Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 246 Perish Together

In the Conrads’ Mansion…

One of the bodyguards reported, “Mr. and Mrs. Conrad, we’ve been searching for two days. We also hired a professional search and rescue team in the sea area but still failed to find Miss Conrad. Probably she has been…”

Before he finished his words, Dempsey waved at him irritably to let him go.

Annie’s mother collapsed on the sofa while weeping, “It must be done by that bastard! It must be him. Our Annie is so unlucky.
She’s so young. She hasn’t done anything. But now we don’t know if she’s alive or not. She’s my only daughter. How can I live without her?”

Dempsey sat on the sofa, frowned, and said in a sinking voice, “I’ve told you long ago not to provoke him. You didn’t believe me.
Now, this thing happened! As long as Annie stayed in the Conrads’ Mansion and City N, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything to her. But you insisted on sending her away. You gave him a chance!”

‘I don’t care! The bastard must die! Even I’ll lose everything, I won’t let him go!” Justin chimed in calmly, “Annie’s life should be treasured. How about Clarence’s unborn children? Weren’t their lives precious?”

Upon hearing it, Annie’s mother insisted more, “Justin Conrad, what are you talking about? Annie is your younger sister. How can you take the bastard’s side?”

‘I’ve warned Annie a lot of times before. She deserved her ending today. You can’t blame others.”

Annie’s mother suddenly stood up. The sorrow of losing her daughter had taken away all her reason. Without caring about the consequences, she said ironically, “In this case, you ended up to be a cripple because you were unlucky. You can’t blame others!”

Joanna said coldly, “Have you done?”

“Haven’t you heard what your son said? I’m telling you all. Now my daughter is gone. I don’t care about anything. Let’s perish together. With the whole Conrad family to be buried with me, it’s worthy!”

Annie’s father, who kept silent all the time, stood up to pull her, “All right. Stop it! Isn’t finding Annie the most important thing now?”

Annie’s mother patted his hand away, “Finding her? Are you deaf or blind? Your daughter is dead. She has been killed by that bastard!”

Joanna said, “Even it was he who did it, so what? Do you have any evidence? You’d rather think about how to avenge Annie instead of complaining here.”

Annie’s mother sneered, “Now I understand. Annie’s life means nothing in your heart. You were using her from the beginning to the end. I’ll avenge her myself!”

She picked up the bag and left the mansion without looking back.

Annie’s father could only fawn on Dempsey and Joanna with a flattering smile. He didn’t know what else he could say and followed his wife in a hurry.

After they were gone, the huge mansion was deadly silent.
Dempsey frowned while pressing on his walking stick, lost in thought.

He had never expected that Clarence could have done such a thing. Their arrangement for Annie’s departure was quite confidential. Nobody except Charles and he had known it. In order to hide from Clarence’s sphere of influence, they deliberately arranged for her to detour to Agock. However, Clarence had still found her trace.

Dempsey realized that Clarence had become more and more difficult to be dealt with.

Right then, a bodyguard came in, bent over, and whispered in Joanna’s ears.

Joanna asked, “Are you sure?”

The man answered, “Yes, Mrs. Conrad. Although they have moved away when we got there, it was truly her.” “Send our men to ask around to see if we could find any clues.”

After the man left, Dempsey asked with a frown, “What’s the matter?”

Joanna said coldly, “I’ve found Dolores Anderson.”

Dempsey looked obviously unhappy, “Why are you looking for her?”

“I have my own plans. It has nothing to do with you.”

Since Clarence was arrogant and self-righteous, and he always disdained others, Joanna wanted to see what he could do when watching Dolores dying in front of him.

Being retorted by Joanna, Dempsey was quite annoyed, but he couldn’t retort her. Frankly speaking, they were all on the same boat now. Although the Perez family was declining, they still could linger on with their last breath of life.

Moreover, he had put all his bargaining chips on the marriage between Justin and Phoebe.

After a while, Dempsey said, “I don’t care about those matters. Justin, your engagement date has been decided – it’s the fifteenth of next month.”

Before Justin answered, he continued, “As the first son of the Conrad family, it’s time for you to take the responsibilities. You should know this marriage is not only your own business. It’s relevant to the future of our family.”

After a few seconds, Justin said helplessly, “Clarence has the Conrad family’s blood. He’s not our enemy.”

Dempsey paced the floor with his walking stick violently, “It’s just because he has our family’s blood, he had become a bigger and bigger threat to us. He has become uncontrollable long ago. He can do whatever he wants. This time he could kill Annie.
Whom do you think he would kill next?”

Justin closed his eyes and didn’t speak.

Dempsey stood up and added, “That’s it. We must use the Steward family’s power to grab Conrad Group back. Otherwise, what happened to Annie was just a beginning.”

After Dempsey left, Joanna said, “Phoebe has grown up with you since childhood. I won’t be worried if you get married.”

Justin smiled with self-mockery, “Do you think she’s willing to marry a cripple?”

Joanna’s expression changed slightly. She became more emotional, “Since your engagement has been decided, it means she’s willing to. You are more competent compared to that bastard! How could she not agree?”

“You don’t have to comfort me. I know my own status.”

After finishing his words, Justin didn’t stay any longer. He operated the wheelchair and left.

In the restaurant, after ordering the dishes, Stella lowered her head to play on her phone. She didn’t want to face the wretched man opposite at all.

Clarence’s fingers knocked on the water glass slightly. He gazed at her with his black eyes, lost in thought.

After a moment, Stella couldn’t keep ignoring him any longer. She put down the phone and asked, “Mr. Conrad, what do you want to talk to me?”

Clarence picked up his glass and took a sip of the water. He answered indifferently, “I have a lot to talk to you, but you might not be willing to listen.”

Stella was speechless.
She felt like the line sounded quite familiar.
She answered, “Okay. Forget it. I’m truly unwilling to listen.”

Clarence said, “In the following few weeks, I’ll send someone to follow you. Don’t go to any places alone. If you need any help, call me.”

“Why?” Clarence said calmly and slowly, “They might vent their waves of anger on you for what has happened to Annie Conrad.”

Stella choked up in confusion.

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