Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 239 Do You Think This Is Proper

Stella was in deep regret now; she regretted blurted out love temple earlier.

Clarence parked the car and said, “Let’s get down.”

Stella could only accept her faith now.

Clarence ordered the snacks that Stella ate during their previous visit at the snack street and led her to a table to sit down.
Stella was quite surprised that he remembered every single snack she ate last time.

But she was pregnant back then and was able to eat much more than now.

When she wanted to say something, Clarence looked at her and asked, “Not enough?”

“… Enough.” It was weird, this was the second time she visited here, everything was different yet familiar.
Stella realized her worries earlier were useless as they had almost finished all the snacks.

Clarence’s was picky when it came to food but he never wasted any food.

Perhaps it was related to his upbringing background.

Stella asked after dinner, “Mr. Conrad, is it time to go back?”

Clarence stood up and replied, “Walking after the meal is good for digestion.”

And then he headed towards the love temple and Stella was forced to follow.

It was winter school holiday now, a lot of young couples could be seen on the street, it was much more crowded than the last time there were here.

Stella was lost in the crowd after a few steps.
While she wondered if she should find a place to rest, someone held her hand.

She looked up and saw the wretched man that disappeared in the crowd just now came back.

Stella tried pulling her hand out from his, but his grab only tightened each time she pulled, he even locked her fingers with his.
Clarence had a very reasonable excuse, “It’s too crowded, I don’t want to lose you.” He ignored her rejection and walked forward holding her.

Stella kept struggling to get loose and didn’t notice a little girl crossed in front of her, she would knock on her if Clarence hadn’t blocked her with his hand.

It was too crowded, hence, Stella gave up struggling.

There were like a lovely couple in the middle of the crowd.

They finally arrived at the temple. Stella didn’t expect that Clarence would lead her straight to the queue to get the writing plate.
She remained calm and rational, “Mr. Conrad, do you think this is proper?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well, I don’t!”

Clarence remained calm, “It’s your problem then.”

Stella was tired and bored with this game, she tried pulling out her hand again but two men approached them, one holding a camera in hand.

“Hi, we work at the love temple, are you a couple?” “No…” Clarence replied affirmatively, “We are husband and wife.”

They explained immediately, “Sir, Madame, we can see that you are a lovely couple and look good together, could you please let us take a photo and display it here at the temple for promotional use? If you agree, you can skip the queue and get the plate directly, in addition, you’ll receive a small gift from us too.”

Stella didn’t understand in which way did they looked like a lovely couple.

But the man beside him answered. “Sure.”

Stella turned to look at him with her eyes widened in disbelief.

Didn’t he hate taking pictures? Even his picture couldn’t be found on The Conrad Group’s website or Finance Times.

The staff then invited, “Please follow us.”

“No, I…”

Clarence whispered, “Don’t you want to skip the queue, be still.”

Stella, “?” Was this because of the queue?! That wretched man was full of nonsense.

The staff led them to the riverside full of lights, “Alright, sir and madam, just act naturally like before, chit-chatting like usual.” Stella’s face had unwillingness written all over, she didn’t do as they asked.

Clarence lowered his head and said, “If you don’t keep still, I will kiss you now in front of everyone.”

“…” Stella defended, “If you want to be slapped in front of everyone, go ahead.” Clarence turned his head to one side and rubbed lightly on her cheek using his lips.
Stella’s body frozen, she didn’t see that coming.

Compared to kissing her directly in the public, this action was much more… seductive.

Clarence was contented with her reaction and he smiled.

In the meantime, the staff approached, “Alright, we’ve got what we want, thank you so much and please follow me this way.” Stella was still stunned but her body was dragged forward by the wretched man.

The staff then handed them a plate in the backyard of the love temple, “Please write your names on this plate and hang it at the tree with lights beside the river.”

Clarence took it, picked up the brush on the table to write their names on the plate.

Stella witnessed the whole thing, she opened her mouth but changed her mind as she knew it would be useless. She then rubbed her nose and looked away.

After Clarence finished writing their names, the staff asked, “Please leave us your address, we will send the gift over tomorrow.

While Clarence was writing them the address, Stella approached the photographer and asked, “Could you please give me another plate? I haven’t written mine.”

Photographer was puzzled.
One is enough to write both names, why would she ask one for each? Clarence said casually, “Ignore her.”

“Mr. Conrad, that was not very nice of you. How could you ignore me when I’ve done my part? It’s not too much to ask for another one, right?” Stella said.

“Whose name would you like to write?”

“Of course me and Emmett.”

Clarence’s face stiffened and looked at her coldly.

The staff exchanged a glance and fled the scene. They had the address anyway.
Stella teased, “Is Mr. Conrad angry?”




Stella, “…”

He was indeed the master of ending a conversation.

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