Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 244 I’ve Been too Sensitive

Stella booked two fastest flights to Aqock while in the car. Yet it had already been 6am the next day when they got off the plane.
Stella’s heart raced like never before when she stood in front of Dolores’s house. She took a deep breath and after making herself calmer, she extended her hand and knocked the door.

Dolores just woke up. Seeing Stella standing outside the house after opening the door, she asked with surprise, “Stella, why…” Stella pursed her lips and said, “Mrs. Anderson, I still want to take another look at the child.” Dolores was startled and she did not speak for a moment.

Stella was not patient enough to wait for her reply and she ran into the house while taking large strides. Sherry immediately followed her. Yet the little fellow seemed to vanish into thin air. Not a single thing was left in the house. As Stella was standing there in a daze, Dolores came over and said softly, “Hasn’t Mrs. Beckham not recovered from her cold yet? Her son and daughter-in-law had come over and took the child away last night.”

Stella opened her mouth yet she was at a loss for words. Tears welled up in her eyes. Dolores sighed and knew what she was thinking. Yet she could not tell her the truth. She could only pat her shoulder. “Stella, you’re still gonna have children in the future.”

Stella bit her lower lip and held back her urge to cry. She murmured, “I thought… could almost be sure that…” Yet it turned out she had thought too much in the end. Dolores spoke, “Stella, if you want to see the child, I can ask Mrs. Beckham her house address.” Stella shook her head. “It’s okay.”


“I’m sorry Mrs. Anderson, I have to leave now.” Stella turned and headed out, she looked inexplicably desolate from her back.
Sherry let out an awkward smile and after nodding at Dolores, she followed her out.

The sun had just risen and the streetlights along the brook were shining with orange light. The light was faint and the surrounding looked chilly. Stella lowered her head and walked silently. Sherry caught up with her and said after scratching her scalp, “Stella, it’s all my fault. If I haven’t told you that nonsense, you won’t misunderstand and…”

Stella shook her head lightly. “It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I’ve been too sensitive.” It could be after spending so much time getting along with the kid these two days, she started to hope for more. Yet having thought of that, how would the child survive after getting involved in such a terrible car accident? Stella exhaled. “Let’s go back, Sherry.”

Dolores only made a call to Clarence after Stella left. “Clare, Stella’s left.”

“Got it.” Clarence paused and continued, ‘I’ll let someone escort you for the afternoon flight. Since she’s started being suspicious, you can’t live there anymore.” Dolores sighed. “Oh…Stella’s gonna hate you if she knows the truth.”

‘It’s not the only thing she’s gonna hate me.” Stella would not only hate him, she might kill him too. After hanging up, Clarence kept away his phone and got out of the house after grabbing his jacket.

Stella and Sherry did not fall asleep during their long arduous journey of going back and forth. Upon reaching City N, Sherry was yawning all the time. “Stella, let’s take a nap back home, we have Chan at the studio anyway…”

Stella regained her mind and said, “You can go back and rest. I’m not sleepy, and we’re two days behind work.” Sherry knew no one could change her mind when she had made a decision, and she knew Stella must have had a mixed feeling now. It was impossible for her to fall asleep. She then took another yawn. “Alright, you can go to the studio first. I’ll get a designated driver.” Stella nodded. “Then please excuse me first.”

Stella only arrived at the studio at 3pm. Channing asked, “Where have you been? I can’t contact you for the whole day, and Sherry’s nowhere to be found too.” Stella replied, “She’s with me, we were dealing with something.” Channing still wanted to say something, but Stella interrupted him, “I’ll go make drafts in the office, call me if you need anything.”

Stella sat on the chair after entering the office, yet she could not stay calm no matter how, and she kept on looking out of the window absent-mindedly. Not knowing how long had passed, she took out her phone and looked at the pictures she took for the little fellow two days ago. He looked so adorable in every photo. Stella lied on the table listlessly and looked lethargic.

Channing only realized she had slept on the table when he went in to call her at night. Channing pursed his lips and closed the door once again. As he just turned around, Winnie asked, “Is your sister still working?”

“She’s fallen asleep.”

“Asleep?” Winnie looked baffled. “Then wake her up and ask her to sleep at home, what if she catches a cold?” Winnie was about to step forward, but Channing seized her arm. “Let her rest. The air-con’s on, she won’t catch a cold.”

“Alright.” Winnie could only give up. She had received a new mission assigned by that atrocious capitalist upon finishing a photoshoot for a magazine this afternoon. It looked like that wretched man had irritated Stella once again. There were only both of them in the studio and the atmosphere became a little awkward when they fell silent.

As Winnie racked her brain to find a topic of conversation, Channing spoke, “Do you want to drink some water?” Winnie replied, “…Yeah, sure.” She took out her phone and secretly delivered the news when Channing went to fetch water. Channing put the mug in front of her two minutes later. “Thank you, for what you did last time.”

Winnie quickly put down her phone and only replied after two seconds, “Oh, oh. It’s nothing. It’s a good thing that we met, or else I can’t help you too.” She then took her mug. “Stella’s brother is my brother, so you don’t have to be so polite to me.”

Just then, Winnie’s phone vibrated. She took a look at it while drinking water. After thinking for several seconds, she asked with caution, “Well…you haven’t eaten, should we go out and grab something? We could buy some food for your sister along the way


Channing glimpsed at her phone quickly without notice and did not expose her. “Alright.” Winnie instantly put down her mug and stood up. “Great! Let’s go.” Channing pursed his lips and could not help but say, “I heard that you got the best actress award?”

…” Did he mean her acting was too dramatic? Winnie coughed. She evaded his question and gave a perfunctory reply, “It’s just rumor, there’s nothing special to talk about.” Channing did not speak any longer and he strode out. Winnie quickly followed him.

She really was the most dedicated artist of the Conrad Group. Not only she had done her best during her photoshoots for magazine and advertisement during the day, she had to act for her boss’s drama when she finally had her own time at night.
Clarence really should give her an annual leave that lasts over ten days.

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