Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 245 Give Birth to One more Child

Stella had no idea when she had fallen asleep. The sky was already dark outside when she woke up. The moment she sat up and tried to move her stiff neck, she heard a crack. She massaged her neck while opening the office door, heading out. “Chan, find me the first aid box please, there’s tincture inside, I seemed to hurt my neck…”

Before she finished her words, she saw the man on the couch. At that moment, she felt not only her neck hurt, her head too.
Clarence slightly looked up at her. “You’re awake?” Stella asked, “Why are you here?” Clarence glimpsed at the gift box on the table and said, “I see that you like the photo last time very much, therefore I ask someone to photocopy the photo. I’ll be kind to give you the original photo.”

“…No, thanks.” How on earth could that wrecked man tell that she liked it! Clarence got up and approached her slowly.
“Someone tald me if a woman says no, that means yes. I’ll look for the one who said this.” Stella burst out laughter. “That someone could be Vivian Sean or Miss Steward, it won’t be me at least.”

Clarence stopped and looked at her with an unhappy face. Stella ignored him and headed to the store room to look for the tincture. Yet out of her expectation, the first aid box was put on the highest rack and since she had hurt her neck, she could not reach for it after tipping her toe several times.

As she was going to get a chair, Clarence was supporting himself at her side while taking the first aid box down effortlessly from the rack, over her head. Stella turned around and leaned against the rack behind her. She secretly blamed him for coming too close to her. Seeing her look, Clarence raised his eyebrow. “What are you scared of?”

“Who…who’s scared?” Being reluctant to argue with him anymore, she seized the first aid box from his hand and returned to her office, locking the door up, not offering him any single chance. She took off her jacket, tilted her head and sprayed some tincture on her neck. She pulled her high-necked sweater. Yet as she was going to massage her neck with another hand, she realized she had pulled a muscle whenever she moved her arm. Not only the pain of her neck was not relieved after massaging, it was even aggravated.

As Stella was feeling frustrated of it, she heard soft knocking sounds of the office door from the outside, and there was Clarence’s voice afterwards. “Need any help?”

“No, thanks!” “Then I’m leaving.” Yeah, hurry up and get lost!

After sitting there simmering in her anger for a while, Stella put the tincture back, took the jacket and got up, ready to go to the hospital for a checkup. Yet the moment she opened the office door, she saw the man who had kept on saying he wanted to leave was leaning against the wall, looking at her with a relaxed look.

Stella said peevishly, “I thought you said you’re leaving?” Clarence replied without changing his facial expression, “Didn’t you make me stay?”

“When had I…” Stella quickly understood what he meant. “Did you read my mind again?”

“Kind of.” He held her wrist and pulled her into the office, making her sit down on the chair. He took out the tincture once again and leaned against the office desk. “What else are you good at besides scolding me? You can’t even do such a simple thing.” Stella said, “I’ll release different potential, depending on which person I met.”

Clarence sneered and pulled her sweater’s collar. Stella backed up in reflex. Clarence grabbed the handle and pulled the chair

back easily. “You don’t have to give me such a huge response, save your energy for something else.” He once again pulled her collar and sprayed the tincture on her neck as he spoke. The chill made Stella inevitably frowned. When she prepared to speak, Clarence had already extended his hand and massaged her neck gently and firmly.

Clarence only spoke after a while. “You went back again today?” Although he did not mention the location, but the answer was.
clear to the eye. Stella pursed her lips and did not speak. Clarence continued blandly, “I’ve asked you before, if you like him, we can take him away secretly, now we don’t have the chance.”

Stella still ignored him. “But there’s still a way. I can sacrifice myself and help you give birth to one more child.” Stella gritted her teeth. “Could you shut your mouth up?” Clarence stopped his movement. He caressed her neck and stooped. His eyes were dark and calm. “I’m serious, could you have a thought about it?”

“I thought you said you don’t want to have children within these two years?” Stella teased. “You only want to sleep me, there’s no need to find such brilliant excuses.” Clarence licked his lip and backed up slightly. He sprayed the tincture once again and continued massaging her neck. “You don’t let me sleep you anyway, isn’t it pointless no matter how many excuses I seek?”

…” That wrecked man finally admitted his filthy little thought. Clarence spoke softly, “Stella, I just dealt with Annie Conrad, the Conrad’s and the Perez’s are looking for my weakness all over the place. Give me some time, and I’ll give you a child afterwards.”

After listening to his words just now, no matter what he said, Stella still felt he was finding excuses in order to achieve his purpose. Just like what he promised her back then, saying that he could give her a child two years later. Stella slapped his hand hard with impatience, wanting to toss his hand away. “Even if I do want to give birth to a child, I don’t need you.” Did he think he was the only man in this world?

As expected, Clarence pulled down his face at once. “Then who do you want to give birth with? Emmett Carter?” Stella teased him on purpose, “Anyone who doesn’t have to let me wait for two years.” Clarence squinted and his hand which was massaging her neck unnoticeably moved down.

Stella was fast to react. She leapt back and covered her chest with her hands, scolding, “Youre ridiculous.” Clarence chuckled.
‘If lam, you won’t be sitting here, scolding me, you’ll already be lying down and crying.” Stella felt speechless. She felt that if she said one more word to him, she would die of rage.

Stella held her jacket which was thrown to the side by Clarence and took two steps out with rage. She then took a deep breath and said, “Are you leaving? I’m gonna lock the door.” Clarence only then stood straight, put down the tincture on his hand and slowly walked out of the office. He glanced at his wristwatch and said, “I’m hungry, let’s eat something.”

“lm not hungry, enjoy your meal.” After finished, her stomach growled. It was then she realized she had not taken even a sip of water since last night.

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