Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 238 I just want To Be Alone Now

Dolores and Evelyn were out for the entire afternoon.

With constant practice and learning, Stella was now capable enough to take care of a baby.

Baby slept most of the time and played while awake. She let Clarence prepare the formula when it was time to feed.
Although that wretched man seemed cold with stiffened face, he didn’t reject it.

The afternoon sunlight fell onto his face, Stella had a sudden feeling that they were a family of three, everything felt so natural to her…

Noticing her stare, Clarence asked, “What happened?”

Stella bit her lips and stood up, “Take care of the child, I need a minute.”

She then walked out from the yard without waiting for Clarence’s response.

After a few minutes walked, she arrived at the pond where Clarence and she took a boat tour last time.
She sat down under a tree and looked far away, sunken into deep thoughts.

Footsteps were heard from behind after a while, a tall figure stood beside her.

Stella took a deep breath, “Why are you here? Didn’t you have a baby to take care of?”

“He’s asleep, there’s nothing to be taken care of, he can’t run away.” Clarence stared at her from the side. “If I’m not here, you will be the one who runs away.”

Stella lowered her eyes, “I just need some fresh air.”

She then looked at Clarence, “Mr. Conrad, can you please leave me alone, I don’t want to see you now.” Clarence replied coldly, “Since when have you wanted to see me?”

Stella, “…” He was right.

But she felt annoyed now and even more annoyed looking at him.

Stella said sternly, “I’m serious. I just want to be alone now.”

At this moment, the small boat parked beside the pond asked if they wanted to go onboard.

Stella replied and stepped down, she turned to Clarence, “Don’t follow me, take it as a charity act.”

Clarence, “…”

The boat went away slowly after Stella boarded. Clarence looked away once Stella disappeared from his sight.
Nathan appeared out of nowhere and asked, “Mr. Conrad, should I follow?”

“No,” Clarence replied.

He knew what she was thinking about.

Clarence turned to Nathan, “Didn’t I ask you to stay inside? What are you doing here?”

“Ms. Anderson and Ms. Beckham are back,” Nathan said.

Nathan answered a call after that, “Mr. Conrad, everything is well arranged, shall we stick to the plan?” Clarence looked far to the pond and said slowly, “Let them do it, I’m not going.”

“Yes.” Nathan left.

The reason Mr. Conrad came back to City N was to get rid of Annie himself.

He didn’t expect to see Mrs. Conrad here.

It seemed like he changed his mind.

Stella looked in a direction far away without purpose on the pond.

If her baby was still alive, it would be three or four months old by now.

He would be like Evelyn’s grandson, lying in the cradle, smiled whenever he saw her and cried whenever Clarence appeared.

Stella wrapped her knees in her arms, deep in thoughts.

After a long while, the sun was setting, with the night falling, the cold breeze became stronger.
Stella shivered in cold for a few times and told the boatman, “Please go back.”

“Aye!” The boatman began chatting with her. “Lady, this is your second visit here, right?” Stella nodded, “I boarded your boat last time too.”

“Yeah, you looked familiar, I remembered you came with your husband a few months ago. I recommended him some nice tourist spots around too, how was it? Not bad huh? Our temple of love here is magical, spouse or couple that visited stay together eternally.”

Stella stunned and was in puzzlement.

That was why Clarence travelled so far for dinner last time, this was the reason?

The sun had completely set when the boat parked.

Stella was distracted when getting down the boat, her foot landed in the air but someone grabbed her before she fell.
She stood up straight and asked after a few seconds of silence. “You were waiting?”

“Yes, just in case if you jump into the pond, I’ll be nearby for rescue.”

Stella clenched her teeth, refrained herself from stepping on his foot and walked away without turning back.
Clarence followed and asked, “Do you feel better?”

“My mood is ruined seeing you.”

“Try to control then or shut your eyes.”

Stella thought she had a rather strong lung to be able to talk to someone like him and still breathing.

When they arrived at the entrance to Ms. Anderson’s house, Clarence pulled her hand, “Let’s go somewhere.” Stella stopped and said, “The love temple?”

“Sure if you want to.”

Stella gritted her teeth, “I don’t want to!”

Clarence smiled and pushed her into the black Maybach that parked on the side.

The car stopped in front of the pier twenty minutes later.

A cruise departed slowly from the pier.

Stella turned and looked at Clarence in puzzlement.

Clarence held the steering wheel single-handedly with his finger knocking on it lightly, “Annie is on that cruise.” “Okay,” Stella answered after a while.

Clarence stared at the cruise and said, “Stella, I’ll make them pay for everything they owed you.”

Stella was calm, “Even so, the ending remained the same.”

“No one knows the ending until the last minute.”

Stella turned her head, there was hidden meaning behind those words.

But it seemed like he had no intention of telling her.

Clarence looked away after the cruise went far, he then restarted the car engine.

Stella leaned on the window on the way back, dazing at the lights outside.

After countless sighs, she found the car stopped at the old street near the love temple.

She widened her eyes in disbelief and immediately turned to the wretched man beside, “You…

“Don’t you wish to come?” Clarence said casually.

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