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mosquito and dragonfly

mosquito and dragonfly

mosquito and dragonflyAfter the winter cold, the mosquito comes to life before the dragonfly. The snow melted, the sun warmed, and the mosquito came to life. The mosquito lives, rejoices, no one bothers him. The grass grew, the sun began to warm hotter, the dragonfly came to life. She saw that the mosquito had taken the best places, sitting on the tall grass, singing, rejoicing. She also wanted to sit on the tall grass. They began to argue who is the owner of the tall grass.

Mosquito squeaks:

– I am the owner, I was born ahead of you.

“No, I am the hostess,” the dragonfly crackled. – I am a large insect, and you are a baby …

The mosquito was offended. They went to the judge gadfly for the truth. The gadfly listened, listened and reasoned:

– Do not shout, divide the day in half: the dragonfly will host when the sun is high – at noon, and the mosquito when the sun is low – in the evening.

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