Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 231 Money Is Everything

In the studio.

When Stella came into the studio, Channing was sorting the orders in the office while Sherry was nodding off at the front desk.
Sherry saw Stella and stood up, “Stella, you should be home to get more rest. Why do you come now?”

Stella came close to her, “The injury was no big deal and I have recovered for a while. It’s boring to stay at home all day long.” Sherry yawned, “Well, you said you are going to Aqock. When will you leave?”

Stella replied, “I bought a flight ticket for tomorrow night.”

“How long are you going to stay there? Will you come back for the New Year’s Day?”

Stella smiled, ‘I’ll stay there for two to three days at most. I’ll be back.”

Sherry nodded, “Great. I was considering that if you won’t be back for the New Year’s Day, Chan and I would come to see you at Aqock. I don’t want to go home this year, otherwise, my parents would ask me about Liam and urge me to get married. It’s really annoying.”

Hearing that, Stella was in silence for a while before she said, “I ran into Daniel in the elevator on my way. He asked me to tell you that he is sorry about what happened that day.”

Sherry waved her hand and said carelessly, “He made Chan his messenger too. But I don’t care anymore. I’ll try to avoid him.” As they were talking, Channing came out from the office and looked at his watch, “I’m gonna go out.”

Stella nodded and asked in a casual way, “Where are you going?”

“I have something to do. Be back soon.”

“Ok, go ahead.”

After Channing left, Sherry whispered, “Is Channing seeing someone? He is kind of mysterious recently.”

Stella shook her head, “I don’t think so.”

Sherry let out a sigh, “Look, those beloved handsome guys like Chan have so many suitors, but they have no desire to be ina relationship. On the contrary, we are desperate to fall in love even in dreams, but we can’t meet the one. It’s so unfair!”

Channing found the place according to the address given by the private detective. He waited there for ten minutes, but no soul showed up.

When he took out his phone to make a call, a few hooligans came behind him.

They were hired thugs in the casino where Jeffrey visited a lot. They noted Channing and provoked with foul language, “The son of the bedbug Jeffrey. I heard you have been admitted to the college. What’s it going on now? You got money for college but can’t pay your father’s debt?”

Channing ignored them and looked away from them to leave. But they came closer and stopped him.

‘It’s said that Jeffrey gave your sister to a rich man for millions. I guess she is no longer worth that much after being fucked for so many times, but ….”

Another man continued, “If you get your sister to please us, the debt will be cancelled. How’s it?”

As soon as he finished, the rest of them burst into laughter.

With a loud thump, Channing punched the man in front of him and threw him against the wall violently.
Seeing what happened, the rest of the gang joined the fight.

The fierce fight went on for a while, and then the man, who insulted Stella and was beaten up by Channing first, spat out blood with cruelty and hatred in his eyes. He then took out a knife from his pocket and came towards Channing.

At the point when he was wielding the knife towards Channing’s waist, his wrist was kicked heavily by someone and he was flung to a corner, screaming with pain.

Channing turned around to find the rest men behind him were all brought down.
At that moment, a black Rolls-Royce pulled over the lane entrance and then Clarence appeared in Channing’s sight.
Channing frowned wondering why was he?

Clarence gave him a glance and then raised his hand slowly. Soon a man wearing glasses was thrown at Channing’s feet.

The private detective worked for Channing.

The man pushed his broken glasses upward and then got on the ground at Channing’s feet, “Sorry, sorry, young man. I didn’t know who you are, so I cheated you out of money. It’s all my fault. Here is your money and that given by them. I give it all to you.
Please spare me ….”

The man took out a bank card from his bad with trembling hands and thrusted it into Channing’s hand.
Channing pressed his thin lips and lowered to grab the man’s tie, “You are playing me?”

“I was blinded by money. I was wrong. I swear it won’t happen again.”

Channing’s face was darkened with coldness, “You told me you got that man’s information. Is that fake too?”

“They asked me to say so and I had no choice. The photo you gave me was took years ago and the face in it is too blurry to be recognized. It’s impossible to find him!”

“Who are they?”

The man answered, “I don’t know. I just took their money and did as they told me. You know the rules of my profession. The employer would be angry if you ask ….”

Channing threw him away and got up with a cold face.

Clarence raised his hand, “Handle him.”


The detective and hooligans were taken away and everything was quiet again.

Clarence looked at Channing and spoke indifferently, “Don’t be impulsive next time. You believe in everything people said just the same as your sister.”

Channing was silent for a while and then asked, “How did you know it?”

“In this world, Money is everything.”

Channing, “….”

Clarence turned around as he said, “Get in the car. I take you home.”

Channing stood there with hesitation for a while and finally decided to get in the car.

On their way, Nathan answered a phone call and then told Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, everything was settled.” Clarence uttered a sound with his eyes closed slightly, showing no emotions on his cold face.

A few minutes later, Channing opened his mouth, “Don’t tell Stella about it.”

Clarence opened his eyes slowly hearing his words.

Channing added, “She’ll worry me if she knows it.”

“Since you know she’ll be worried, why didn’t you think about the consequence before you did it?” Channing frowned, “I didn’t expect to encounter those guys.”

“You think it’s an accident to see them?”

Channing pressed his lips tightly in silence. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

Clarence said flatly, “It’s likely that you even don’t know when they began to stalk you.”

Channing couldn’t figure out who bought the detective off or their purpose.

But his gut told him that the one behind it was the same person who had someone cause trouble at Stella’s studio and set him up at his school gate.

“Do you know who ‘they’ are?”

“Of course.” Clarence looked at him, “I won’t tell your sister about what happened today and will tell you what’s going on, but you have to promise me something in return.”

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