Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 236 His Respond Was Slow

Stella thought she was truly someone with a mental problem.

It was not her first time here, what was there to be shy about?

That wretched man said it as if it was her first time meeting her in-law. ..

Stella felt uncomfortable thinking about this.

She let out a cough, stopped talking, climbed the steps and knocked on the door.

The door was opened from inside a few seconds later, it was Dolores.

Stella smiled, “Ms. Anderson.”

Dolores, “Stella, you are here, come on in.”

Stella handed over the bags in her hand, “Ms. Anderson, here are some nutritious products I bought from City N, try it on…”

“You can get this anywhere, there is no need to bring from City N.”

Evelyn said from inside, “Dolores, your daughter in law is the best, your son had never brought you anything every time he visited.”

Stella, “…”

What Evelyn said was exactly what she was thinking just now.

lt was fine if she was alone, but she was with Clarence now so it sounded odd.
Dolores smiled and took over the bags, “Come on in.”

Stella followed behind Dolores. She wanted to greet Evelyn who was sitting by the table in the yard, but a baby cradle caught her attention.

Stella stopped and stunned.

Dolores noticed her response, she put the bags on the table and said casually, “Stella, come have a look at Evelyn’s grandson.” Evelyn said, “Yes, my daughter in law gave birth to the second child, she was busy so I’m helping her out. Sigh, I’m supposed to relax at such an age, but…”

Stella approached while Evelyn was speaking.

The infant in the cradle slept soundly holding his fists.

Stella stared at the baby and stretched her arms out unconsciously but stopped in the middle.

When she was about to pull back her arms, the baby opened his hand and grabbed tightly on one of her fingers. He made a baby sound and continued sleeping, he was not awake.

Sweetness and warmth filled Stella’s heart out of a sudden as if her heart melted. She didn’t want to pull back her hand, afraid that she might disturb the baby’s sleep.

Dolores and Evelyn looked at each other and Evelyn coughed. “Stella, don’t stand there, come sit down.” Stella sat down next to Evelyn with her hand in the cradle and looked at Evelyn, “Ms. Beckham, what’s his name?” “Ah…” Evelyn threw a glance at Dolores for help, “His name…”

Dolores said, “Evelyn is still thinking about it, we’ve been trying to come out with a good name this few days but bore no fruit.
Why don’t you name him?”

Stella stunned. “Me?” Evelyn added, “Yes, Stella, you are well educated, give him a name.” Stella thought it was the parents who were supposed to name the child, she had no such right.

Dolores seemed to notice her concern and added, “We haven’t been able to think of one, you can suggest one as a reference to the parents.”

Evelyn continued, “Yes, yes, Dolores was right, Stella, please help me out, please.”

Stella didn’t reject anymore and nodded, “I’ll think of one then.”

Both Dolores and Evelyn let out a sigh of relief after she agreed to it. Dolores then said, “Stella, what do you want for lunch? Let me cook for you.”

Stella, “Anything will do.”

Then she added with a lower voice, “The picky one is yet to come in.”

Dolores saw Clarence when she opened the door just now, “Ignore him, he’ll eat whatever you like.” Her words made Stella blushed and she cried, “Ms. Anderson.”

Dolores smiled and stopped teasing her.

Presently, the door was opened and Clarence walked in.

“It’s about time for me to go to the market,” Dolores said.

Evelyn too stood up immediately and said, “I’ll go with you.”

She reminded them as she walked away, “Stella, Clarence, there are diapers in the house, check if he’d pooed or peed if he cries, if not then he’s hungry. A 50 ml milk will do, remember to use warm water when mixing the formula…”

Evelyn said in a rush, she didn’t wait for replies from Clarence and Stella and disappeared with Dolores.
Stella, “…” They were not worried about leaving the baby to Clarence and her?

While Stella was still wondering, the baby woke up. His lips were pouted and were about to cry.

Stella followed the sights of the baby’s and saw a stern face.

She then reminded him, “Mr. Conrad, you startled him.”

Clarence turned to her, “Why can’t it be you that startled him?”

“He was soundly asleep with me beside and woke up right away after you arrived.”

“His response is slow.”

You were slow!

Stella decided to ignore the wretched man and began playing with the pouty baby with some toys.
His pouted face turned into laughter after a short while.

Clarence’s lips lifted seeing that.

Stella played with the baby for a while and then saw his little face turned red with his fists clenched like he was trying to do something.

While Stella was in puzzlement, a foul smell hit her nose suddenly.

Clarence smelled it too and frowned.

Stella asked, “Did he…”

Clarence’s face changed and ready to leave, but Stella stopped him and said, “I don’t know how.” “Do you think I know how?”

Stella looked at him and put on a sincere smile, “Isn’t Mr. Conrad knows it all? High capabilities.” Clarence threw her a glance slightly annoyed.

Stella carried the baby out of the cradle and brought him into the house. She grabbed tightly on Clarence’s sleeves while they were walking to ensure that he didn’t escape.

Stella began to untie his diaper after putting him on the sofa. She couldn’t see any trash bin around hence, handed it over to the man behind her.

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