Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 243 Losing His Hair

The two days passed in the blink of an eye, and it was time to leave. When leaving, Stella looked at the baby smiling happily at her in the crib, and her eyes were full of reluctance.

Clarence said blandly next to her, “I’ve told you that if you really don’t want to part with him, we can take him away secretly.” Stella’s eyes twitched, “Shut up.”

She took a deep breath, then looked at Dolores, “Ms. Anderson, I’ll leave now. I’ll see you again in a while.”

Dolores nodded, “Be careful on your way.”

Out on the courtyard, Stella saw Evelyn talking to a neighbor who hadn’t moved out yet. She walked over and said, “Ms.
Beckham, are you feeling better from the cold?”

Hearing her words, Evelyn immediately coughed, “I’m feeling better. Well, Stella, thank you for these few days.” Stella smiled and shook her head, “Ms. Beckham, don’t be so polite. I feel like I’m having a great time.”

She just felt so happy.

Evelyn looked at the suitcase in her hand and said, “You’re leaving, right? Don’t you want to stay for two more days?” “No. We have work to take care of, and we’ll come back later.”

“That’s fine, I won’t delay you. Get home safe.”

Stella nodded and then turned around to leave with her suitcase. She had not taken two steps when she heard the neighbor next to her whisper, “Stella is just leaving? She’s just going to leave the baby here?”

Stella paused. Before she could turn her head, she heard Evelyn coughing.

Evelyn deliberately raised her voice, “Hey, it is too torturous to have a cold. If it weren’t for Dolores and Stella helping me with my grandchildren, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Then there was no sound behind her.

Stella thought she had misheard.

After returning to City N, Stella grabbed her bags and headed straight out the door without looking back.

Clarence gave a sideways glance, then Nathan immediately understood and quickly stepped forward, “Madam… Ms. Radoril, I’ll drive you home.”

“Thanks, but there’s no need. My friend is coming to pick me up.” Just after Stella said this, Clarence’s face instantly went cold.

Nathan tried to persuade her, “Ms. Radomil, why don’t you ask your friend not to come? How serious the air pollution is now! It is the responsibility of each of us to protect the environment.”

Stella was speechless.
She turned her head to look at him, “Mr. Lance, have you ever considered changing your job?” “Well… I haven’t considered it for the time being.”

Stella said seriously, “I suggest you change a job before it’s too late. Otherwise, you are too stressed out at such a young age that you will lose all your hair.”

After saying that, Stella turned around and left quickly.

Nathan coughed and could only silently retreat to Clarence’s side, “Mr. Conrad…” He did his best.

Clarence looked at Stella’s back and licked his lips, “Forget it.”

It wasn’t the first day he’d seen Stella’s eloquence.

By the time she exited the terminal, it was already dark.

Stella had just been standing for two minutes when Sherry’s car appeared in front of her.

After putting her luggage away, Stella pulled open the passenger door and got in, “Have you been waiting long?” Sherry said, “No, I just got here a few minutes ago. How was your trip? Did that wretched man give you a hard time?” Stella shook her head, “No.”

Except for that day when he took her to the Yue Lao Temple by force and did some crazy things, Clarence was quite normal in the past two days and spent almost all of his time with her at home taking care of the baby.

Sherry sighed as she drove, “I didn’t expect him to finally behave like a normal human being. He’s finally not sneaking around anymore.”

Stella didn’t quite get it, “When did he sneak around?”

Sherry realized she had slipped up and laughed awkwardly, “No… I was just talking nonsense. By the way, how does your trip over there? Is it fun?”

This time, it was Stella’s turn to fall silent.
After a while, she said, “I’m not having fun. I’m taking care of a baby.” Sherry’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Taking care of a baby? What baby?”

Stella let out a long breath, “There is a neighbor next door, and her son had a son, but she didn’t have time to take care of him, so she sent him to us. When I went there, Ms. Beckham was sick and was afraid of infecting the baby, so she left the baby in Ms.
Anderson’s care. It just so happened that I was there, so I also helped take care of him.”

Sherry was speechless.

This excuse was too outrageous.

Sherry asked, “Stella, how old is the baby?” “I didn’t ask. But it looks tiny, so it must be just a month old.”

Sherry was even more puzzled, “What? A newborn baby, his parents feel at ease to leave him alone to his grandmother? They should have waited for the baby to be weaned, right? And in this case, shouldn’t they have picked up the grandmother? How could they bear to leave the child alone with his Grandma?”

Hearing that, Stella was also a bit stunned. If Sherry hadn’t mentioned it, she hadn’t thought about it at all before.

During the past two days, the baby had been with Ms. Anderson, while Evelyn would occasionally come over to check on him.
But she always felt that she and the baby were not very close, and instead, Ms. Anderson was a little more skilled in taking care of the baby.

Although Evelyn had a cold, it didn’t seem to make sense.

This question haunted Stella until she came home and was cleaning out her closet when she saw the little clothes in the corner and a terrible and crazy thought came to her mind.

A baby without a name, and Ms. Anderson’s house was full of baby stuff, and …
Clarence had asked twice if she wanted to take the baby away.

According to Clarence’s character, he certainly did not like children. But this time, he was able to quiet down and be there with her for two days to take care of the baby without any resentment or complaints.

And there was the fact that he seemed to be very familiar with how to hold the baby.

On top of that, there were the clothes in the closet and even what the neighbor next door said to Evelyn when she was leaving.
There was just too much suspicion in all of this.

It made her wonder about a certain possibility …

Stella hurriedly grabbed her coat and turned to stride out the door.

Sherry was brushing her teeth. After hearing the movement, she came out of the bathroom and saw Stella putting on her shoes, so she asked, “Stella, it’s so late. Where are you going?”

Stella said hurriedly, “I have to go to Aqock again.” “Didn’t you just get back? Did you forget something?” “No. There’s something I need to make sure of.”

It was the first time Sherry had seen her in such a hurry, so she hurriedly took off her toothbrush and ran to the bathroom, “It’s too late to take a taxi. Wait for me. I’ll go with you.”

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