Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 240 You’re Cuter

Clarence looked at her for an instant with his black eyes. Then, after a while, he said suddenly, “They have already left. If you still want to buy it, I can accompany you to queue up to buy it.”

“… No need. I’m just kidding.”

She just wanted to make the wretched man angry, so that he would throw down Yue Lao Plate and leave.

She didn’t expect him to be so unusual, making her embarrassed.

Clarence smiled without her noticing, and then took her hand again and slowly walked forward with her.

When Clarence hung Yue Lao Plate by the river, Stella looked around to hide her nervousness and embarrassment.

As soon as Yue Lao Plate was hung by Clarence, Stella said, “It’s getting late. I have to go now. Take your time to stroll around.” After saying that, she strode forward and left in a hurry.

After they left Yue Lao Temple, Stella felt that the air was much fresher without the crowd. She let out a long breath and took out her mobile phone. Just as she wanted to take a taxi back, her wrist was held by Clarence, “Come here.”

Stella pouted. She didn’t expect the wretched man to be able to follow her as she had run so fast.
They spent a lot of time at Yue Lao Temple. When they got back to Anqiao Street, it was already ten o’clock at night.
Normally Dolores should have already gone to bed at this time.

But at this moment, the lights in the courtyard were still on. They could hear the sound of a baby crying coming from inside the house.

Stella heard the crying sound and hurriedly ran in.

In the courtyard, Dolores was holding the baby and coaxing him gently.

Stella asked, “Ms. Anderson, what’s wrong with him?”

Dolores said, “Don’t worry. It’s normal for children to be like this at night. He is just fussy. He will be fine once he falls asleep.”

Stella held out her hand, “Let me hug him.”

Dolores handed the baby into Stella’s arms.
After Stella had coaxed him for a while, the baby no longer cried so loud. However, he was still sobbing.
While hugging the baby, Stella asked, “Where’s Ms. Beckham?”

Dolores immediately said, “Ms. Beckham caught a cold when she went out this afternoon and was afraid of infecting the baby, so she asked me to help her to put him to sleep.”

Stella did not suspect Dolores’s words at all.

Ms. Anderson had always had a good relationship with Ms. Beckham. The two of them did not have many relatives to talk with.
They had become almost like siblings and it was normal for them to help each other.

Stella nodded. She thought that the baby might be crying so hard after realizing his grandmother was not with him.

After hugging him for a while, Stella noticed that the baby’s round eyes kept looking at the side, and his little hands were waving at somebody.

She looked in the direction in which he was looking at. Then, she licked her lips and took a step forward, “Mr. Conrad, do you want to hug him?”

Clarence frowned. He displayed an expression as if he was very reluctant to do so.

Stella said, “Why don’t you just hug him for a while. Look how cute he is.”

Clarence gently raised his eyelids and said unhurriedly, “You’re cuter.”

Stella was speechless.

Her face instantly turned red. She was very nervous as if her whole body was on fire.

Not far away, Dolores coughed and found an excuse to go back to her room.

When Stella saw this, he really wanted to find a crack in the ground and vanish from it.

When he saw Clarence’s hand reaching out, he immediately took several steps back and said warily, “What are you doing?”

Clarence raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you want me to hug him?”

It was after a long time that Stella spoke, “Oh.” The wretched man had interrupted her thoughts.

Stella carefully placed the baby in his arms and said softly, “You should hold his head with this hand, and hold his buttock with this hand.”

‘I know.”

Stella paused and saw Clarence’s posture in holding the baby was indeed quite standard. The posture was not as awkward as when he was changing his diapers. She then looked at him suspiciously, “How does Mr. Conrad know this, have you hugged a baby before?”

Clarence looked at her calmly, “Didn’t you say I know everything?”

She really had said such words before.

Stella coughed, “Then you hug him for a little longer. I will bring the things in.”

After saying that, she hurriedly moved the things in the courtyard into the room.

Not long after, Clarence walked into the room with the baby in his arms. His face looked gloomy.

Stella hurriedly looked at the baby in his arms and saw that the baby’s tightly clenched fists were slowly loosening. He was smiling again and he was waving his little hands happily.

He looked like he had pooped again.

Stella held back her laughter and said in a serious manner, “Mr. Conrad, it seems like he quite likes you.”

After she said that, Stella hastily took the baby out of Clarence’s arms and went to find Dolores before Clarence got angry.

In the bathroom, Dolores had already prepared the bath water for the baby. When she saw Stella running over, she knew what had happened without having to ask them.

She picked the baby up and wiped his buttock before putting him in the bathtub.

It seemed like the baby like to bathe very much. He was moving his arms and legs happily in the water.

Stella squatted next to him, holding a towel and gently giving him a bath. Then, she looked around and saw that there were many things needed by the baby. She couldn’t help but say, “Ms. Beckham is too thoughtful as she brought all these things here.”

Dolores laughed and explained, “It’s normal. A baby needs a lot of things. It will be not good if the baby lacks anything.”

Stella remembered that she had bought the baby products when she was pregnant. She nodded and said after a few seconds, “How is Ms. Beckham’s illness? Is it serious?”

Dolores responded quickly, “It’s not very serious. She was just blown by the cold wind. She will be fine after resting for two days.” While they were talking, they had already finished helping the baby to take bath.

After helping the baby to wear his clothes, Dolores thought for a while and said, “Stella, how about letting him sleep with you today?”

Stella was stunned, “Me?”

“The baby was not shy. You have been taking him around all day. Therefore, he shouldn’t be so fussy if he sleeps with you at night.

Stella hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ve never tried to put a baby to sleep at night. I’m afraid that I can’t take care of him…
Dolores said, “It’s okay. You will never know whether you can do it if you never try it.”

As she was saying the words, she put the baby in Stella’s arms, “You hug him first. I will ask Clarence to put the cot in your room.”

Stella opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but the baby in her arms seemed to know her. The baby grabbed the buttons on Stella’s shirt with his little hand. He was smiling.

Stella also smiled after a while.
She thought that it shouldn’t be a problem to take care of him at night as he had taken care of him well during the day.

Stella carried the baby and walked around downstairs for a while. She coaxed him until he almost fell asleep before she went upstairs.

The cot had been put in the same room she had stayed in before. There were milk powder, thermos, as well as a bunch of things she might use at night on the table.

However, apart from the things, there was an unexpected man in the room.

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