Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 224 Perfect Match

Stella became sleepless after coming back to her room and fixed her eyes on the wall. After a long while, she looked towards the balcony.

There was no noise again.
Was it her illusion just now? It was so incredible.

But Clarence wouldn’t conspire with the managers of the hotel to lie to her, right? If that was the case, she had to admit that she had underestimated that wicked man again.

Stella shook her head with great force and then walked into the bathroom for a hot bath in an attempt to alleviate her nervousness.

When she was drying her hair, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Stella didn’t think too much of it. She simply thought that it was Emmett. She turned off the hair dryer, gave him a short reply, hurriedly put on her clothes, and then ran to the door.

But when she opened the door, she saw the manager of the hotel.
And Clarence stood behind him with an indifferent look.
With one hand in his pocket, Clarence fixed his eyes on other place indifferently.

The manager said with a smile, “Miss, you complained that there were some annoying noises in the hotel just now. So I come here to have a look.”

Stella forced a smile, “No need. Maybe it was just my illusion…”

Clarence slowly looked towards her and said in a cold voice, “When you have a problem, you should solve it rather than evading it.”

Stella, “…”

The manager continued, “Miss, can we enter your room to have a look. If it’s proved that the room has some problems, we can arrange another room for you.”

Stella pondered for a while and then gently nodded her head.

It was good if they could inspect it. If the noises sounded in the evening again, she would have a mental breakdown.

Stella took a step backwards to give way for them.

The manager walked around the room to have an inspection and then knocked at the wall. He then said to Stella, “Miss, looks like this room doesn’t have any problem. How’s this? I will arrange another room for you and I will arrange an inspector to have a detail inspection of the whole room later. To show our apology, we will present you an evening sightseeing ticket for free.”

Stella secretly took a glance at the man standing beside the manager and smiled, “No need. Thank you. You just need to change the room for me.”

“Er…” The manager racked his mind for an excuse and then said, “Miss, I want to explain it. Our hotel is wholly responsible for this matter and we should compensate you for this. The tenet of our hotel is to let our guests feel like at home. Please do receive our compensation. It’s our apology.”

When Stella wanted to say something, Clarence’s phone rang. He received the call while walking out of the room, “What’s the matter?”

Stella didn’t know what the person at the other end of the phone told Clarence. She only heard him saying in a flat tone, “Ask the driver to wait for me downstairs. We will set off then minutes later.”

As he walked out of the room, Stella slowly withdrew her lines of sights.

The manager looked at her, seeming to be in a dilemma, “Miss, er…”

Stella asked, “Is he leaving?”

“Yep. Mr. Conrad will come back to City N tonight.”

Stella pressed her lips together, seeming to be thinking of something.

The manager continued, “Miss, the evening sightseeing is one of the feature entertainments here. Will you…” “All right. Thank you for your kindness.”

The manager was stunned as he didn’t expect that Stella would change her idea so soon. Several seconds later, he finally came back to his sense and replied, “Okay. The best period for evening sightseeing is from seven to eight o’clock. It’s almost the time. I will ask a waiter to lead you there.”

Stella declined it, “No need to be bothered. I will go there by myself.”

She paused and then asked, “Can I bring a friend?”

The manager hesitated, “Er…”

‘It’s fine if I can’t bring a friend. It’s just that I’m afraid that I will be unsafe to go out alone at night. So…”

“Oh, please.” The manager wiped his forehead, complaining that it was excessively difficult to complete this task in his heart, “Of course you can bring a friend. Miss, it all depends on you.”

Stella replied with a smile, “All right, thank you.”

The manager coughed, “Let me help you carry the luggage. Your new room is upstairs.”

“I can carry it myself.”

Stella didn’t take too many things here so it was easy for her to package up her luggage. She put her things into her bag and left the room.

When the doors of the lift were opened, the manager said, “Miss, this way please.” When the door of the room was opened, Stella scratched her head when seeing the decoration of the room.
She said, “Please change another room for me. This room is too big.”

The manager replied, “I’m sorry, Miss. Other rooms in our hotel are all occupied and this room is the only one left. I’m sorry to put you to such inconvenience.”

“Don’t say this. I don’t feel it inconvenient at all.” This presidential suite was so big that it could even at least fifty people. It was just that she felt unease to live in such a big room.

The manager said, “I have to deal with some matters of the hotel and I have to leave now. Please contact the reception if you have any problem.”

After finishing the words, he immediately closed the door and left the room as if he was worrying that Stella would refuse it.

Standing on the spot, Stella heaved a long sigh.

She didn’t want to think too much it. But everything happened today all appeared to be weird.

She would regard it a coincidence and though it had nothing to do with Clarence at present.

But if he showed up in tonight’s sightseeing, it would only prove that her guess was right.

That wretched man never planned to give up on her and he had changed his way of pestering her.
After putting down her things, Stella went downstairs.

When she walked to the corridor, she saw Emmett walking out of his room. It seemed like he wanted to come downstairs to find her.

Stella gently called his name, “Emmett.”

Emmett looked towards her following the voice. He was a bit surprised, “Stella, why did you come out from that room.” Stella explained it briefly, “There were some problems in my previous room, so the hotel changed a room for me.” Emmett became serious when hearing the answer.

It must be Clarence’s trick again.

Emmett didn’t ask her again. He reached out and smiled at her, “The annual party is going to begin. Let’s go.”

Stella put her hand on his palm after hesitating for several seconds.

The annual party of the company was held in the banquet hall of the hotel. When Emmett and Stella showed up together, it caused a commotion.

Wearing a long black dress and a dedicate make-up, Stella looked beautiful and gorgeous. She attracted the attention of all of the guests.

Smiling, they walked into the hall arm in arm and it looked like they were a perfect match.
A man suddenly said, “I remember when I saw her before.”

The person beside him asked, “Ms. Radomil was a designer of SG Jewelry Magazine before. Did you see her at the other place?”

The man replied, “I can’t remember it clearly. Maybe I saw her in a cocktail party. And… she’s Mr. Conrad’s wife.”

Everyone around him was shocked when hearing the words and looked over. They asked in disbelief, “What?”

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