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Lazy cat

A cat lived carelessly in the same house. He was always full and was even too lazy to move once again. And this cat became so lazy that when he saw a mouse running nearby, he did not even want to move his paw.

“Our sloth,” the mice eventually began to tease him among themselves. Once the owner of the house brought a couple of sacks of grain, dumped them for a while in the corner of the room, and he went about his business. Immediately, mice attacked the grain in a crowd. In an instant, the sacks were gutted.

The incessant fuss in the corner and the crunch of grain woke the cat, who was sleeping sweetly in a warm place. Seeing that the mice had gnawed through the ropes and were eating the grain with might and main, he looked at them, but remained where he was.

“What, have you decided to have lunch?” he drawled, yawning. He is too lazy to get up and drive the mice out of the room.

– Well, let them eat for themselves!

Soon the owner returned and, seeing the leaky bags and grain scattered on the floor, attacked the sleepy cat.

“I relied on you, but it turns out you can’t even catch mice!” Why should I feed you? I’d better take you somewhere to the grove and get rid of it, ”he said, took the cat and carried it into the grove in the bitter frost.

Seeing the cat cowering in the snow and clanging its teeth from the cold, the magpie laughed:

– Living in a warm house, you got fat on ready-made food. I was too lazy to even catch mice. What are you going to do now? Come on, try to get your food in this snow-covered grove!

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