Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 225 Do You Forget That Today Is an Important Day

In a room of the hotel…

The manager reported to Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Conrad has agreed to go to the evening sightseeing. But…”

Sitting on the sofa, Clarence asked in a clam voice, “What’s the matter?”

The manager replied with a flustered mind, “Mrs. Conrad said that she wants to bring a friend together.”

Clarence narrowed his eyes dangerously and gently clicked his knees. It seemed like he was pondering something.

He asked after a short while, “When will she be there?”

“Mrs. Conrad is taking part in the annual party of Star Ferry Technology now. Probably she will go there when the party is over.”

Clarence stood up, “Prepare it now. If Emmett comes with her, you should obstruct him.”

The annual party started. The C-level managers of the Star Ferry Technology went to the stage to deliver a speech one by one and Emmett was the last one to give a speech.

This part was followed by a lottery.

Stella took a glance at her phone. It was half past seven.

She turned her head and said to Emmett in a low voice, “Emmett, I have to leave now.”

Emmett was stunned, “Where are you going?”

Stella replied with a light smile, “I have to deal with some maiters.”

Emmett immediately knew that these matters must be related with Clarence.

He said after a short while of silence, “Let me go there with you.”

Stella said, “It doesn’t matter. I can handle it myself.”

Right at this moment, Emmett’s assistant came to find him and told him that the next part was going to start.
As the boss of the Star Ferry Technology, Emmett couldn’t leave in such an important event.

Stella said, “Go on with your business. I will leave first.”

Emmett had no choice but to nod his head, “Call me when it’s over. I will go to pick you up.” “Okay.”

Stella directly went to the first floor of the hotel after leaving the banquet hall.

A man was waiting for her outside.

He walked over and asked, “Excuse me, are you Ms. Radomil?”


“I’m a staff of this hotel and I will bring you to the evening viewing platform.”

Stella smiled lightly, “Thank you.”

The car went on the mountain and ten minutes later, their field of vision became broader.
There was a spa villa.

In the garden of the villa, there were some equipment for star observation and several tents.
If the weather was good, it would have wonderful scenery.

After getting off the car, the man brought Stella to the villa, “Miss, please wait for a moment here.”

Looking at the long table that was perched with various kinds of food and red wine, Stella nodded her head to show her gratitude.

After the man’s leaving, Stella sat down at the long table and looked at the red wine in front of her with composure on her face.
After a long while, there suddenly came a loud bang from the sky. It sounded like something had exploded in the sky.

Stella turned around and saw the fireworks that illuminate the whole holiday village.

Stella was stunned as she hadn’t expected this.

Bright and colorful fireworks exploded in the sky one by one.

When the firework show came to an end, Stella heard some footsteps from behind.

She had expected this.

But when she turned around and wanted to say something, she found that the man was the staff who sent her here.
The man didn’t probably expect that Stella would suddenly turn around, and he was startled, “Ms. Radomil…”

Stella instantly felt very awkward. She picked up a glass of red wine, took a sip, and then laughed drily, “What’s the matter?” The man handed a gift box to her, “Ms. Radomil, to show our apology, we specially prepare this gift for you.”

Stella froze. She suddenly realized something and asked, “The fireworks…”

‘It’s a part of our evening sightseeing.”


Stella felt so embarrassed that she even wanted to find a hole on the ground to hide herself.

The man continued, “Ms. Radomil, you can stay in this villa tonight. I will come here to pick you up tomorrow morning.” Stella gently shook her head, “I will only stay here for a while and then I will come back.”

‘Then I will wait for you in the car.”

After the man’s leaving, Stella lifted her chin and gulped down the red wine in the glass.

She felt that ever since she bumped into Clarence today, she had lost the ability to think calmly.

She would uncontrollably think that he was here for her and even had an illusion that he was the one behind all those wired things happened to her today.

But the reality told her that she had been thinking too much of it.
Although those things seemed to be incredible, they happened to her coincidently.

Stella heaved a long sigh and poured another glass of wine for herself.

It seemed like she had been greatly influenced by Clarence before. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so sensitive now.

Stella stood up and walked to the sightseeing platform. She slightly leaned against the handrail and looked at the lights afar, seeming to be lost in her thoughts.

Stella stood up, walked to the viewing platform, slightly leaned against the handrail and fixed her eye son the starry lights afar, seeming to be lost in her thoughts.

The evening breezes carried chillness, plus that she was in the mountain now, Stella snooze after a short while and felt her legs and arms cold.

When she prepared to come back to the hotel, a person stood beside him and his lazy voice sounded by her ear, “You look disappointed when seeing that I’m not here.”

Stella replied, “Mr. Conrad, didn’t you come back to City N?”

Clarence looked askance at her, “You know it’s my lie. Why did you still come here?” “

Stella was suddenly lost for words.

Originally, she planned to come here to expose his tricks and embarrass him. She would not give any opportunity for him to justify himself. But out of no reason, she suddenly lost the mood to do so.

Stella gathered her cloth and said, “Mr. Conrad, the show is wonderful and if you didn’t appear, I would have been convinced.
May I ask why you suddenly changed your mind?”

With one hand in his pocket, Clarence looked at the distance and said indifferently, “I feel distressed.”

Maybe it was because she had drunken wine just now, or maybe it was because she felt numb and dizzy after being exposed in the cold wind for a long time, Stella asked, “Why do you feel distressed?”

‘I feel distressed when seeing you standing here alone.”

Stella smiled silently. She didn’t reply.

Clarence continued, “Stella, do you forget that today is an important day?”

Stella felt more confused when hearing this, “What’s it?”

‘It’s our wedding anniversary.”

Stella said sulkily, “Mr. Conrad, can you find a plausible excuse? Our wedding anniversary was half a year ago.” Clarence took a glance at her, “Oh, you still remember it.”

Of course Stella remembered it clearly because she proposed the divorcement and sent him a ‘surprise’ on their wedding anniversary.

Clarence continued without waiting for Stella’s reply, “I make up this for you. It’s our first wedding anniversary.” When he finished the words, the whole scene was prevailed by silence.

Stella looked at him dully. At this moment, she even felt that her heart had stop jumping.

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