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How a Young Fisherman Married the King’s Daughter Poem

On the outskirts of a large city, on the very shore of the sea, a fisherman lived with his wife. Every day he went to the sea to fish, and his catch was enough for them both for food and for sale. And if they were happy, but the trouble is that years passed, and the fisherman and his wife still had no children.
One day a fisherman was sitting on the seashore and fishing. Not far from him, children played, parents with small children passed by every now and then. The fisherman looked at them, tears welled up in his eyes, he sighed and thought: “Ah, if I had a son, how happy I would be!”
Suddenly, he heard a rustle behind him, turned around and saw the old man.
“What are you thinking so bitterly about?” The old man asked. – Did any misfortune happen?
“No, I’m just very sad that my wife and I don’t have children,” the fisherman replied.
“Don’t be upset,” the old man said. “It won’t be a year before the Lord rewards you with a son.
Having said that, the old man disappeared.
Indeed, nine months later, the fisherman’s wife gave birth to a son. There was no limit to the joy of the parents. The child began to grow up, and the parents were amazed to see that their little son was extraordinarily beautiful.
One day, a fisherman said to his wife,
“Listen, wife, let’s not let the child out of the house. It’s so beautiful that it’s better for people not to see it.
“Of course, the husband,” the wife readily agreed. “No one has such a beautiful boy as ours.
Happy parents cherished their son as the apple of their eye. And he got older, the more beautiful, and so the fisherman and his wife eventually stopped letting him out of the house, and the boy did not know anything about what was happening outside the threshold.
Once, when the son was already grown, the fisherman’s wife said to her husband:
“You have already begun to grow old, husband, it is difficult for you to go fishing every day, and then sell fish. What should we do? Who will take care of us in our old age? Who will feed us?
“We will need to accustom our son to work, we have no other way out,” the fisherman replied. “Tomorrow I’ll take it with me to fish.
The next day, a fisherman and his son gathered, went to the lagoon on the seashore, sat there and began to fish. Everyone who passed by them stopped, shocked by the beauty of the young man, and looked at him without taking their eyes off.
When father and son had caught enough fish, they went to the city to sell it. Passing block after block, the old fisherman called out to customers:
“Fish! Who are the fish?!
They had already sold a lot of fish, they had only a few small fish left in their basket, when the son said to his father:
“You are tired, father, go home. I’ll sell the rest of the fish myself. I’ve already learned how to sell fish!
The father went home, and the son moved on, shouting,
“Fish! Who are the fish?!
As he passed by the royal palace, the king’s daughter peeked out of the window, attracted by an unusually beautiful and melodious voice, calling:
“Fish! Take the fish!
The beauty of the young man struck the queen, and she ordered the servants to immediately bring him to the palace. When he entered her chambers, the queen said
, “Let’s get your fish here!
The young man gave her his fish, and she poured a full handful of gold coins in his hand and said
, “Don’t tell anyone where you sold this fish!
Coming home, the young man gave the gold coins to his father. He was very surprised.
“Where did you find that gold?” He asked.
“I sold the fish,” he replied.
You earned in one day as much as I earn in two or three years! Dad exclaimed.
But the old fisherman was tormented by doubts all evening. He did not believe that his son could get so much gold for a few small fish, and decided to follow him. The next day, he took his son back to fish, and then gave him all the fish he caught and told him to sell it. The fisherman then pretended to go home, but in fact quietly followed his son to see what he would do. The son sold several fish in the city and, passing by the royal palace, began to shout loudly:
“Fish! Who are the fish?!
Immediately, the king’s daughter peeked out of the window and called him. A young man with a basket of fish entered the royal chambers. A few minutes later, he came out with an empty basket, clutching a handful of gold in his hand.
“Now I understand where my son sells fish for pure gold,” the fisherman thought. – No, he really shouldn’t be let out of the house.
Returning home, the son gave the gold to his father, and he told his wife everything he saw, and they decided not to let their son go anywhere else.
The king’s daughter, not waiting for the young fisherman either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, told her servants to go around the whole city house by house and find him. Whether they walked long or short, but the young man was found. However, his parents flatly refused to let him out of the house, and therefore the queen secretly from her father-king began to send teachers to his house who taught him to read and write. After that, the queen told the young man to pack up, secretly leave his parents and go to European countries to learn different languages and sciences. She gave him a lot of money with her, which she told him to spend on teaching.
Having received a brilliant education in Europe, the young man, unrecognized by anyone, returned to his hometown and appeared directly in the palace to the queen. Pleased with his success in education, the queen opened her father’s treasury, pulled out a huge leather bag of gold and said:
“Now go to European countries, buy the most expensive and beautiful goods and open a store in our city so that no one else can compare with it in beauty and luxury.
The young man did everything, as the queen told him. He traveled to European countries and bought such beautiful goods that no one had seen in his city. With him he brought craftsmen who decorated the room and inserted beautiful glass into the windows. Inside, the walls of the store were decorated with huge mirrors, crystal and colorful shiny stones. These stones fascinated the eyes of all who were nearby. The floor in the salons and on the stairs was covered with carpets embroidered with silk and gold thread. The store looked like a palace. In the service of the owner were seventy young sellers, very well dressed. The owner himself was so handsome, intelligent and courteous, had such a pleasant conversation with everyone who came to him, that nothing else was talked about in the city except about this luxury store and his wonderful handsome host. All visitors admired his education, courtesy and knowledge of languages.
When the king learned that some noble European had opened a hitherto unseen shop in his city, he told him to tell him through his generals that he was going to visit this store. The young man prepared a royal meeting for the king. Seventy of his sellers he dressed up in the clothes of princes, of which thirty he put on the street at the entrance, twentyHe placed twenty more inside the store and twenty more along the stairs, and he himself met the king upstairs at the entrance to the main salon.
The king was shocked by the beauty of the young man and his wealth. He thought,
“So that’s what this European is, it turns out! Perhaps such a handsome and clever woman I could call my son-in-law.
And the king sent his generals to inform the merchant that he wanted to call him his son-in-law and marry his daughter to him.
A few days later, the king in the palace decorated in honor of the holiday played the wedding of his daughter with a handsome young man. But no worse than the royal palace looked the palace of the groom, where he brought his young wife-queen and where the festivities continued for another week.
After the wedding, the king’s son-in-law went to the outskirts of the city to his parents’ fisherman’s hut and announced to them that he was their son. Poor old people were delighted and amazed to the depths of their souls, because after the disappearance of their son they considered him dead. The son said to his father and mother:
“You will forgive me that I did not open up to you earlier, but I could not do it until I completed my plan and achieved my goal.
And the people rejoiced and rejoiced when they learned that the son of a fisherman had married the daughter of the king.
Here’s how it happens: if a person tries to use his knowledge in business, luck goes to him, and he achieves happiness.

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