Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 227 You Called Me in Your Heart

Clarence replied calmly and slowly, “It has nothing to do with me.” Stella chuckled perfunctorily. Apparently she was not convinced.
She walked to the stones and trying to find a way through them with the dim flashlight.

Clarence’s calm voice sounded from behind, “It’s a mountain road so landslide is normal here. The staff will clear it every morning.”

Stella ignored him. She took off her high-heeled shoes, trying to climb through the stones.
When seeing this, Clarence gritted his teeth, rubbed his nose and walked over.

There were many small yet sharp stones beside the huge stones. Stella failed to climb through the bid stones and her feet hurt when she stepped on the small sharp stones. When she wanted to try again, Clarence stopped her with one arm on her waist.

At the next second, he carried her down from the stone.

Clarence said, “I’m so curious about what’s in your mind.”

Stella retorted, “Mr. Conrad, I’m also curious about why you can always do these annoying things.”

Clarence put her on the flat road, “I didn’t do this, sincerely.”

“I won’t trust you again.”

With one hand in his pocket, Clarence fixed his black eye son her and licked his thin lips, “It depends on you.”

Several second later, he asked, “We can’t go down the hill tonight. There are some rooms in the villa on the mountain. Will you go there?”

Stella refused it without hesitation, “Nope!” “Well, then you can wait here till the morning. I will go now.” After finishing the words, Clarence turned around and walked back up the hill. His figure disappeared in the dark night soon.

Stella gritted her teeth with great force. She took out her phone in an attempt to call for help, but she found that there was no signal in the mountain.

She tried to climb through the huge stones several times but failed again and again.
In the end, she lost all her strength and her cellphone was almost out of power.

Sitting by the roadside, Stella felt her nose stingy.

The wuthering sound of the wind gradually died out.

She was surrounded by a dead silence.

And it even began to snow lightly.

With her arms clasped tightly around her knees, Stella cursed at Clarence in her heart again and again.
He said he loved her, but he left her alone in this place now.

As expected, his love was worthless and it would only bring her burden.

Stella felt aggrieved when thinking of this. Plus that she was gradually overwhelmed by the fight brought by the dark night, she bit her lower lip with great force to suppress her cry.

When she thought that she might die in this place tonight, she heard some footsteps from the darkness.
Stella slowly lifted her head and looked towards the man with a pair of watery eyes.

Clarence kneeled on one knee in front of her and looked at her red eyes with the dim light from the phone. He asked slowly, “Will you go with me?”

Stella turned her head aside, refusing to talk with him. But she uncontrollably choked with sobs. In the end, she burst into crying.

Seeing this, Clarence curled his lips into a smile, “Well, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t leave you here. I didn’t walk away. I’ve been waiting for you to call my now in the front. But you’re so stubborn.”

Hearing his teasing tone, Stella became angrier. She grabbed some gravel and threw it to his expensive business suit, “I didn’t call you. Why did you come back?”

“You called me just now.”

I didn’t.”

“I heard it.”

“I told you I didn’t. 1…”

Clarence reached out and pulled her into his arms. He whispered into her ear, “You called me in your heart, didn’t you?” Stella sniffed, “I was cursing at you.”

Clarence chuckled and gently carried her up, “Whatever.”

Stella struggled violently when seeing that he was walking towards the villa, “I don’t want to go there.”

She and Clarence would be the only two persons in that big villa tonight. It was obvious that this wretched man had some evil intentions again.

Clarence immediately saw through her mind, “There is a landline telephone in the villa up in the mountain and we can contact the hotel in the holiday village. Or do you still want to stay here and die of frost? Then when they come here to clear the obstacles, they will find your dead body.”

Stella, “…”

She asked, “Are you sure that the telephone in the villa is available?”

Maybe it was just this wicked man’s trick. When she arrived at the villa, he would tell her that the telephone was broken.
Clarence said, “I told you that I didn’t arrange this.”

Apparently Stella was not convinced.

Clarence didn’t want to explain it again and walked up the hill with Stella in his arms.

After a short while, Stella’s phone finally ran out of the power.

They were prevailed by darkness.

But strangely, Stella didn’t felt frightened this time.

She could hear the man’s stable and strong heartbeats.

She gradually relaxed herself.

But she suddenly felt a touch of coldness from her lips. It seemed like something flashed across her lips just now.

Stella was silent for a long while. In the end, she couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Conrad, what did you do just now?”

“lm carrying you with two arms. What else can I do?”

“You kissed me just now, right?”

Clarence replied slowly in a clam voice, “There’re many mosquitos in the mountain. It’s normal to be bit by them.” Clarence sneered.

All right, he was the one who started to play tricks!

Several seconds later, a loud slap sounded in the darkness.

It even had a faint echo.

Clarence suddenly stopped.

Even though he didn’t say anything, Stella could still feel his cold aura.

She said, “I don’t expected that there’re not only many mosquitos in the mountain and they can also make such a loud voice. Mr.
Conrad, did you hear it just now?”

Clarence gritted his teeth, “Stella Radomil?” Stella replied in an innocent voice, “What’s wrong? Mr. Conrad, are you bit by a mosquito too?”

Clarence pressed his thin lips together. After all, he was the one who play this trick first, so he didn’t probe into this and continued to walk forwards with Stella in his arms.

Several minutes later, they arrived at the villa.

Stella felt like the whole world seemed to be bright.

“Mr. Conrad, please put me down. I can walk myself.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the mosquito will bite you again?”

“This place is so bright and I think that mosquito won’t dare to come out now.” Clarence chuckled. He didn’t reply, nor did he put her down.

They then came into the villa. Clarence put her onto the sofa, turned around, picked up the telephone and then called the hotel down the hill.

Stella listened to it carefully. When making sure that he asked them to arrange the staff to clear the obstacles as soon as possible, she finally felt relieved.

It looked like it wasn’t Clarence who arranged those obstacles.
When Stella was lost in her thoughts, Clarence had ended the call and walked towards her.

Stella uncontrollably widened her eyes when seeing him taking off his suit jacket and tossing it onto the sofa. So was this his real purpose?

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