Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 228 He Always Does Things Willfully

When Stella prepared to run away, Clarence squatted down in front of her, took a cushion from the sofa, put it on his leg, grabbed Stella’s ankle and put it on the cushion.

Stella wanted to withdrew her leg reflectively,

Clarence pressed her calf and said in a flat tone, “Don’t you know that it’s bleeding?”

Stella looked towards her feet when hearing the words. There were some blood stains on them.
She guessed that she got hurt when trying to climb through the huge stone.

She grabbed a cushion into her arms, “Thanks to you, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence, “…”

He didn’t say anything again and took out a medical kit from the drawer of the tea table behind and began to disinfect her wounds.

Putting her chin on the cushion, Stella simply looked at him silently. She didn’t struggle.

The man’s cold facial features looked gentler under the light.

She had to admit that if this wretched man didn’t speak, he would be so charming.

Winnie told her that the romantic scandals about Clarence were all fake and they were all shows. She now fully believed in it.
It was hard to find a woman who could withstand Clarence’s sharp tone in this world.

Right at this moment, his clam voice sounded, “Don’t stare at me, unless you don’t want to leave this villa tonight.”

This man always had dirty thoughts in his mind!

After dealing with her wounds, Clarence put the medical kit back and took a glance at his wristwatch, “I guess they will be here an hour later. You can have a nap if you’re sleepy.”

Stella opened her eyes widely, “Thank you. I’m not sleepy.”

Clarence could guess what she was thinking with a single glance. He let out a sneer, turned around and walked into the bathroom.

After a short while, Stella heard some sounds of water from the bathroom.

Maybe it was because the villa was too quiet, Stella felt unease and thirsty when hearing the sounds.
When she prepared to drink some water, she saw Clarence’s suit jacket.

There were some dusts on his jacket.

No wonder that he wanted to have a bath.

Stella moved to the other side of the sofa, trying to distance herself away from the bathroom.

After a long while, the sound in the bathroom finally died out.

Stella quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

Right at this moment, she heard a gush of hurrying footsteps from the door,

Then there came Emmett’s voice, “Stella, are you alright?”

Stella turned around and saw Emmett and the manager of the hotel. She shook her head, “I’m fine.”

Emmett landed his gaze on Stella’s feet that were wrapped by gauzes. He knitted his brows and took several steps forwards, “Stella, let me bring you down the hill.”

Stella got off the sofa. When she stepped on the ground, she felt a sharp pain.
Why didn’t she feel the pain before?

Emmett immediately walked over to support her. He pressed his lips together and then said, “Sorry.”

He then carried Stella up into his arms without waiting for her answer.
Stella didn’t expect his behavior and she was astonished.

When Emmett was about to leave the villa, he saw Clarence leaning against the door frame of the bathroom with a bathrobe on his body. He was looking at them calmly.

Emmett pressed his lips tightly. He withdrew his lines of sights and left the villa quickly.

When they left the villa, the manager walked forwards and wiped away the sweats on his forehead, “Mr. Conrad, Mr. Carter insisted on going up the hill to find Mrs. Conrad, and we failed to stop him…”

Clarence replied in a flat tone, “Never mind. The result will be the same even Emmett doesn’t come up the hill.”

Emmett put Stella on the passenger seat and sat down on the driver seat and then started the car.

Stella asked, “How do you know that I’m in this villa?”

Emmett replied, “You haven’t come back after a long time and your phone can’t be connected. So I asked the staff of the hotel.” Emmett lied to her. Actually, the reason why he anxiously came up the hill to find Stella was that he saw the firework show.

He knew deep down that Clarence had planned the things happened in the holiday village today and he was clear that Stella still had deep feelings for Clarence.

So he became unease. He was afraid that Stella would be softhearted and be with Clarence again.

Therefore, he left before the ending of the annual party. Of course, the staff of the hotel had found various excuses to stop him, but failed. In the end, they had no choice and told him about Stella’s whereabouts.

After a short while, Stella said to him gently, “Thank you.”

Emmett chuckled, “I should have found out that it’s weird earlier and come to find you. Otherwise, you won’t…”

Stella heaved a sigh, “It’s my fault. Every time I thought I could deal with the matter in a perfect manner, but I would mess it up in the end.”

She had thought highly of herself.

“Stella, you don’t need to blame yourself. I’m mostly responsible for what happened today. If I pay more attention to the matters related to the annual party, we wouldn’t have fallen into Clarence’s trap.”

Stella knitted her brows when hearing the words, “Do you mean that the whole annual party has been a part of Clarence’s plan at the beginning?”

Emmett chuckled, “It’s my fault. I didn’t manage my subordinates well. The staff responsible for arrangement of the venue of this annual party was bribed by Clarence.”

Stella knew that the things happened today were all plotted by Clarence. But she thought that he would at most play tricks on the matters related to her. She hadn’t expected that he would get the Star Ferry Technology involved.

She didn’t know how many people would be implicated.
Clarence was really a bastard man. He always did things willfully without caring about the possible consequences.

Seeing that Stella was silent, Emmett tightened his grip on the steering wheel. After a short while, he said, “Stella, don’t think too much of it. It’s Clarence’s personality. He can do everything simply to achieve his purpose. He acts like this in the business world, and does the same in other aspects.”

The road down the hill was not that long, plus that the obstacles on the road had been removed, they arrived at the hotel after a short while.

Emmett sent Stella back to her room and stopped at the door, “Stella, have a good rest tonight. I will send you back to City N tomorrow morning.”

Stella asked, “But the annual party will end tomorrow afternoon. Doesn’t it matter?”

Emmett chuckled, “It doesn’t matter. Tonight’s activities are the important parts of the annual party. And it doesn’t matter even if I don’t take part in the activities tomorrow.”

Stella said in a gentle voice after a short while of silence, “Emmett…”

Emmett interrupted her as if he had expected what she wanted to say, “Stella, I do all these based on my will. You don’t need to apologize to me or feel sorry for me. I have to repeat my words. I just hope that you can give me an opportunity.”

Stella moved her lips. When she was about to say something, a man in a white bathrobe slowly walked out of the lift with no expression on his cold face. He directly walked past them without even sparing a glance at them and opened the door of the adjacent room.

No wonder that he tried that means to change her room. It turned out that his room was near this presidential suit.

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