Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 247 Others Got Harmed

Upon hearing his words, Stella felt quite inexplicable.

However, his words made sense – those people were all insane. They couldn’t do anything to Clarence, so they could only make trouble for her.

What an undeserved catastrophe!

Stella was silent for a moment before saying, “Mr. Conrad, how did you deal with Annie Conrad?” Clarence answered steadily, “Only my wife can know such confidential matters.”

Stella choked up.

She gave up to know the answer.

Seeing that she was silent, Clarence added, “No worries. She’s still alive.”

He still had other plans to keep Annie alive. How could he let her die so easily?

‘l see.”

Stella didn’t care much.

Soon, their dishes were served.

When Stella was about to fill her bowl with the soup, Clarence had already picked up the serving spoon and took her bowel from her hand.

He acted quite naturally.

Stella had never seen that the wretched man knew how to take care of others.

Sure enough, it was not that a man couldn’t do certain things for a woman. It only depended on if he loved her or not.
When Clarence put the bowl of soup in front of her, Stella said politely, “Thank you, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence said indifferently, “You should know I don’t need your appreciation in the verbal form.”

Stella ignored him. The wretched man should focus on eating.

After dinner, Stella was about to leave. Just after taking a few steps, she bumped into someone she knew.
Daniel greeted her first, “Hi, Ms. Radomil. Good to see you here. Have you just finished dinner?” Stella nodded at him. Before she spoke, she saw someone walking toward them.

Phoebe stood next to Daniel and said with a faint smile, “Ms. Radomil, nice to see you again. Why did you come here alone? Didn’t you invite Clarence?”

Her words were full of sarcasm. Stella just pressed her lips into a slight smile without speaking.
Right then, they all heard a man’s indifferent voice, “Did you want to see me?”

Phoebe saw him and her expression slightly changed, her hands clenching tightly.

Sure enough, Clarence and Stella were reconciled.

Stella didn’t want to get involved in their conflicts. She nodded at them in response, “Daniel, Ms. Steward, I need to go back to my work. See you.”

After that, she left without looking back.
Seeing that, Clarence wanted to follow her. Phoebe asked, “Clarence, don’t you have anything to talk to me?”

With one hand in his trousers pocket, Clarence looked back slowly. His face was quite expressionless. After casting a glance at Daniel next to her, he looked at her, “Should I congratulate you for finding your true love or your engagement next month?”

Phoebe smiled with self-mockery, “If you didn’t call off our wedding so sudden, we should have married already. I won’t be stuck in such a situation.”

Phoebe was always proud and self-conceited. Even if Clarence called off their engagement, she had never wanted to marry a disabled man.

However, she could never understand why her father asked her to think twice when she wanted to marry Clarence because he wanted her to be happy, but after a few months, he decided to let her marry Justin without considering her own opinion.

She didn’t agree at all, but her father was so determined without giving her any chance to reject.
If it were in the past, she might have compromised.

However, it was different not. Since she met Daniel, she gradually understood what she wanted. She had a better choice, so why would she be willing to bound with a cripple for the rest of her life?

“Don’t blame me for everything. You know what you’ve done.” After a pause, Clarence added, “Besides, you shouldn’t have said so in front of Mr. Daniel. What do you think, Mr. Daniel?”

Daniel kept a proper smile on his face all the time as if he had a mask. Nobody could tell what exactly was in his mind.

He said, “Mr. Conrad, I don’t mind. We’re all friends. Nothing is inappropriate.”

Clarence withdrew his gaze and asked indifferently, “Really?”

“Of course.”

Clarence looked over at Phoebe and said, “Don’t come to this kind of restaurant next time. Mr. Daniel enjoys the canned food.” Daniel was speechless.

The smiling mask on his face almost cracked.

After finishing his words, Clarence walked away directly.

Phoebe frowned. Turning to look at Daniel, she asked, “What did he mean?”

Daniel immediately adjusted his expression, “Nothing. I went to Ms. Radomil’s apartment for a meal before. Mr. Conrad happened to be there as well.”

“Are you quite close to Stella Radomil?” “Not bad. We’re neighbors next door. Emmett is also chasing after her.” Upon hearing it, Phoebe sneered inwardly.

Looking in the direction that Clarence was gone, Daniel squinted, “Well, it’s just that Emmett will be disappointed.”

“Exactly. They made such a big scene but eventually, others got harmed.”

Daniel looked over at Phoebe, whose eyes were full of hatred.

Out of the restaurant, Stella happened to see a taxi, so she sat in and left.

It was a surprise for her that Daniel and Phoebe were together.

If she hadn’t encountered them today, she would never expect that would happen.

Stella pressed down the car window and heaved a sigh. Fortunately, Sherry hadn’t fallen in love with Daniel.
When she got home, Sherry just woke up. She walked into the kitchen while yawning, “Good morning, Stella.” ‘It’s ten o’clock in the evening.”

Sherry widened her eyes instantly, “Holy shit! Did I sleep for such a long time?”

Stella changed into her slippers, “There should be no food left in the fridge. What would you like to eat? I’ll order the takeout for you.”

“Everything is fine.” Sherry drank some water and nestled on the sofa, “The more I slept, the more sleepy I got. I’m totally sobered at night.”

Stella sat next to her and quickly ordered Sherry’s favorite dishes.

“By the way, Stella, I suddenly recalled that my friend is holding a party tonight. I’m awake now and I can’t go to bed. Would you like to join us?”

Stella moved her neck, “No, thanks. My neck got twisted. It would become worse if I stayed up overnight.”

Sherry turned to look at her and asked in confusion, “Why did you suddenly get it twisted?”

As she spoke, she added, “Oh, I see. Probably it has something to do with that wretched man, doesn’t it?”

She believed those inexplicable and weird things would always have something to do with Clarence.

“Not at all. I fell asleep in my office while lying prone on the desk. When I woke up, my neck was stiffened. Then it was twisted.” “Did you just return from the hospital?”

Stella was silent for a moment, “Not really.”

Sherry sniffed, “Why do I smell the medicinal liquor from you?”

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