Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 232 I Have No Objection

When Channing was hack, Stella was laughing and chatting with Sherry. Her smile frozen immediately as she turned around to find his clothes were dirty and there were bruises on his face. She strode to him and frowned, “Chan, what happened to you?”

Channing tilted his head, “Nothing. Only minor injuries. It doesn’t matter.”

“It matters. You didn’t look like this way when you left. Tell me the truth. Where have you been?” Sherry came to join Stella, “Right, Chan, what happened to you? Come on.”

Stella’s frown grew deeper and she felt something bad happened, “Did you ….”

Channing said in a calm voice, “I just had a fight with my classmates. It’s not serious as you think.” “Why did you fight with your classmates?”

Channing seemed not want to talk about it, “Just a fight, no reasons.”

Stella didn’t believe him and tried to say something, but Sherry stopped her, “It’s fine. Fight is common between young men. You don’t worry. He is a grownup and he knows what he is doing.”

Sherry touched Channing as she said, “Don’t stand here. Go and have your injuries treated, or they will become inflamed.” ‘Ok?

Channing turned and entered the back staff room.

Sherry touch Stella with her elbow, “You are still worried?”

Stella shook her head, “I think Chan didn’t tell the truth.”

Channing was not an impulsive person who would fight with classmates out of small conflicts.

And when he left the studio, his expression showed that he was going to do something important.

Sherry explained, “Chan didn’t tell you the truth because he don’t want you to worry you. He come back safe and sound, so everything is alright.”

Stella breathed a sigh of relief, “I hope so.” After a while, the staff room was opened.
Channing was sterilizing his wounds with a swab. He put down the sab when he saw Stella showed up at the door, “I really fine.”

Stella came to sit beside the sofa and took a band-aid to cover his wound, “Fighting with classmates is big deal. Why don’t you explain it?”

Channing pressed his lips in silence.
“You do this once and once only.” “Got it.”

Stella added, “I’ll leave for Agock tomorrow night. I’ll be back in two or three days. You’d better find a new house and move out from Daniel’s house.”

Channing understood what Stella mean. He was quiet for a while and then said, “I don’t think he did it on purpose.”

“Whatever. It is past and it’s meaningless to keep talking about it. I simply think you should keep staying at his house and bothering him. What’s more, as you can see, nothing happened to my place recently.”

Channing nodded, “I’ll move tomorrow.”

Stella got up, “Find a new house first. I’ll transfer the money ….”

Channing interrupted her and said in a serious voice, “Il got money.”

Stella smiled, “Fine, I’ll leave it to you.”

When she was about to leave, Channing asked abruptly, “How’s it going between you and Emmett?” “What?”

“You said you wanted to give it a try, so how’s it going now?”

Stella paused for a few seconds and then answered, “You are right. I don’t like him, so it’s meaningless to try it.”

“Then ….” Channing touched his neck and looked away awkwardly, “Will you marry Clarence again?”

Stella seemed haven’t expected that he would ask that suddenly. She stood there astonished for seconds and didn’t know what to say.

Looking at Stella’s reaction, Channing coughed, “I feel that he is not as annoying as before. If you … still like him, I have no objection.”

Hearing that, Stella couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Didn’t you drive him away last time? Why do you change your mind?” Channing defended himself, “I didn’t drive him away. I just asked him to have a good think and don’t hurt your anymore ….” Stella said, “Fine, don’t bother it. There’s no work in the studio today. Let’s have a meal.”

Stella stopped at the door and turned to Channing in a sudden, “Shall we invite Winnie to join us?”

Channing was confused for a second and then asked, “She is your friend. Why asking me?”

Stella tried to suppress her smile, “Nothing, I’m just asking. She has been hiding overseas because of your affair. I’m wondering if she comes back. I want to apologize and thank her in person. How do you think?”

“….” Channing looked away from her face, cleared his throat, pressed his lips and then said, “You are right.” “Then I’ll ask if she is back.” Stella raised one of her eyebrows and then left the staff room.

She texted Winnie while walked away.

As a matter of fact, Winnie didn’t go overseas. The evil and merciless capitalist Clarence only gave her two days off and then got her a tight schedule.

When she got Stella’s message, she was shooting a commercial. To complete her lie, Winnie had no choice but tell Stella that she just got off the plane in Hawaii.

Stella texted, “Ok, see you when you are back.”

Winnie agreed with tears in her eyes.

At 11:30 pm, the plane landed at the Aqock Airport on time.

The temperature of Aqock seemed always to be lower than that of City N. As soon as she got off the plane, Stella was met by freezing air.

She zipped her down jacket up to her chin and put on the hat. When she was about to walk into the hall, she saw a group of bodyguards walking out from the hall with a woman at the center. The woman was covered from toe to head. Even her eyes couldn’t be seen.

They looked strange and nervous.
Stella got a hit when they passed by her.
Stella looked at the group in confusion.

A few minutes later, Stella walked out from the washing room. Before long, she heard a familiar female voice coming from a corner, “What the hell! Have you got everything arranged? How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

“Miss Conrad, please be patient. We are doing this for your safety. If we don’t be cautious, you’ll be discovered.” Annie cursed, “It’s all the bitch and the bastard’s fault. I’ll wait and see. I must give them a lesson!”

Stella stood there and gave a smile in silence.

It was surprising to meet Annie Conrad who became a fugitive at the airport.

No one knew it was fate or coincidence.

However, Annie Conrad still showed no regret even in such conditions.

At this moment, a bodyguard noticed Stella and asked in alert, “Who’s there?”

HHH Chapter 233: Come to Be Beaten up

Just as the bodyguards came toward Stella, Stella felt an arm was put round her waist.

In a second, a urinal came into Stella’s sight.

Before she realized what happened, she heard foot steps coming outside the toilet.

Soon she was pulled into a cubicle.

The bodyguards entered the toilet and tried to open and check the cubicles one by one.

As Stella was alert to the noise outside, she widened her eyes wondering why Clarence was also here.

Noticing the bodyguards were coming closer to their cubicle, Clarence lowered his eyes looking at Stella’s eyes and then tightened his hand around her waist, pulling her close to him. Clarence lowered his head and then bit her lips softly.

Stella struggled instinctively, but Clarence held her wrist and pressed her against the wood wall, creating a loud noise.
The cubicle’s door rattled with shallow breathing.

The sound created a sensuality.

The bodyguards outside looked at each other and immediately understood what was happening in it.

One of the bodyguard whispered, “No more trouble. The car is coming. Let’s go.”

Soon their footsteps faded away.

After the toilet’s door was closed, Clarence let go Stella and took a step backward, licking his lips insatiably.
Stella was outraged and began to hit Clarence with her bag as she scolded, “Asshole! Bastard!”

When she was calm down, Clarence held her wrist, “I helped you. You should be grateful!”

Stella shouted, “I didn’t ask for it!”

She covered herself completely and hid half of her face with a hat, so they could barely recognize her.

If it were not for Clarence pulled her into the cubicle, they couldn’t have suspected her.

Clarence said, “I told you Annie Conrad is a lunatic. If she discovered you this time, you think she’d let you go?”

Stella didn’t want to waste her time for bullshit with him. As she was about to push him away and leave, she heard two men were talking outside.

Soon Stella heard their belts were untied.
At that moment, she imagined to kill Clarence tens of thousands of times.

But surprisingly, she didn’t hear the peeing sound as she expected because Clarence took her into his arms and covered her ears with her hat.

It seemed like all sounds outside were isolated.
She only felt Clarence’s heart beating strongly.

Clarence lowered his eyes to look at Stella’s eyes, raised his eyebrows and then lowered his head slowly.

When he was about to kiss her, Stella slapped him in his face.
Clarence, *….”

Stella ignored him and leaned on the door the listen to the noise outside. When she was sure that there was no one outside, she opened the door, covering her face with the hat, and left quickly.

Clarence touched his lips with his tongue and followed up.
As soon as Stella walked out the airport, she was held by the waist and taken into a black car.

In the car, Nathan was surprised to see Stella. He was astonished for a while before he opened his mouth, “Mrs. … Ms. Radomil

Stella smiled at him, looking extremely embarrassed.

Clarence came to the other door, got in the car and then ordered in a cold voice, “Drive.”


Ten minutes later, Stella couldn’t stand the suffocating silence anymore, so she asked tentatively, “Why is Mr. Conrad here?” Clarence didn’t lift his eyelids, “Come to be beaten up.”

Stella, “….”

A wretched and vindictive man.

Not to be outdone, Stella talked back, “Mr. Conrad did hooliganism, so what I did was self-defense.”

Clarence looked out the window quietly, ignoring her.

Stella glanced him secretly wondering if he was angry.

He took the advantage of her so many times and he even took her into the male toilet. But she only gave him a slap. She was nice enough.

Nathan didn’t understand why they quarreled again. He coughed trying to distract, “Mr. Conrad, I found out that the Steward family plans to send Miss Conrad to City F by boat first and then send her to Canada by private plane.”

Hearing the news, Stella kept silent for a while and then asked, “Has she left?”

“Not yet. Something is wrong with the ship. They can’t leave until 10 pm tomorrow.”

Stella understood easily why was the boat broken.

Thinking of that, she glanced at Clarence again.

In the dim light, Stella saw a few red finger marks on the wretched man’s face.

Stella widened her eyes in shock. She didn’t think she slapped him so hard.

Why did it look so serious? It made Stella feel guilty.

Before long, the car stopped in front of a hotel.

It was the hotel where Clarence stayed when he came to Agock last time.

Getting off the car, Stella took out her luggage and spoke to Nathan, “I don’t enter the hotel. You ….” Nathan said in a serious voice, “Ms. Radomil, there is no other hotel available in the neighborhood.” Stella pointed to a hotel not far away, “I see one.”

Nathan continued with his lie, “It’s the tourist season now as the New Year’s Day is around the corner, so those hotels are full.”

Stella sighed in silence. Fine, working for someone else was not easy, especially working for Clarence. It was even difficult to survive as Clarence’s employee.

Stella snapped her gaze back and then passed by the wretched man to enter the hotel.

Clarence gave a casual glance at Nathan, raised his eyebrows slightly and then followed Stella.
Nathan breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it was really difficult as an assistant.

Stella stood in front of the front desk and passed her ID card to the staff, “A single room, thank you.”

The manager of the hotel was talking with the staff, so he took over Stella’s ID card. He wanted to ask Stella for more information, but he was shocked to find Clarence behind Stella. As he was about to greet Clarence, the latter tilted his head signaling to the manager that he should finish his work first.

The manager looked back and forth from Clarence to Stella with a blank face. At the end, he turned to Nathan for help, and the latter nodded at him.

The manager understood immediately and made an “ok” gesture to Clarence secretly.

Subsequently, he said to Stella in a serious voice, “Lady, there is no single room available, so can we arrange a suite for you with the same charge for a single room?”

Stella rubbed her temples. She noticed what they did behind her.

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