed – there is no sword. Grandpa spoke:

– Well, Ivan the Tsarevich, trouble is near. If the sword does not fall by nine o’clock, then I will not be alive, and you will also die with me.

Suddenly, half past nine and nine, the sword at this time fell. Grandpa and says:

– Well, Ivan the Tsarevich, I will not give you more of my sword: you know, I cannot live without it for more than three hours, so as not to see it, that I have a soul in a sword, as well as Koschei, that’s why I cannot live without a sword. My sword does not cut Koshcheyev’s sword, and also Koshcheyev’s sword does not cut mine. And now let’s go home, and I will tell you how to go to Koschei for my Elena the Beautiful. Now you have strength one and a half times more than Koschei.

So they came home, sat down at the table, grandpa to him and began to say:

– Listen, Ivan the Tsarevich, I give you my horse such that the bullet of the neumet and which the fire does not burn. This horse does not sink on water and does not burn in fire. And he will introduce you to Koschei the Immortal himself. And in addition, I will give you my sword. And when you come to Koschei the Immortal, he will be very angry with you and say:

‘Who are you, well done, are you?’ And you answer him this way:

‘Do you remember how you used to lock me in a nut and throw me into a clear field?’ He will turn around to look, and at this time you jump off the horse and beat him with your sword, not mine, but your sword. When you hit him, then they will hide it from the servant’s side: ‘Beat him, dog, other people.’ And you say, ‘No, we have money being beaten in Russia.’ If you hit a second time, he’d get sick, and you wouldn’t kill him forever, but he would kill you. After that, strike the sword in the ground with all your might, and the sword will fall through the ground, and there its pieces will fly. Then jump on the horse and take my sword in your hands. Then twelve heroes will come upon you, but you will easily cope with you, only beat with my sword. When you kill these heroes, then go to his castles, and there you will find everything locked. Beat these castles with my sword and go, look for your Helen the Beautiful. And when you get Helen the Beautiful, bring her here, I know she’s very thin now, and I’ll send her. And you’re going to have to live here for another three years and not sleep with her because she’s very thin and you’re very strong now. And it needs to be made just as strong.

In a row, he was then taken to the porch, and there was already a sword there, and there was a horse nearby.

– But, sit down and go, but remember what I told you.

And so he, as soon as he sat on this horse, he rushed. And he sees Koschei the Immortal sitting and burning with fire, and the horse is running, whatever. And koschei the Immortal began to turn the lakes: to sink with water. The horse runs even harder. Koschei began to burn, chop, shoot at the horse – nothing flies.

He jumped to Koschei the Immortal himself and stood against him.

Then he shouted:

– What are you going for,, and turned against me? Tell me, who are you?

He jumped off his horse and pointed his hand in the field.

– Do you remember how you locked me in a nut and threw me there, in a clear field?

Koschei turned around, looked into a clear field, and at that time Ivan the Tsarevich jumped off his horse and struck him with his sword and cut him in half. The servants shouted:

– Beat him, dog, another time! He replies:

– No, we have money in Russia.

He swung and threw his sword into the ground. The sword fell through the ground, and pieces of Koschei the Immortal flew there. So he jumped on his horse and took his grandfather’s sword in his hands. Looks, suddenly twelve heroes have left. Less than an hour later, Ivan the Tsarevich destroyed these twelve heroes, jumped up to the castle of Koschei the Immortal, jumped off the horse, tied it up and came to the first door. Looks, the lock on it hangs heavy. He struck with his sword and opened the first, second and third doors. He comes to the dining room of Koschei the Immortal, where he always drank and ate. Looks, on the table – a tablecloth-bread picker and on it food, what can you just look at. So he wanted to eat. He sat down at the table and thought: ‘Where is the beautiful Elichka now?’ And one day he accidentally looked under the table and saw a human head under the table in the floor. Only one head is visible. So he asked:

– Who’s the man here, tell me if he’s alive? My head thought for a moment and said; – I am Helen the Beautiful, but who are you for the man and why did you come, leave before Koschei the Immortal comes.

– I am, Elena the Beautiful, Ivan the Tsarevich, I came for you and now I will take you, but there is no mention of Koschei the Immortal: I killed him, so there is nothing to think about it.

– If so, Ivan the Tsarevich, and you came for me, then I will tell you: seven years since I sat with Koschei the Immortal, and he every de deHe called me to marry, but I kept fighting him off with my talisman that he couldn’t come close to me. And so I lived for seven years, and he closed me in seven sexes, and like a hosh, get me. And he would cover me with the eighth, and I would have died. He fed me only one of the cosmoses. He says:

– Anyway, Elena the Beautiful, I’ll cut down all the floors, but I’ll get you alive. She says:

– No, Ivan the Tsarevich, I will not be able to stand the shaking that I will die, but you walk along this wall and there you will stumble upon a button, like a pin. Press it and the door will open there. When you open the door, you will see so many keys that you will not be counted. And when you take these keys, then pick them up and unlock gradually all the doors and remove the floors. Then I’ll be the only one to come out.

He immediately got to his feet and led his hand down the wall. I found the button and pressed it. The door opened. He looks – there are keys, and really, you can’t count. Takes these keys and starts picking up the locks. I picked up and opened all seven sexes. Open, lift – and so open all seven sexes. I opened it, and when Elena the Beautiful came out of there, then how thin she was, that she could not stand on her feet. He says, Ivan the Tsarevich:

– But, let’s go, Helena the Beautiful, I will put you on a horse, and we will go to your grandfather, and there you will recover.

We got on a horse and went to my grandfather.” Came. When grandpa saw that Ivan the Tsarevich had brought Helena the Beautiful, he went out on the porch and said:

– Oh, what are you, Elena the Beautiful, thin. But, okay, live with me for three years, you’ll get better. Then he says to Ivan the Tsarevich; – So, Ivan the Tsarevich, when you got together with Elena the Beautiful, you did not know her, and when you saw her beauty and burned her bush, you could not sleep with her, and now you cannot sleep with her for three years until I give her the same strength as she needs. And then he takes her by the hand and leads her to the same room.

– Behold, Helena the Beautiful, can you bake and cook for me and Ivan the Tsarevich and also for yourself – only you and the work. I will pay you a salary for it every year.

She didn’t refuse, of course. She spent a year. The day comes when the first term is over. They sat down to lunch. Grandpa brings the bottle in the same manner and says:

Here’s to you, Helen the Beautiful, a salary for a year, drink.

She says:

– What are you, Grandpa, I haven’t had a beer where I have a whole bottle.

And he says. – Drink, Elena the Beautiful, it’s good.

Well, she drank. After lunch, Grandpa says; – So, little children, let’s go see my sword; can the old man still throw it out, do I still have the power in the old way?

Then they come to the sword. So Grandpa takes the sword and gives Ivan the Tsarevich a watch, throws out the sword himself. We stood for six hours, the sword fell on the old place.

– But, apparently, the old man still has the power in the old way. And no-ko, Elena the Beautiful, can you throw it away, how many?

She grabbed the sword and lifted it only to her chest. And I couldn’t throw it away.

– Okay, let’s go, but I don’t give you a sword, Ivan the Tsarevich, because it flies for nine hours, we have to wait a long time, maybe more, – then death is for me.

He knows, he’s been once in the morning, duck! Then they came home, and Grandpa said; – Well, how, Elena the Beautiful, do you feel? Didn’t do it well?

– Yes, Grandpa, I’ve done it now.

– Well, live another two years, and you can do it.

She was in her second year. When we sat down to dinner, Grandpa brought her two bottles and said:

– Here’s to you, Helena the Beautiful, for a year your salary, drink. She says:

– Grandpa, I can’t drink.

– Drink, Daughter, Drink.

Well, she drank. Then Grandpa says:

– So, let’s go to the field to see my sword.

They come, of course, in the field. Grandpa takes a sword and gives Ivan the Tsarevich a watch. Threw. The sword flew by for six hours, fell again on the old place.

Everything in the old man is still power in the old way.

So Grandpa says:

– So, Helen the Beautiful, throw out my sword.

She takes the sword, lifts it up and throws it up. The sword flew by for three hours. Grandpa and says:

– That’s okay; Live on for another year, you can do it.

And in a row we went home. She entered the old position and quickly passed this third year. Here we sat down to dinner again, and Grandpa now brings three bottles, – Behold, Elena the Beautiful, drink.

And Ivan the Tsarevich does not give, he will have enough and what he has. And she didn’t even refuse, she drank this wine. Grandpa after dinner and says:

– So, come on, let’s look at my sword again, and let’s not go again.

So they and went into the field. Grandpa approached his sword and threw it up. The sword flew by for six hours and fell to its former place. Then Helen the Beautiful takes this sword and throws it away. The sword flew by for six hours. Grandpa and says:

– Here, Elena the Beautiful, you now have the same power as mine, and Ivan the Tsarevich has one and a half times more. Now you can live and sleep with him, and live as you wish.

So together everyone went from there. Ivan the Tsarevich took Helena the Beautiful by the hand and went to his grandfather’s house. Grandpa still says:

– If you have children, you will have strong children like you, Ivan the Tsarevich.

They lived with their grandfather for a week, Ivan the Tsarevich became bored. He began to think about his father and mother and also about his brothers, because he had not been there for ten years. And he is also interested to know what will get the kingdom or who will get. Then Ivan the Tsarevich approached his grandfather and said:

– As if I, grandfather, go to my homeland, see my relatives, I have not been for ten years, as you know yourself.

Grandpa and says:

– Well, what are you going to do, let me go, I’ll give you a horse. And I will give you such a calculation that if you want to come here, then feed the horse, and if you do not come, then do not feed, but immediately send it here.

Maybe Grandpa himself will be a horse, but you know, maybe he went to Koschei on his grandfather, because he did not ask about anything after him.

Then Ivan the Tsarevich remembered the father-in-law’s instruction that he asked to come with his daughter. (Again, Grandpa will have permission to ask.)

– So, Grandpa, tell the truth some more. I will ask you: when I was at my father-in-law’s house, he said to me: ‘If you get Helen the Fair, then come see her.’ Will it be possible to wrap it up? That’s when I told my grandfather.

– Well, what to do, as he ordered, so let Himlena the Beautiful hang with her father, with her mother, but just do not live more than four hours.

So, then Ivan the Tsarevich began to thank his grandfather, and also Elena the Beautiful. And we went out to the yard where the horse was standing. I put Helen the Beautiful on a horse, jumped up and rode. Just sat down, as they were with their father-in-law. When she saw the mother-in-law and daughter, she ran out onto the porch and began to cry and kiss them both. Then telling the house. Yes, she brought her to the house, immediately met her father, also began to tearfully hug and caress his son-in-law and daughter. Immediately they sat down at the table. Then he says to his old woman:

– Well, old woman, carry it to the table, what we only have, carry everything.

And so she struck – eat, whatever you look at. When eaten, the father-in-law says:

– Well, now tell us, Ivan the Tsarevich, how you got Helen the Beautiful. He replies:

– Listen, Father, if I tell you all this, how I got Helen the Beautiful, we will be dragged in for a very long time, and my grandfather-eagle did not tell me to stay long. With this calculation, the horse gave.

– I know, Ivan the Tsarevich, I am an eagle. Duck did he help you?

– Yes, he is.

Then he told him something in a simple way, how it was the whole thing. Father-in-law and says:

– Well, okay, well done, Ivan the Tsarevich, live happily with my daughter and go. And then I thought that you would spend a year with me, and if I told my grandfather so – go.

He said goodbye to his father, to his mother, got on a horse and rode. And as soon as we went, we were in our kingdom, not even a day had passed. When Helen the Beautiful was taken away by Koschei the Immortal, this carpet, which sang and danced, as well as the Neva River and ducks and drakes, all this was destroyed, and the carpet lay motionless. And as Ivan the Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful had just arrived in their kingdom, the carpet again began to dance and play and the Neva River was also formed again – everything was as it was. That’s the people-from and cheered. Until helen the Beautiful was in this state, this whole kingdom was somehow dull. And the deadline had already passed, and the father-tsar was at his death and was waiting for Ivan the Tsarevich to come. And just on this day he already wanted to pass the throne to his eldest son. As soon as Helen the Beautiful arrived, the tsar immediately cheered, and perfumes and aromas rushed throughout the state, and the people became all cheerful, although no one knew that they had arrived. Here they were, as they entered the kingdom with Helen the Beautiful, then all the rooms were swinging and the floors were shaking, and all the people looked at them and marveled (such two heroes were not easy). As soon as Ivan the Tsarevich entered this hall, where guests and brothers were sitting, his father and mother threw themselves on their necks and were very happy. Then the father says to the eldest son Vasily:

– Well, Vasya, as you want, and now you will have to retreat, since Ivan the Tsarevich has come, so he will own the throne.

He did not hesitate and left the royal place, and Ivan the Tsarevich sat in his place.

Then Vanya now remembered about the horse. Only Ivan the Tsarevich sat down at the table with his Helena the Beautiful, as he remembered and said:

– Listen, Helen the Beautiful, you and I have completely forgotten Grandpa’s commandment. Since we decided to stay in the kingdom, we need to run as soon as possible, let go of the horse.

Then they run to the yard, untied the horse and say:

– Well, dear our horse, thank you very much for bringing us to your kingdom, and if you tell the grandfather from us too, thank you very much for helping us in everything!

And so the horse disappeared from sight.

They came, sat down in their seat, and his father and mother began to ask:

– Did you, Ivan the Tsarevich, let go of the horse, because we would have something to feed it, to drink it, even with what you yourself drink, eat, feed, drink.

And he did. – I couldn’t keep it anymore, I had to fulfill my grandfather’s commandment. Then says the father:

– I still dare to ask, son, how did you get Helen the Fair?

He started talking. And he told everything about what happened to him, how he was locked in nuts, how his grandfather helped him and how he fought with Koschei – he told everything about what happened to him. Everyone listened, and many even cried over his adventures – we will not repeat. Then, therefore, Ivan the Tsarevich received the throne, and everyone was glad that Ivan the Tsarevich became Tsar. And they began to live and be until a very old age.

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