Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 234 The Wretched Man Pushed His Luck

Stella answered, “Fine, whatever.” Then she added, “Please give me a room with tight security. If anyone tries to break in my room, I’ll call the police.” The manager, “….”

He gave another secret glance at Clarence. After got Clarence’s agreement, he booked a room for Stella and said, “Lady, I’ll take you to your room.”

Stella smiled, “Don’t bother. I got someone to lead the way.”

She turned round and walked towards to elevator as soon as she finished.
Clarence put his hands in his pockets and followed Stella slowly.

After entering the elevator, Clarence pressed the button for the top floor.
Nathan didn’t come with them, so they were alone in the elevator.

Stella stood at one side in silence, looking around.

Clarence glanced at her and moved his long legs forward. He opened his mouth trying to say something, but Stella stepped backward immediately. She leaned close against the wall with her hands crossed in front of her chest, “Mr. Conrad, please behave yourself. There is a camera here.”

Clarence grabbed her hat to take her close to him, “If I really want to do something to you, you think you can threat me with the camera?”

“Mr. Conrad, please mind your language. Don’t show any disrespect for the law. Whatever you are saying is recorded by the camera.”

Clarence burst into laugh, “Stella, it’s a pity that you didn’t study law.” ‘It proves that an excellent person could stand out in any industry.”

“If you participate in the talk show, you’ll definitely be the champion.” Stella, “….”

It sounded a good idea.

Clarence let her go and then said flatly, “What are you doing here?” “There is no rule indicating that Mr. Conrad could come but I couldn’t.”

Clarence said, “I come for business.”

I….” Come for a trip.

Stella coughed, touching her nose, and didn’t finish her sentence.

At this moment, the elevator opened.

Walking out of the elevator, Stella walked ahead in silence.

Stella took a few steps when she heard the wretched man’s voice, “Wrong direction. This way.”

Stella took a deep breath, stopped for a few seconds and then turned around quickly.

When she found the correspondent room with the key card, she opened it immediately and slammed the door.

She finished a series of actions without any letup as if someone would force entry to her room.

Clarence stood in front of her room and licked his thin lips.

Soon, Nathan and the manager came, and the latter opened the room next door.

After they entered the room, Clarence said emotionlessly, “Stella would come to the Anqiao Street this time. Take care of it.” Nathan asked tentatively, “Now that Mrs. Conrad is here, Mr. Conrad doesn’t want to tell her the truth?”

Clarence answered, “At this point, it does no good to tell her. Women are always emotional which gets a lot of trouble.” Once Stella knew the existence of the child, she wouldn’t help but visiting him often.

The Conrad family would have doubts if she visited frequently.


Clarence only hoped that the bad news would come late this time.

When Nathan left, Clarence stood in front of the French window and called Dolores.

When Dolores knew that the kid would be given away, she let out a quiet sigh, “Clare, you’d better let Stella meet him. After all, he is her son. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

Clarence agreed after a few seconds, “Fine.”

He hung up, threw the phone on the sofa and then walked into the bathroom.

The doorbell rang when he came out from the bathroom.

He put down the towel in his hand and walked slowly to the door. He opened the door but to find it was Stella.
Stella was surprised to see Clarence in such conditions too.

She didn’t expect that the wretched man finished shower so early. The bathrobe was tied around his waist loosely as if it would open in any seconds.

Stella’s eyelids throbbed in a sudden. She looked away unconsciously, avoiding to look at him.

Noticing her subtle body language, Clarence curved his mouth, crossing his hands in front of his chest to lean against the door frame, and then opened his mouth casually, “I don’t think there is any noise disturbing you this time.”

Stella looked up and stared at him, “Mr. Conrad is a thief crying ‘Stop thief?” “Even if I am a thief, I am a heart stealer.”

Stella, “….”

She almost threw up what she ate last night.

Shouldn’t the wretched man feel embarrassed saying that?

Before Stella answered, Clarence held her wrist and pulled her into his room.

Clarence interrupted her, “You come to catch up with me at the door?”

As he finished, he came to the liquor cabinet. He took a bottle of Whiskey and two glasses and then came to sit on the sofa.

Stella followed up after hesitation and said sincerely, “Mr. Conrad, I apologize for my rudeness earlier.” Clarence crossed his long legs and asked slowly, “Earlier?”

Stella took a slight breath and explained, “In the toilet, I shouldn’t have slapped you so hard.”

She finished but again murmured, “But it was you that pulled me there, and it was the male toilet.”

Clarence placed his arms horizontally on the back of the sofa and laughed, “You think I have any other choice under that circumstance?”

“There was a female toilet. Why didn’t you take me into it?” “….” Clarence rubbed his nose, “Stella, if I took you into the female toilet, I would have been a true pervert.”

“You are.”

Clarence looked up slowly at her, “So you come again to scold me because you didn’t vent your anger with the slap?” Not exactly.

Stella took out her hand behind her back and handed an ice pack to Clarence, “Here, I got it from the staff.”

Clarence didn’t take it but asked, “What’s it?”

Clarence answered, “Put it on your face and you’ll recover tommorrow.”

She only slapped him slightly as a warn, but she didn’t expect there would be marks left on his face.

Understanding what Stella meant, Clarence leaned backward and said slowly in a low voice, “You should be responsible for what you have done.”

The wretched man pushed his luck.

Stella threw the ice pack into his arms, “Take it or throw it.”

Stella turned round to leave, but Clarence grasped her wrist and pulled her down.
Stella was off-guard and fell into his embrace directly.

All of a sudden, she felt the scene was somehow familiar to her.

Clarence interrupted her thought by putting back the ice pack into her hand, “You started this, you’ll finish it. Don’t leave it half

Stella clapped his hand around her waist heavily, “Let go.”

Clarence raised his eyebrows and raised his hands in the air, showing that he wouldn’t touch her again.

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