Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 229 Do You Change Your Mind Now

The door of his room was slammed closed and Stella slowly withdrew her lines of sights.

She pressed her lips and said, “Emmett, actually, I’ve been considering whether to try to be with you during this period. But I’m sorry, I…”

“Stella, you also said it, we can try to be with each other. It’s just the beginning. You don’t have to refuse me so quickly.” Stella shook her head.

She couldn’t try to be with Emmett when she herself was having an entangled relationship with Clarence. It would be unfair to Emmett.

Emmett said, “Stella, I know what you’re thinking. You and Clarence are different. I can distinguish it.”

‘It’s not so, Emmett. I didn’t mean it.” After pondering for several seconds, Stella continued, “I once thought that I know clearly about what I want. When I divorced Clarence, I thought I won’t regret it. But now…”

“Do you change your mind now?”

Stella was suddenly lost for words.

It was true that she changed her mind now.

In the past, she thought that she was even less important than a document in his office to Clarence.
But now, she realized that Clarence was serious.

She saw his sincerity tonight.

Seeing that Stella was silent, Emmett knew that his guess was right.

He paused and then continued, “You lived with Clarence for three years before and it’s normal that you still have some feelings for him after divorcing him. Stella, I can wait for you. I can wait until you decide to forget him and start your new life.”

Stella would tell herself to ‘start a new life’ before. She thought that as long as she started a new life, she could wholly say goodbye to the past.

But today she finally realized that this wouldn’t work.

No matter how she wanted to start her new life, the things happened in her life would never be removed out of her memory.

In her three-year marriage life with Clarence, even though she knew clearly that he detested her so much, she still gradually fell for her after living with him every day. Even though she criticized him wickedness every day, she still uncontrollably became soft- hearted.

It would be so good if the things in this world were all as simple as they were in imagination.

Emmett said, “Stella, it’s late now. Have a rest early. We can talk about it later.”

Stella also felt tired, so she nodded her head, “You should go to bed early too.”

After coming back to her room, Stella lay down on the bed and looked blankly at the ceiling, seeming to be pondering something.
Half an hour later, the doorbell rang.

She slowly walked to the door. When she opened the door, she saw a staff of the hotel.

The staff handed her a gift box and her phone, “Miss, these are the things you left in the villa.”

Stella abruptly came to her sense when seeing her phone. She left it on the sofa before and forgot to take it back.

As for the gift box, the staff that drove her up the hill said that it was a present from the hotel.

But according to what happened tonight, she guessed that it was presented by Clarence.

Stella took the gift box and the phone from the staff and said, “Thank you.”

The staff bowed to her and then tured around and left.

Stella closed the door and found that the wounds on her feet were opened again. So she could only jump to the bed.

Lying onto the bed again, Stella took out a charger from her bag first and charged up her phone. Then she turned around to look at the gift box that was placed on the bedside table.

Lying face down on the bed, Stella studied the gift box, hesitating about whether to open it or not.

Oh, let it be.

After all, they had sent the gift here. There would be no difference no matter whether she opened it or not.

She should satisfy her curiosity rather than directly throwing it away.

Stella pulled open the ribbon on the gift box and then took away the lid.

There were a box of chocolate, a necklace and a card in the gift box. When Clarence came back from the business trip from Belgium before, he casually threw a box of chocolate on the table and she ate it and told him that she wanted more.

Stella opened the card and saw a line of words — the third anniversary,

It was Clarence’s handwriting. And she thought only that wicked man would write these.

Stella was in a trance when looking at the car. An idea suddenly popped into her mind.

Was this gift prepared by Clarence half a year ago for their third wedding anniversary?

That should be the case. Otherwise, why did he write ‘the third anniversary’ on the card?

She had to complain that this wretched man was so mean. He told her tonight that it was a compensation for their first wedding anniversary, but the gift sent was the one he prepared for the third anniversary before.

Stella subconsciously smiled when thinking of this. She opened a chocolate and put it into her mouth. It tasted sweet and agreeable.

It was the familiar taste.

Right at this moment, her phone vibrated.

Stella picked up her phone and found that there were many missed calls from Emmett and a lot of messages from Sherry.
Stella took a glance at the time and found it was not too late. She guessed that Sherry hadn’t gone to bed now and called her.
The call was connected soon.

Sherry said, “Stella, are you okay? Emmett tald me that you came to find Clarence and that he couldn’t reach you. What happened?”

‘It’s a long story.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m sleepless now. You can tell me slowly.”

Stella, “…”

She coughed awkwardly and tried to shift the topic, “How’s your date today?” It was so useful to mention this because it hit straight to Sherry’s heart.

She said angrily, “If I have expected it earlier, I would rather help that university student carry his luggage. Daniel must have some problems with his brain.”

“He invited me and Channing to have dinner together. But when we prepared to go to the restaurant, Channing suddenly said that he had to deal with something and that he couldn’t go with us. Then it became a meal between me and Daniel. I also felt it awkward, but after all, it was a chance. But guess what he said when we arrived at the restaurant.”

Stella asked tentatively, “Did he tell you that his canned food is going to expire?”

Sherry sneered, “It’s more ridiculous than this excuse. When the dishes we order were all served on the table, he suddenly told me that he follows the teachings of Buddha. As today is the first day of this month, he shouldn’t eat anything. After finishing the words, he stood up and left, leaving me alone in that restaurant. He must have some problems with his brain, right? Why did he invite me if he didn’t want to have meal with me? How could he find such an implausible excuse? I’ve never seen such a weird


Stella thought that Daniel was normal in usual times, but she hadn’t expected that he was such kind of people.

After complaining about Daniel, Sherry shifted the topic back, “Stop here, this is nothing to speak of. Tell me about what happened to you today. What did that wretched man do to you again?”

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