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Ivan the Lesser – Big Mind poem

Not in which kingdom, not in which the state lived, was an old man with his old woman. Well, the old man could not work anything else, as he was very old – he went to the forest to chop wood.

Once he went to his job, and just went into the forest, he looks – there are nine eggs lying on the bush.

What to do: he took the eggs in a mittens, collected it and thought:

“If I take them to the woods, I’ll break them there, or rather I’ll leave them here.”

So he cut through the day and goes back in the evening, goes to this bush. When I came to this bush, I looked, there are no mittens and no eggs. The old man thought, ‘Eh, he didn’t do it well.’

He came home to his old woman and said:

– Behold, Grandma, I went today and found nine eggs on a bush in the morning, collected them in a mittens and left them, and in the evening I went – there are no mittens or eggs.

– Oh, you old demon would know this – wouldn’t let you eat. You know, nine eggs for five kopecks a piece, because forty-five kopecks is money!

– Well, okay, Grandma, if I have to find another time, I won’t leave it.

On the second day, the old man also goes to the forest. He comes to the same bush and looks: eighteen eggs are lying. And he took these eggs and gathered them in his business and thought:

‘Well, what should I do? Go home and go with you to the forest to take these eggs? If I take them to the forest, I will crush them, and it is better to go home in the evening, when I chop wood.”

So he took it and left it again, and he went to chop it. He ruined the day, so incomplete, and went home. He comes to this bush, looks, and there are no businessmen or eggs. The old man thought hard, ‘Well, how do I say this old woman? Okay, I’ll keep quiet.’

And then he comes home. The old woman set the table, fed her, and asked:

– Why are you, Grandpa, so unhappy?

– Yes.

– Well, tell me, you used to always say, but today you are silent.

– Yes, Grandma, to say, because you will swear. Today I found eighteen eggs, put them in the woods and left them on the bush. I went home – no businessmen, no eggs.

– Well, old dog, I’d know you’d be hooked and not eaten. No wonder you’re silent there! Then he said:

– But, okay, Grandma, if I can still find it, I won’t leave it, I’ll collect it and bring it home right away.

– Well, that’s it, look!

And so the old man went into the woods. He comes to this bush and looks: thirty-three eggs. “Well, okay,” he thinks, “now I can’t do that again.”

The old man took it, put his rocon and the egg in his sinus with a couch and then went home. ‘I won’t go into the woods, I’m going to go home.’

So he was walking not far away, and his couch began to weaken. And the testicles began to fall out onto the road. As the egg falls out – so the young man will jump out. They fell out, jumped: thirty-three eggs fell, thirty-three young men jumped out and went after the old man.

When they came home, grandma looked, they now have thirty-three sons. She set the table and began to feed them. That’s when they ate, Ivan the Lesser spoke – By the Big Mind:

– Well, Father, he knew how to find us, be able to give us a job.

– What kind of work will I give you?

– And go to the forge, order thirty-three braids, and we will make thirty-three rakes at this time.

My father went to the forge and ordered thirty-three braids. While he was walking, yes forged, the guys made thirty-three rakes. Now Ivan the Lesser says to his father – By the Mind of the Great:

– Well, now where are we going to go to work?

– Yes, I don’t know.

– You don’t know, so let’s go mow the royal meadow.

In the morning we went. And this Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind does not mow down, he goes there for the elder. And suddenly, from noon, the royal nobleman arrives and asks:

– Who do you have here for the eldest?

And one of them comes out.

“I,” he says, “am Ivan the Lesser – with the Mind of the Big for the Elder. What’s going to happen? He said to him:

– And who ordered you, Ivan the Lesser – by the Mind of the Great, to mow the reserved meadows?

– Because no one mows them, and when mowing them, they can never save hay. Listen, nobleman, better, I’ll mow, it’s going to be better than so much hay is dying. I see it and that’s why I started mowing it down.

The nobleman liked these words, and he went to the king with an answer.

When he arrives, the king asks:

– Well, who’s mowing down there?

– One Ivan the Lesser Mows Down – By the Big Mind, and told me that the grass was drying. Than spoil it, so he mows it down.

– Well, okay, go back and ask Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Big, what kind of dinner should be prepared for them?

Here comes the nobleman and asksEm:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – Big Mind, what kind of dinner should I cook for you?

– For us? I’ll tell you, cook thirty-three oxen and thirty-three buckets of wine. The nobleman came to the king and said:

– Here I said: cook thirty-three oxen and prepare thirty-three buckets of wine.

-Well good.

They began to do, and they mowed until the evening, collected all the hay. When they gathered, they come, of course, to the king, the king had lunch ready. So they sat down at the table, drinking and eating. Wine was drunk, meat was eaten. The king comes and begins to count them. He calculates them for forty kopecks. And Ivan the Lesser – by the Mind of the Big – at fifty. Here they are collecting this money all together and passing it on to their father. Then the king spoke to this old man:

“That’s what, Grandpa, how are you going to feed your sons now?” You have thirty-three sons, they need to be fed, clothed, and taught. And you better give me sons as workers, and I give you bread forever with an old woman for this.

The old man agreed.

– Well, if the sons go, then I agree.

Then he asked Ivan the Lesser by the Mind of the Big:

– Well, what, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, will you live with me?


The king gives the old man money so that he will have enough forever. And the old man went home. Since then, the old man no longer went to chop wood and began to live with his old woman.

This time they lived, therefore, until the autumn, all the brothers with the king. And this time passed, the nights became dark, and the hay began to be lost in them; it is not known – what is mowed, is less – where it goes. Then the Tsar spoke to Ivan the Lesser – With the Mind of the Great:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – Big Mind, knew how to mow hay, be able to catch a thief. And Ivan says:

– Well, brothers, let’s go on duty.

So the brothers sat down, and he stood upstairs and sat, and began to ask the brothers:

– Are you asleep?

There is no answer from anyone. So everybody fell asleep. And he’s still sitting. And suddenly it became quite dark, so the time is about midnight, and suddenly a goldenrod mare with thirty-two foals is watching, and the foals are all beautiful, like herself. And they come to this hay and start eating it. They eat and trample, so the hay is reduced. And he looks, as it were, on which one to jump, but nothing comes out. They’re not close. And so they ran back and threw themselves into the sea. Now he stood up.

– Brothers, get up, are you asleep?


– Get up, have you seen anyone?

– No, we haven’t seen anyone. And you, brother?

– I don’t have anyone either.

– Well, let’s go.

And everybody went. They came, the king asked them:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – Big Mind, have you seen anyone?

– No, I haven’t seen anyone that night.


And so we went to the second one. Came; the brothers fell down and fell asleep. And he’s sitting there, he’s even more interested. So it got dark. He began to ask the brothers:

– Brothers, are you asleep? Everyone is silent.


And he watches everything. And then it got dark at all, and suddenly dawn dawned: a goldenrod mare with thirty-two foals was running; and he is completely hidden, only his head sticks out a little.

One foal comes up to him, it’s very close. He jumped and grabbed his mane. The mare saw and threw herself with the others into the sea. The stallion was rushing, rushing through the meadow on this – there is no way to throw it off.

Finally, he spoke:

– Listen, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, if he knew how to catch me, so be able to catch my mother tomorrow, you will now let me go, and I will teach you how to wash a mother.

– Well, how, tell me? Here he says:

– As if you go tonight – you let me go now – and tomorrow I will come to the same zakolin and eat hay. I’ll see that I’m standing where I’ve been caught, so rush at me to bite. You jump on me, and through me on her, so only you can catch it. And I’ll hold you down to make it easier to catch it.

So he let him go and began to ask the brothers:

– Brothers, are you asleep?


– So bet; have you seen whom?

– No, I haven’t. And you, brother? – I don’t have anyone either.

– Well, let’s go home.

And so they came home. When they came home, the king asked:

– Well, how, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, did he see whom?

– Oh no, and I didn’t see anyone on the second night. We’ll see what happens next.

That’s how they survived the day. At night they go. Again, of course, they came to this place to the backwaters; the brothers dispersed and fell asleep. And Ivan sat on the back, dug in again – only his head sticks out – and sits, guarding what will happen. And so there you go.Suddenly, dawn broke, and a mare with thirty-two foals was running again. This foal ran to him, settled down and started eating. Only she saw from a distance – and runs to him. I ran in, wanting to bite the foal. As he jumped, he rolled over him and grabbed her. And she rushed through the meadow on this.

Rushed, rushed and spoke; – Well, Ivan the Lesser – With the Mind of the Big, he knew how to think, be able to give work.


And he screamed at his brothers. The brothers jumped, thinking the births are burning. The births are standing. They mounted their horses and rode to the palace. They arrive at the palace, the king has seen and turned – thirty-three horses, what!

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – With the Mind of the Big, well done, caught the thieves. Now give me one horse, I’ll go for a ride, I love riding horses like that.

– No, Your Majesty, the horses are not curbed, they are not circumvented, you have to learn them first, and then I give them to you.

I’m going to go out with my brothers first, I’m going to go around, and then you’re going to go.

– Well, okay, go with your brothers where you know. He says to the brethren:

– Well, brothers, where are you going to go?

– Yes we don’t know, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind.

– Come on, let’s go get married.

– Come on, get married, come on!

And so they went to get married. Here they come to one grandmother-egishna.

– Well, Grandma, how many daughters do you have? -Nine.

– That’s not enough for us. Let’s move on.

And so off we went. They come to the second. Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind and asks:

– Well, how many daughters do you have, Grandma?

– I have eighteen.

– Not only that, let’s move on.

– Well, go to the third sister.

And so off we went. They come to the third sister. And Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind and asks:

– Well, how many daughters do you have, Grandma?

– Yes, I have thirty-three daughters.

– Well, that’s fine. Will you give your daughters in marriage?


They harness the horses and come to the house. They went into the house, the old woman now set the table, brought the brides, began to water and feed. When she got drunk, she fed her, and said:

– Well, my law is as follows: go now, walk with your couple, then come – you will sleep, and so get married.

The brothers are now taking their brides and went for a walk. And Ivan went too. I just left the room and remembered my mare. ‘I’ll go and see.’

The old woman asked:

– Are you, Ivan?

– I’ll go see the horses.

– That you, Ivan, the horses are all fed, standing in the stable.

– No, I’ll go and see.

And off he went. And the bride stands, waiting. She was the least and the most cunning of all. And so, when he approached the mare, and looked: the mare is standing completely variable, her legs as if knee-deep in blood. He asks the mare:

– Well, tell me, my mare, why are you knee-deep in blood, what kind of adversity do you feel over yourself or over me?

– Over You, Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind. She tells him; – Listen, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind. When you go for a walk, I give you three clubs. And your brethren, you will see, they will run away. And you don’t go to bed with her, nishto, but pull out this baton, start beating her. That’s the baton you’re going to break, it’s going to give you a raft. Then the second one is going to give you a crease. You’re going to get started again. She will ask you: ‘Why are you Ivan the Lesser – With a Big Mind, are you beating me?’ – ‘But this is how it should be’. And start hitting again. The third baton is out, she will give you a magic handkerchief. You take a handkerchief in your pocket and walk away, and all the brothers will follow you. Otherwise, all of you brothers will not get out of here. She’s the least and the trickiest of all.

Then he went to the bride, took her hand and went to the garden. He comes to the garden and takes out the twigs and starts beating her. Beat, beat, rod broke, she says:

– Well, what are you, Ivanushko, beating me? Nah, I’m giving you a raft.

He takes the raft and starts hitting again. Here’s hitting, hitting, breaking it again, she gives him a crease. He shoved it in his pocket and started hitting again. And before that, he finished her off, and she says:

– Ivanushko, don’t beat you, I’m giving you a magic handkerchief.

He just put it in his pocket, he sees all the brothers coming after him. Here they come to the house. The old woman runs out onto the porch and splashes into the dolni:

– Ah, this time failed, I’ll catch it anyway!

He takes them to the third floor and puts everyone in pairs. I planted them next to me and started to drink wine on them. The brothers are already drunk, and he says:

– We’ve got to go see the horses. We drink, but what do our horses eat? Grandma says:

– Where do you go, Ivanushko? Hits yours? The horses are standing, resting.

– No, we need to take a look.

Here comes, of course, to the stables; Comes, looks, the mare is already standing almost on her breasts in blood. He asks her:

– What are you, my dear, standing on your chests covered in blood? What kind of adversity do you feel about yourself or me?

– I, Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Great, I feel the adversity over you. Look, drunk don’t get drunk, don’t look at your brothers. You’ll come from here, get drunk just a little bit. If you get drunk, she’ll throw you all to sleep. She’ll put black hats on you and put white hats on the girls. And at midnight, a magic sword will roll off the shelf and cut off the heads of all of you brothers. And you do not sleep, but before midnight stand up and change your hats: put white on your brothers and put them on yourself, and put black ones on the girls. And then, when this sword cuts off the heads of the girls, tear off their sundresses, jump out the window, get on the horses and ride. You’re not getting married here.

And so the od went away. He came, he looks, the brothers are lying under the table, who is dozing, who is still talking, and she is running around, treating. – Behold, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, you are behind something, drink, drink more!

Nothing, I’ll get drunk soon.

Then she started making beds and he pretended to be drunk. She put the brothers and him too. And so, of course, he brings all the black hats, counts on them, and the white hats on the girls. I went out, closed three locks, and went to bed myself, and said:

– Well, now you’ve come to me, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind.

Ivan quickly stood up, black hats on girls and white hats on brothers, and lurking himself, lying, and the brothers are all asleep. And suddenly he hears: there was thunder and a magic sword rolled, began to cut the heads of black hats. I chopped it up and rolled back. He stands up and begins to shake the brothers:

– Brothers, stand, trouble is near, look what’s here and we’d be chopped up if I hadn’t changed your hats over your heads. Let’s tear off the sundresses and let’s go away, or the old woman will, we will not live.

And so they ripped off the sundresses, took them with them and began to descend. We went down, took the horses and drove.

Here’s an old woman in the morning as soon as she jumps out of sleep:

– Ah, ah, that’s how deftly Ivan the Lesser – The Big Man did it with his mind! He’s not going anywhere from me anyway. He took away my magic handkerchief, so he left!

Now he gets into the chariot of fire and rolls after the owl. Vit arrives Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind to the sea, waved a magic handkerchief, the bridge across the sea became; let’s go across the bridge. She comes to the sea, and he goes to half the sea. She jumped onto the bridge and drove after her. Here she was halfway through, and he moved through. He waved a magic handkerchief – the bridge was gone, she fell into the sea screaming:

– Well, your happiness that you took away my magic handkerchief, otherwise I would have caught up with you! Then he said to the brothers:

– Well, brothers, you slept, drank, ate, enjoyed three days, and I did not sleep, and ate thin. I want to sleep.

I fell asleep under an oak tree, tied up a mare, lay down next to him. I lay down, and the brothers between themselves and began to say:

– And what, brothers, Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Big wife was ugly, did not like it, so he killed our wives through this and that. Did the old woman kill her daughters herself? He killed; we will kill him.

And they come up and want to hit him with something. So the mare will give a hoof – which she crippled, whom she killed, whom she tore with a tooth and did not allow to get close. And Ivan sleeps, hears nothing. When Ivan has had enough sleep, and looks:

-What the?

Mare says:

– And here’s the thing: your brothers wanted to kill you, that your wife was not good, you didn’t like it, and you killed all the girls, not a magic sword.

And then some brothers were still lying wounded. He approached the rest of these brothers.

– Well, brothers, did you happen here?

– Yes, that’s right. Of course, it’s not my fault, I came up, and the mare wounded you, and the brothers wanted to kill you.

– Fools, well, why do you suffer – took and killed the rest.

I got on the mare and left. So I drove up a little, came to the reserved royal meadow; mare and says:

– Listen, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, let go of all my foals, and I will serve you alone and will serve all that you will be happy.

He released all the foals, they threw themselves into the sea, and he drove into the royal court. When he arrived at the royal court, the king asked:

– Where are you, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, the rest of the horses?

– Other horses? And the brothers don’t know where they went, they ran away, now I don’t know, but I came to you.

– Well, okay, go to the stables.

Ivan the Lesser – Razum Bolshoy entered the stables. They gave him horses. He fed them, groomed them, and the horses of the Neg.they were different – they were better than all the other groomsmen. And the Tsar greatly appreciated Ivan the Lesser – the Mind of the Great.

Where these groomsmen, you know, began to resent him.

And why be offended? Because he was very much appreciated. And so they began to think, as it were, what to find, at least a little, so that he would not be in our state. They thought, they thought, they had finally come up with this thing, that they had learned earlier and had heard that this king was unmarried until the age of seventy. He wooed one queen, wooed, wooed, how many troops he ruined, but did not woo because she did not go for him. And they came up with such a thing as if Ivan the Lesser – With the Mind of the Big brags that he will get him a bride, a beautiful princess. Suddenly, now, if the Tsar has heard this thing, now he summons Ivan.

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – By reason Big, if you boast that you get this bride, whom I have long desired as a wife, – get it, you will not get it – the head from your shoulders. If you get it, I give you a city with a subway.

Ivan and says:

– Listen, Your Majesty: Did I say that? I don’t know anything. Where do I know, Your Majesty? I didn’t even see what you were, but where do I get it?

– Well, don’t talk, let’s go!

He, of course, began to cry, walked away. He comes to his mare, cries.

– Well, my dear mare, I’ve got trouble.

And she says to him:

– What are you, Ivanushko, crying?

– How can I, sweet mare, not cry? The king gave such an instruction to get him a beautiful princess, which he had been getting by force for three years – he could not get it. I don’t know where she is, who knows her. Oops! – Full, Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Big, Do Not Be Sad. It’s not a service at all, it’s a service. And the service is all ahead. Sit on top of me and let’s go. Of course, the road is not so familiar, well, we will find it.

Here we go. Drove close, far, low, high, Ivan, of course, does not know, the mare herself carries. And suddenly they come to this kingdom. Here’s a mare pulling up to the tom-ko garden where this princess’s favorite garden was. Mare and says:

– Behold, listen, Ivan, now I’m going to go – I will turn into such a beautiful apple tree, it will not tolerate, it will come to see this apple tree; and you were singing under an apple tree. As she comes, you cling to her braids and hold on tightly. It will be very torn, and then we will leave this state.

And when she turned around, everything was done, and he sat under a tree. Sits. Suddenly this princess comes, of course she was beautiful.

– Oh, what a beautiful apple tree! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Suddenly, Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind jumps as if, and grabbed her by the scythes, she began to tear; he holds tight.

– Oh, sweet mare, where are you?

And now he’s on a horse, and they’re racing. Suddenly, they rushed to that state. When he brought it to the king, and he said:

– Well, your majesty, if you wanted her as a wife, so I got her.

– Well, well done. And so I give you a city with fences.

When they found out the groom that he had got not only a beautiful princess, but also a city with suburbs, they began to drift even more, but they could not do anything more. Now, when he brought this princess, the king comes and says:

– Well, beautiful princess, I have long desired you as a wife. Now I suggest you marry me.

– Yes, really, I’m not denying it. Once I came, I need to marry you. But the thing is, I don’t have a wedding dress. Until then, I won’t marry you until you get me a wedding dress.

– Well, where is your wedding dress, who can get it?

The Princess says:

-Get? Yes, whoever got me, the dress should get.

– Where’s your wedding dress?

– But as I disappeared, lost, then My father will take my wedding dress, take it to the cathedral, sing it and bury it in the ground to who knows where.

The Tsar, without saying a word to her, now summons Ivan the Lesser by the Mind of the Great:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Big, since he got me a wife, get her wedding dress.

– What are you, Your Majesty, where is her wedding dress? I don’t know, and I haven’t seen it; where do I get it?

– Well, keep quiet, get it, where you know, otherwise head off your shoulders!

Here, of course, is Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind did not say anything more to him and went to the mare, crying.

– What are you crying about, Ivanushko?

– Yes, the king ordered to get a wedding dress, and where it will be buried – I do not know anything, he did not say anything, – Stop crying, sit on me, you need to go as soon as possible, or, perhaps, they will really bury it.

And they come soon to this state, the mare and says:

– Here’s a listen, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind: you will walk around the city, see the beggars, and buy a basket from them or ask. So it’s better to buy from beggars than to ask. Then buy a caftan from them. Well, if they don’t sell, then exchange yours and go ask for pieces under the windows. And you ask for a dozen and a half pieces, go to the cathedral, and there the priests and bishops bury her dress, it lies on the altar. Stand outside the door and I run around the church with a golden horse. And from the church, they see me when the monks there, the priests, the deacons, the deacon and all the last ones come out to wash me, you take this dress, put it under the pieces. You’ll take it out and you’ll come out of the cathedral and say, ‘Give it, I’ll lure it to pieces.’ Just let no one come close to you. And I’ll run up to you, and they’ll tell you that you’re going to catch it soon, give us the horse. And then I’ll come very close to you, jump on me, and we’ll leave, no one will know where.

So they talked and went their separate ways. He walked through the city. He comes to one beggar and says:

– Guys, sell me a basket.

– Well done to you, well done?

– Yes you need to, sell.

– Come on.

So he paid a ruble to them or there is a half-tin and says:

– Sell me the caftan from yourself.

– And why do you need it, you’re already good.

“Sell yes sell,” he says.

– Why sell? Let’s change.

-Come on.

So he served a caftan, took a basket and walked around the city Asked for fifteen or twenty pieces and came to the cathedral. Suddenly, a golden horse ran around the cathedral. When the people in the cathedral saw and looked in, and let’s run and run, everyone ran away, even to the bishops, everyone ran away, there was no one left. He enters the cathedral at this time.

He enters the cathedral, of course, takes this dress and lays it in pieces. He laid pieces and left the cathedral.

– Come on, I’ll lure him to pieces.

That lures him closer and closer, very close. As soon as he jumped on it – and the trail caught a cold, it was nowhere to be found. Of course, the priests and all the people come to the cathedral; the dress was nowhere to be found.

– Well, whoever stole the princess stole the dress. That’s what they relied on.

And our Ivan rolls into his kingdom, whatever. He comes to the king and says:

– Well, your majesty, I got you a dress.

– Well, Ivan, well done, I give you another city, and let you own these cities.

Now the king comes to the princess and says:

– Well, behold, beautiful princess, now you have nothing to do, you will have to marry me, I got you a wedding dress.

– I’ve had enough of you, but the thing is, I won’t marry you until you get me a wedding ring and a carriage.

– Where are your ring and carriage? I don’t know. Tell me, please, the beautiful princess.

– My ring in the drawer, the box in the carriage, the carriage in the ship, the ship at sea – at the bottom.

– Well, at the bottom, so who’s going to get it out of there?

– Yes, whoever took out the dress – will get a carriage from there.

Now he again summons Ivan the Lesser – by the Mind of the Big.

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, serve me one more service, and there I give you another city, and you will be directly a prince, this principality to own. Serve me another service like this: get out your wedding ring and carriage. A ring in a drawer, a box in a carriage, a carriage in a ship, a ship at sea – at the bottom.

– Yes, your majesty, because I am not a whale-fish, how can I get into the sea.

– Well, don’t talk, or your head off your shoulders!

And Ivan went to his mare, started crying. He does not even see the light of white and does not hear the way-road in front of him. He came to the mare, fell to his feet and cries, he can’t even say a word. Mare and says:

– Why are you, Ivan the Lesser, crying so much? What service did the king give you, tell me.

– Oh, you, my dear mare, where can we perform such a service, if he gave such a service. After all, we are not a fish, not a whale, we cannot go out to sea and come from the sea. He tells me to get my wedding ring and carriage. A ring in a drawer, a box in a carriage, a carriage in a ship, a ship at sea – at the bottom. Then you think – where to send him from the sea?

– Well, Ivan, I told you- not a service, but a servicewoman; the service is all ahead. That’s the service. Well, now go to the king, I’ll tell you what to get. The road is not far for us, but sad. You’re not distant, but I’m far and sad. Ask him for wine, dessert boxes, gusli, nuts and a card, and collect it all and come to me, then we’ll go.

And so he, of course, put it all together, and he comes to her. She tells him:

– Well, if you’ve collected all this, so sit on me, yes yesLet’s go to those reserved meadows where you caught me.

So she brought him to this backwater, planted him and said:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, sit here for three days, and I’ll go to sea, harness this carriage and come back in three days. Well, just look, don’t sleep. Play cards, drink a glass, snap nuts, play goose, but look – don’t sleep. If you fall asleep, neither you nor I are alive. If my children, the horses, reach us, they will tear you and me apart. And if you have time to fall into the carriage and take the reins, then you will be happy.

And so with the theme words she threw herself into the sea and left. And Ivan was left to sit on the back. And now Ivan sits for a day, cracks nuts, drinks a glass, plays guseltsy.

On the second day, he began to drift off to sleep. Nothing entertains him: no maps, no vinzo, no gusli, no nuts. And on the third day he fell completely asleep, and so firmly that he does not remember himself. I slept, slept, my eyes glazed over, and the mare with the carriage in front of the back stopped, he only managed to jump into the carriage, grabbed the reins, – hears the foals rumbling:

– Well, happiness, Ivan the Lesser – By the Mind of the Big, who managed to jump into the carriage in time and grab the reins, otherwise you would not be alive, they would have torn into small pieces!

And Ivan went and hid in the royal palace. When he arrived and said:

– Well, Your Majesty, I got you a wedding ring and a wedding carriage, is it not enough for you?”

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – Reason Big, well done. I appoint you as heir over these cities, and you will be a prince.

And he himself comes to the princess and says:

– Well, beautiful princess, I’ve been you, and I’ve gotten out, as you wished, a wedding ring and a carriage. Now all we have to do is get married.

– It’s not long to get married, and I always agree to get married, but here’s the thing. My father is never old, and you are old. When my father is old, he is young, and he does it this way: he pours three cauldrons, one with cold water, the other with boiled water, the third with boiled milk and bathes. First in boiled milk, then in boiled water, and only then in cold water, and comes out so young and beautiful that it is made three times better than before.

Here he is, of course, thinking:

‘I’m going to buy nishto, and first I’ll make an experience on Ivan’.

And he summons Ivan the Lesser – by the mind of the Great. When called, and says:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – By the Big Mind, if you serve me again: bathe in three cauldrons – in boiling milk, in boiling water, and then in cold water – and you will be young.

– I, Your Majesty, am already old.

– Well, you’ll be beautiful.

– So what do you think, Your Majesty, I didn’t serve you much, do you see that you still invented me to devour me in milk?

– Well, don’t talk, or – head off your shoulders!

Ivan didn’t say anything else, he went and started crying. I went to my mare, fell to my feet and cried. He can’t say anything, he just said:

– Well, I’m sorry, my mare dear, I’m never alive – and can’t say anything more. The mare begins to ask him:

– Well, what did you, Ivanushko, cry, apparently, the Tsar gave you some other service?

– How can I not cry, as the king now planned to cook me in the milk of the living, to burn in boiling water, now I will not be alive and you will no longer be seen! Then the mare says to him:

– No, Ivan, it doesn’t matter anymore, as long as it doesn’t exist again. Now your last trouble. Go to the yard and undress. All the spectators will gather there to watch, and the king and the princess, and the groom, and other audience. When you undress, you throw off your shirt, still in your underpants, say: “Well, bring me a mare to see her one last time, I still won’t see her again.” When I’m brought in, you get ready, and as soon as I go around the cauldrons and tilt the cauldrons over the cauldron where the milk is boiling, you immediately dive into this cauldron, and at this time I’m going to go to another and third boiler, you’re like that from boiler to boiler and gallop. And you will come out of the last cauldron so handsome that everyone will be envious, and even the princess herself will envy your beauty. And then the king will inevitably go swimming.

And as Ivan comes to the yard and begins to undress, everyone gathered to watch. The tsar is the princess and the entire royal retinue, to the last groom. Then he stripped his shirt and said:

– But, Your Majesty, let me have one last look at my mare. How I rode it, got you everything, so I want to take one last look and then I will bathe.

– But, okay, bring him a mare, servants.

When the mare was brought in, she now walked around the cauldrons, and as soon as it is empty.Head into the first cauldron, he is now diving into the milk. The mare, meanwhile, approached the second cauldron. And Ivan from the milk – directly into the second cauldron, where the boiling water, dived, and from there – into the third boiler. And he came out so handsome that although he used to be beautiful, now he came out three times more beautiful. Everyone was surprised, and the king became envious. He begins to undress (but somehow you emerge from the cauldron, Ivan has a good godfather, and you don’t have that mare). And jumped into the first cauldron. Two hours have passed, and, therefore, they see that he is on . the pieces there boiled. The princess then approaches Ivan, takes his white hands and says:

– Well, Ivan the Lesser – The Big Mind, if you got me, you own me. Go to the crown and then rule the throne.

And so they went to the crown. Of course, Ivan the Lesser got married – by reason the Big one received the throne. These groomsmen, who were reported to him by all, he told, calculated others and hired others for himself. Since then, he lives, lives and does not know any troubles. And I was there with him, drinking beer and wine, his mustache was leaking, of course, he didn’t get into his mouth. They gave me a blue caftan there, I go and brag. Here I have a blue caftan, here I have a blue caftan, and a bird on a bush sits and says, ‘Blue caftan.’ And I’m like, ‘Skin the caftan.’ I threw it off, and so without a caftan and came. Here is the whole fairy tale, you can no longer lie.

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