Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 223 I Didn’t See Your Sincerity

If it wasn’t that it would be a crime to kill him, Stella really wanted to hit his head with the golf club.

Clarence grabbed her hand again, “Why are you looking at me? Look at the front.”

Before Stella could show her strong reluctance, Clarence grabbed the golf club with the other hand.

In this way, it looked like Stella was in his arms.

Clarence said slowly, “Did Emmett leave you alone here?”

Stella replied seriously, “Probably he hasn’t expected that I would encounter a brazen hooligan in broad daylight.” Clarence sneered, “I’m just teaching you how to play golf. Don’t think too much of it.”

Stella retorted, “Thank you, but I don’t need it.”

“You’ve married me for three years, yet you still don’t know how to play golf. I will feel embarrassed if others learn about this.’ Was this wretched man planning to force her to learn this?

It seemed like Clarence wanted to cut the craps with her. He said, “Bend down and hold the golf club.”

Stella took a deep breath. As she couldn’t get rid of his confinement temporarily, she could only follow his instruction.
Several seconds later, she couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Conrad, can I ask you a question?”

Clarence, who fixed his eyes on the club, looked dedicated. He said in an indifferent tone, “Say it.”

“You want to teach me how to play golf, but is it necessary to be so close to me?”

Clarence replied, “Yep.”

Stella replied with a smile, “I saw how Emmett taught others just now. It was quite different.”

This wretched man was so close to her! Wasn’t him taking advantage of her?

Clarence didn’t feel guilty at all. He took a glance at her nonchalantly, “It could only prove that Emmett is not good at playing golf.
Otherwise, it’s because he didn’t want to teach that person at all.”

Stella felt her temples thumping wildly.

When she was about to say something again, Clarence let go of her and took a step backwards, “Never mind. You’re not gifted in this aspect. It will only waste my time.”

He left without turning around after finishing the words.

Looking at his back, Stella gritted her teeth. It was the most speechless moment in her life.

This wretched man was really good at shifting the blame.

Stella threw the golf club into the basket and then she finally noticed that other people in the golf course had left.

Stella adjusted her breath. When she was about to leave, Emmett showed up at the entrance, “Stella, I’m sorry. It spent a long time to deal with that matter. Should we begin now?”

Stella declined him without hesitation, “Nope… I don’t want to learn it now. I tried it just now and thought it’s not suitable to me.” Emmett didn’t think too much of it, “Let’s visit other places.”

They then walked around the holiday village. The sky gradually became dark.

Many staff had returned to the hotel to prepare for the annual party tonight.

Emmett sent Stella to the door of her room. He looked down at his wrist watch and said, “The annual party will begin two hours later. Have a rest first. I will come to find you later.”

Stella felt sleepy. She nodded her head gently, “Okay.”

After coming back to her room, Stella threw herself into the bed and set the alarm clock. She planned to get up an hour later.
But when she closed her eyes, she heard some sounds of animation from the balcony.

It was so noisy that she couldn’t fall asleep.

Stella abruptly sat up from the bed, put on her shoes and then walked to the balcony. She then found that the voice came from the adjacent room.

Although Stella saw Clarence at the door of the adjacent room this morning, as he was here to inspect the work of the holiday village, she wasn’t sure whether he was living in the adjacent room and thought maybe he came to that room for inspection this morning.

Moreover, that wretched man didn’t like to watch animation.

She turned around and then called the reception, complaining that the guest in the adjacent room kept making loud noises and asking them to require him/her to keep down the voice.

The receptionist told her that she would deal with it immediately.

Stella lay onto the bed again. But after a silence of ten minutes, there came some noises from the adjacent room again. She could even hear some thuds on the wall.

Annoyed yet having not choice, Stella opened her eyes, feeling that she would have a psychasthenia.

As expected, as long as she encountered that wretched man, she would be so unlucky and would have to face some annoying things again and again.

It seemed like the person in the adjacent room wouldn’t stop making noises. After a long while, Stella finally couldn’t withstand it any longer. She walked out of her room and knocked at the door of the adjacent room.

Yet she regretted it when the door was opened.
Clarence looked at her calmly and meaningfully, as if he was asking her about her purpose.
Stella laughed awkwardly, “Mr. Conrad, can you stop making noises? It’s a bit noisy.”

Clarence glanced at her from top to toe, as if he believed that she knocked at his door with some intentions, “Someone used this excuse before. Change one.”

Excuse? My ass! Stella took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down herself, “Mr. Conrad, you know what you’ve done. I think it’s…” “What did I do? Please make it clear.”

Right at this moment, the manager that Stella encountered before walked out of the room with two men following behind him.
They were all observing what was happening.

The manager asked, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

Stella was stunned. She said in a weak voice, “I live in the adjacent room and I heard some noises from this room just now. So I come to…”

“Noise?” The manager was confused, “We had a meeting just now. But we didn’t hear any noise.” Stella was completely dumbfounded when hearing the words.

When seeing Clarence walking out of the room, Stella almost made sure that it was him who deliberately made the noises just now.

But she hadn’t expected that he was having a meeting with the manager of this hotel and other C-level managers.

Leaning against the frame of the door with his arms crossed in front of his chest, Clarence raised his brows. This action looked like a silent taunt.

Stella pressed her lips together. After a long while, she said, “Sorry. Maybe I misheard it just now.” Clarence said, “What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Stella’s hands that were placed by the sides were clenched into fists. She gritted her teeth and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Conrad. Sorry for bothering you.”

‘I didn’t see your sincerity.” Stella was in a trance when hearing this sentence.
It seemed like she heard this sentence before.

But she didn’t have the time to think over it now. She ignored Clarence and bent down to apologize to other managers who were bothered by her, “Sorry for bothering you guys. Please go on with your business.”

When Stella left, the other people in the room all heaved a sigh of relief. They simultaneously looked towards Nathan who was standing aside.

They all had a question in heart. Did Mr. Conrad play with his wife like this in usual times?

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