Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 237 We Could Kidnap Him

Clarence’s face had already stiffened, he gritted his teeth and said, “Stella, don’t go overboard.” Stella then took a step backwards and handed him over the challenging task. “You do it, I’ll throw this.”

Clarence stared at the kicking legs with poops all around his butt. He then shut his eyes, took over the diaper and went looking for a trash bin.

Stella then said aloud in the house, “Mr. Conrad, please get me a basin of warm water.” She then began looking for wet cloths and diapers.

Two minutes later, Clarence came back with a basin of water and put it on the coffee table.
Stella soaked the wet cloth with warm water and started cleaning the baby.

When she handed over the used wet cloths, Clarence kicked the trash bin to her side.

Stella bit her lips. She then threw the diaper to Clarence while cleaning up the baby. “Don’t stand and do nothing, find out how to use this.”

Clarence looked at the diaper that fell onto his chest and clenched hard on his teeth.

He took a deep breath and took out his mobile a few seconds later. He touched the screen a few time and started to browse through while frowning.

Within a minute, Stella had done cleaning up the baby and asked, “Have you got it?” Clarence threw his mobile aside and said, “Move aside.” It seemed like he would do it, Stella quickly moved aside.

Clarence was indeed intelligent, he learnt by watching only once, even on how to change the diaper. Although the process was not smooth all the way, it was completed.

Stella then took over and put on pants for the baby.

She then held the baby in her arms once everything was done. She looked at Clarence and asked, “Do you want to hold him?”

Clarence rejected coldly, “No.”

“Okay, please get the milk ready then, he pooped and must be hungry now.” Stella then continued, “Ms. Beckham said to use warm water, 50ml will do. I believe Mr. Conrad could do it well.”

Clarence, “…”

Stella’s lips lifted, her smile was as bright as a shining star.

The sunlight shone brightly outside one corner of the yard.

Stella added, “Thank you, Mr. Conrad, we’ll be waiting outside.”

She then walked towards the yard with the baby in her arms, put him into the cradle and push it lightly under the sun.
The baby seemed to enjoy the weather, his little arms and legs kept moving in the air happily.

Stella touched his cheeks and had never stopped smiling.

This was such a little guy, guessed he was just about a month old.

Clarence approached holding a bottle of milk with a stiffened face after a short while.

Stella took over the bottle and smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence nodded slightly and his eyes had never left her face.

Stella was uncomfortable being stared at by him, she quickly turned around using feeding baby as an excuse.
The baby seemed to be starving, he finished the bottle in no time.

When Stella was wiping off the milk on his lips, Clarence said from behind. “Have you thought of a name for him?”

Stella, “Not yet, any suggestion?”

‘This is your task, not mine.” “…” Stella put the milk bottle aside, “Please allow me some time to think about it, I’m not a naming machine.”

“But you are quick in being sarcastic,” Clarence replied.

Stella swept a glance at him and wanted to defend but Clarence took the empty bottle and went quickly into the kitchen.
Was it her that wanted to be sarcastic? The wretched man asked for it.

Also, she was nothing compared to him.

Dolores and Evelyn came back at around noon.

When Evelyn wanted to leave with her bags, Stella called out, “Ms. Beckham, the baby?”

Evelyn slapped her forehead, “Thanks for your reminder, I almost forgot, baby…”

Once again she looked at Dolores for help.

Dolores said, “It’s not convenient for her to take care of a baby, since you are here, just help her out a little longer.” She turned to Evelyn and said, “Stay for lunch, there’s no need to rush back”

Evelyn nodded and followed her into the kitchen, “Thanks both of you.”

Stella smiled, “It’s alright. I’m free anyway.”

The lunch was all Stella’s favorite food.

“Stella, Evelyn and I have something to do, you two please take care of the baby,” Dolores said after lunch.
Stella nodded. “Sure.”

Nathan appeared at the entrance not long after they left, “Mr. Conrad, Ms. Radomil.”

Stella looked over and saw her luggage in his hands.

Stella, “…”

Clarence, “Leave it here.”

“Yes.” Nathan immediately walked away to avoid the fight.

Stella tried to stay calm and looked at Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, mind to explain?”

“Have you seen anyone come home but sleepover in the hotel?” Clarence said.

Stella corrected, “This is your home, not mine.”

Clarence looked at her deeply, “My home is your home.”

Stella opened her mouth but couldn’t find a word.

Whatever, she was not as thick-skinned as that wretched man.

Clarence then looked at the little guy in the cradle, “Don’t you like him? Can you leave him alone and stay in the hotel?” Stella calmed down, “Even if I like him, he’s not mine.”

“We can kidnap him if you want to.”

“Mr. Conrad, please be a little more humane,” Stella said annoyed.

Clarence raised his eyebrows and asked, “You sure you don’t want to?”

“Mr. Conrad, your thoughts turn dangerous by the days, I might need to visit you in the prison not long from now.”

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