Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 226 I Can’t Refuse It If You Come to My Arms Yourself

Clarence eyes met with hers in the air. He slightly raised his brows and curled his lips into a smile, “What’s wrong? Do you regret it?”

Stella shifted her gaze to evade his lines of sights and stammered, “What… what should I regret?”

“Do you regret refusing me?”

“Mr. Conrad, please don’t think too much of it. This won’t happen.”

Clarence looked at the front again and replied in a clam voice, “But your eyes have betrayed you.”

Stella, “…”

She coughed with uneasiness and didn’t justify herself again.

The more she talked, the more likely that she would make a mistake.

Stella asked with bewilderment, “Mr. Conrad, what’s your purpose? Didn’t you say that you’ve become impatient?” ‘It’s joke. Why do you believe it?”

Stella suddenly felt a headache. She underestimated this wretched man’s shamelessness again.

She pressed her lips together and said slowly, “Mr. Conrad, thank you for what you’ve done for me tonight. I admit that I felt surprised and…”

Stella didn’t tell him that she was also moved. She paused and continued after a short while, “We’ve divorced each other for half a year. Mr. Conrad, you don’t need to…”

“Stella Radomil,” Clarence interrupted her, “Don’t you understand that I’m sweet-talking you?” Stella thought that she had misheard it, “What?”

Clarence turned around, leaned against the handrail, and fixed his black eyes on Stella, “I will make up the rest two wedding anniversaries for you.”

Stella was stunned and was suddenly lost for words.

After a long while, she asked, “Mr. Conrad, have you thought of it, what you do for me now is meaningless for me and it will only damage my peaceful life.”

“Your peaceful life? Do you mean being with Emmett?” Clarence continued, “Emmett is not as simple as his appearance. Do you think that he can establish Star Ferry Technology himself in a few short years?”

‘This has nothing to do with me. And I don’t care.”

Clarence said slowly, “Stella, do you know why you don’t care?”

Stella took a deep breath, “It’s his private affair. I have no ground…”

“Because you don’t love him. So you won’t care no matter what he did.”

Stella didn’t reply again. She slightly pressed her lips.

Clarence continued, “How will your life be peaceful when living with a person you don’t love.”

“Mr. Conrad, you’re wrong. I want a peaceful life, but it doesn’t mean to be with Emmett.” Stella looked at him calmly, “As long as you don’t appear in front of me, my life will be always peaceful.”

Clarence chuckled, “Stella Radomil, please be clear of your real thought before telling a lie.”

Stella thought it was so difficult to talk with him. She didn’t know when this man had seen through all her thoughts and every time he could expose her pretense easily.

“Mr. Conrad, I’ve made it clear with you. The problem between the two of us has never been whether we love each other or not, it’s…”

‘It’s not as complicated as you’ve imagined. You said that you were not happy during the three-year marriage with me, so I’m now trying to make up for my mistake. When you’re not angry at me and decide to forgive me, the problem between us will naturally be solved.”

Stella was amused, “Mr. Conrad, do you think that it’s so simple?” Clarence understood what she meant. He said in a low voice, “I will handle with all your worries.”

‘I believe in your ability. You can get rid of Annie and even Joanna. But even if everything move on as your wish, so what? You can’t change the past.”

“Why can’t 1?”

Stella didn’t want to argue with him on these meaningless matters anymore. She said, “Emmett is waiting for me. I have to come back.”

But when she turned around, Clarence grasped her wrist.

“No need to bother you, Mr. Conrad. The staff of the hotel is waiting for me…”

“I asked him to leave just now.”

Stella clenched her fists tightly. This wretched man was so shameless.

“I don’t want you to send me.”

Stella tossed down his hand and walked out of the villa silently.

But after a short while, Stella regretted for her recklessness.

After walking out of the villa, the road down the mountain was prevailed by darkness. There was no streetlight on the long road.
Even though the flashlight of her phone was dim, it was the only source of light in the darkness.

The leaves rustled in the wind, making Stella feel inexplicably frightened.

Stella gathered her cloth tightly and quickened her pace while cursing at Clarence in her heart.

That wretched man was really immoral. If she had expected this, she would not have come here to expose him simply for venting her anger.

Now she was the one to suffer.

Stella became angrier when thinking of this and quickened her pace again.

There suddenly came a sound from the bush beside the road. At the next moment, a creature flashed in front of her.
“Ahh!” Stella screamed and subconsciously took a step backwards. Then she unexpectedly fell into a warm embrace.

Clarence wrapped her waist with one arm and patted her back with the other. He chuckled, “It’s just a wild cat. Is it so frightening?”

Stella was so mad, but Clarence still taunted at her now, so she stepped on his feet without a second thought, “Screw you!” Clarence felt the sharp pain from his feet, but he didn’t let go of her. He asked in a low voice, “Are you addicted to stepping me?” ‘I regret being gentle to you!” When speaking, she reached out to push him away, “Let go of me.”

“It was you who came to my arms just now. How can you blame me for this?”

Stella gritted her teeth, “You followed behind me deliberately. Weren’t you waiting for this chance?”

Clarence raised his brows, “This is the only road to go down the hill. How do you know that I’m following you?”

“Mr. Conrad, don’t you think that it will be more plausible if you let go of me before saying this?”

“lm not a gentleman and I can’t refuse it if you come to my arms yourself.”

Stella finally couldn’t bear it any longer and pinched his waist.

She had lived with him for three years, so she knew clearly about the sensitive spots of this wretched man.

Clarence tightened his grip on her waist. He asked in a low, husky and dangerous voice, “Do you believe that I will fuck you here.”

“Of course I believe it. Mr. Conrad, you can do every wicked thing.” Clarence pressed his thin lips together, yet he let go of her in the end.
Stella sneered. She ignored him and turned around.

Several minutes later, Stella found that there were several huge stone on the road, which completely obstructed her way for going down the hill.

She remembered that there was nothing on the road when she went up the hill.

Stella turned around, “Mr. Conrad, is this your arrangement too?”

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