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How a Man From a Tree Remove -Poem

And they also say that once the rich Qutub Khan, passing through the courtyard, dropped a coin in one anu. A crow flying by picked up a coin and carried it to its nest – crows, as you know, are very fond of everything that glitters. We, humans, understand them, correct?

Qutub Khan was upset and climbed a tree. It was hard for him, but he climbed for money! To the surprise of the whole village, he reached the very top and took his property from the thief. But it was more difficult to get off – he would have guessed to drop the coin on the ground … Qutub Khan was stuck between heaven and earth and began to call for help.

The oldest and wisest gathered under a tree for a council. Opinions differed.

– Let him close his eyes and jump!

– No, we need to cut down the tree!

– It would be better to build a tower next to the tree. In six months you can build…

But Qutub Khan himself figured out how to remove it from a tree.

– Hey fools! He shouted, “Throw me a rope here!


Qutub Khan tied a rope and gave a new order:

– Now – pull! Be friendlier!


Qutub Khan lay in bed for a month, limped on both legs for another three months and bargained for another three years with a doctor who treated his fractures and dislocations. And all my life I was surprised:

– I don’t understand why I’m so unlucky? Every day I drag buckets from the well with the same rope, and none of them have broken…

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