Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 230 We’d Better Keep a Distance

As it snowed the whole night, the whole holiday village was shrouded in mist in the next morning.

Emmett supported Stella to get on the car. Stella turned around and took a glance.

She could vaguely saw the villa in the mountain afar.

Emmett looked over following her lines of sights and pressed his lips, “Stella, let’s go.”

Stella withdrew her lines of sights, gently nodded her head and got on the car.

When they left, Nathan knocked at Clarence’s door and reported, “Mr. Conrad, Mr. Carter has left with Mrs. Conrad.” Clarence replied with a nasal sound. He stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

Nathan followed behind him and continued, “Mr. Conrad, I got a piece of news just now. The Perez family is arranging Miss Annie to leave the country. She will probably go abroad in these two days. Maybe the Steward family has assisted them. But at present I’m not clear of the detailed route.”

Clarence curled his thin lips into a smile, “Looks like the show they prepare have a sequel.”

“Mr. Conrad, do you mean…”

‘The Perez family is the biggest backer for Joanna now. Do you think that she will offend the family for the sake of Annie?” The farce at the door of the Conrad family was just a show for Clarence.

It was Joanna who asked for other people’s help that Annie could leave the country through the arrangement of the Steward family.

Nathan immediately figured it out, “I’ve ordered them to follow Miss Annie once she steps out of the Perez family.” Clarence paused and then replied, “I asked you to investigate Charles Steward before. Do you have any news?” “Mr. Steward’s behavior is so weird recently. He has been investigating Stella’s father.”

Clarence paused and knitted his brows, “Jeffrey Radomil?”

“yep.” Nathan added, “By the way, Mr. Conrad, when I investigated Charles, I found that his subordinate transferred a large sum of money to a private detective. And the last one who hired this private detective was Stella’s younger brother. And he went to several newspaper offices to publish a notice attached with an old photo in an attempt to find a person.”

“Where’s the photo?”

Nathan immediately took out his phone and handed it to Clarence.

Clarence took the phone from him and studied the little girl in the photo. It looked like she was two or three years old. Clarence moved his fingers to zoom in the photo.

The girl on the photo looked like a scaled-down version of Stella.
And the woman who was holding the little girl in her arms also looked like Stella.
But apparently, the man beside the woman, whose face was scratched, was not Jeffery.

Clarence narrowed his black eyes, “When did Charles begin to investigate Jeffrey? Before or after Channing posted the notice on the newspapers?”

Nathan replied, “After it.”

Several seconds later, Clarence returned the photo to Nathan and walked in stride, “Continue to investigate Charles. Find out his real purpose.”


After a short while of silence, Clarence continued, “Jeffrey is not Stella’s biological father. Go and check the identity of the other persons on the photo.”

Nathan was shocked when hearing these words as he hadn’t expected this.

Standing in front of the lift with one hand in his pocket, Clarence looked askance at him, “Are you surprised?” “Nope. It’s just that…”

“Jeffery did those immoral things before. It makes sense if he’s not Stella’s biological father.”

Nathan slightly nodded his head, “I will ask my subordinate to investigate it right away.”

When Stella arrived at the downstairs of her apartment, Sherry helped Stella get out of the car and then looked towards Emmett, “Thank you for sending Stella back. Would you like to go upstairs?” Emmett shook his head with a smile, “I have to deal with some business in the company. Sorry I can’t go.”

He then looked towards Stella, “Stella, you’d better go to the hospital to have a check-up in case that your wounds may be infected.”

Stella gently nodded her head, “I see. Thank you.” Emmett replied, “Then I will go first.”

After his leaving, Sherry supported Stella to go upstairs and asked curiously, “Why do I have a feeling that your relationship with Emmett is not improved after this trip? Instead, you two became more alienated.”

Stella smiled lightly and didn’t reply.
Sherry continued, “Oh, you haven’t told me what happened last night. What did that wretched man do to you?”

Stella pondered for a while and then took a chocolate out from her bag. She opened it and put it into Sherry’’s mouth, “How does.
it taste?”

Sherry chewed the chocolate and her eyes lit up, “It tastes good. Where did you buy it?” ‘It’s a gift from Clarence.” Sherry immediately understood her answer. She didn’t probe into this question and slowly swallowed the chocolate in her mouth.

It wasn’t that Stella didn’t want to tell Sherry about what happened, it was just that she didn’t know how to say it. Or precisely, she didn’t know how to deal with Clarence.

After staying at home to recuperate her wounds for two days, Stella finally felt it unbearably boring. She stood up, changed her clothes and prepared to go to her studio.

When she was waiting for the lift, she saw Daniel walking out of his house.

They greeted each other and the lift reached this floor.

After entering the lift, Stella asked slowly after hesitating for a while, “May I ask you a question?” Daniel nodded his head, “What do you want to ask?”

“What’s your feeling for Sherry?”

It was obvious that Sherry had fallen for Daniel and Stella thought that Daniel must have sensed it. Originally, she thought that Daniel was a good man, but she was confused by his weird behaviors.

Daniel didn’t expected that she would suddenly ask about this. He replied with a smile after a short while of pause, “We’re neighbors. Nope, we’re friends.”

Stella said, “I think no one would invite his friend out to have dinner together and then find an implausible excuse and leave.” Daniel coughed awkwardly when hearing the words.
He bumped into Phoebe in the restaurant that day.

It was the critical moment for him to get Phoebe’s trust, so he wouldn’t allow any mistake. Therefore, he found that ridiculous excuse and left.

Stella said after a short while of silence, “If you have no feeling for Sherry, please keep a distance away from her.” Daniel slightly pressed his lips together, “I see. Please send my apology to her again.”

“I will deliver your words to her.” Stella nodded her head at him, “Please take care of Channing during this period.” Right at this moment, the lift arrived at the first floor.

When Stella prepared to walk out of the lift, she heard Daniel’s voice from behind, “Ms. Radomil, have you ever thought of who was the one behind the troubles you encountered before?”

Stella slowly turned around with confusion written all over her face.
She didn’t expect that Daniel would suddenly mention this.

Daniel chuckled, “I have no other purpose but to remind you to pay attention to it, Ms. Radomil.”

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