Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 248 You Are Doing a Good Job

Stella rubbed her neck awkwardly and coughed, “Well… I’m taking a shower.”

Sherry gazed at her figure, feeling there must be something wrong. If not mistaken, she believed that the wretched man took advantage of Stella again.

Shortly after, the takeout ordered was delivered.
When Stella walked out of the bathroom after a shower, Sherry had just begun to eat. She asked, “Stella, do you want some?”

“No, thanks. Enjoy yourself.” Wiping the hair, when Stella was walking towards her bedroom, she recalled something suddenly.
She returned to sit on the sofa and asked, “Sherry, have you heard anything about the classmate reunion?”

Sherry answered, “Yes, I have. It’s organized by Madison Taylor this time. Probably she wants to show off her senior executive husband. We’d better not to join the fun.”

Stella nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

Back to her room, Stella texted Emmett, telling him that Sherry and she wouldn’t go to the classmate reunion at weekend.
Soon, Emmett called her.

He asked calmly, “Hello, Stella. Have you come back to City N?”

“Yeah. I came back yesterday.”

‘If you are free this weekend, I have two tickets to a stage show. Shall we go together?”

“Well, Emmett.” Stella pressed her lips and continued, “I don’t like the stage show. Probably you can ask someone else to go with you.”

On the other end of the line, Emmett fell into the silence before continuing, “It’s alright if you don’t like it. We can watch other shows. By the way, some recent movies are not bad, we…”

“No, thanks, Emmett,” Stella continued, “For the past few weeks, I do appreciate your accompany. I also want to apologize to you as well. No matter what, I must make it clear to you…”

Emmett interrupted her, “Stella, I know what you want to tell me. Please don’t apologize to me. I’ve done everything at my own will. I just hope you could give me another chance. Please don’t make a decision so soon.”

Stella looked out of the window, “It’s my own problem. I probably could never…”

“As soon as you’ve ensured that you’ll reconcile with Clarence Conrad, I’ll leave you in peace and send you my best wishes.
However, before that, I will never give up.”

“Emmett…” Stella suddenly lost her tongue.

Emmett added, “Stella, please don’t feel stressed. I just want to fight for my happiness. I’ve missed a chance several years ago.
This time I don’t want to miss the chance again.”

After hanging up the phone, Stella was sitting on the edge of her bed, lost in thought.

Soon, her cell phone started ringing again. It was a call from Channing, asking her if she had gone home.
Channing moved out of Daniel’s apartment and rent a new apartment in the same building.

Stella answered, “Yes, I’m home.”

After a pause, she asked, “Where have you been? Did you just get home?”

Channing was quiet for a few seconds. Then he said, “Winnie came to find you in the studio earlier.” ‘Then?”

“I saw you napping, so I went out for dinner with her.”

Stella smiled, “I see.”

Channing explained, “Last time you said the thing that happened to me caused her a huge loss. So I should thank her, shouldn’t 1?”

Stella admitted and encouraged him, “Yes, that’s what I said. You are doing a good job.”

Channing didn’t speak.

Stella added, “All right. Go to bed early.”

Channing asked, “Did Clarence Conrad bother you again?”

“How did you know?”

‘I guessed.”

Stella rubbed her nose awkwardly. She gave him a lame explanation, “He was delivering something to me.” After getting the answer, Channing didn’t insist on asking for more details. He hung up the phone.

Listening to the beeps from the phone, Stella exhaled deeply.

Holding a pillow, she lay prone on the bed and looked ahead. Her mind was messy.

A few clients requested to have the end products before the New Year. Hence, Stella quickly adjusted her status and returned to work.

She decided to take things that happened in the two days in Angiao Street as a dream instead of being bothered by it all the time.

In the afternoon, Sherry went out for shooting photos. Channing went to deliver the end products to the clients. Stella stayed in the studio, sorting things out.

Right then, she heard a woman’s harsh voice behind her back, “I wondered how busy you are and you won’t even come to the classmate reunion. It turns out you don’t have a single customer in your shabby studio.”

Stella recognized who was there even without turning around.

Madison crossed her warms on her chest and glanced around the studio. Then she looked at Stella again and said unhappily, “Stella, are you humiliating me, or do you look down on your college classmates?”

Stella looked at her and smiled perfunctorily, “You’ve got the answer already. Why would you still ask me?”

“You…” Madison wanted to blow up, but she held her anger back, “Forget it. I’m not in the mood to argue with you. After all, you’ve divorced and you have such a shabby studio. I know you must be quite stressed. It’s normal that you feel too ashamed to attend the reunion.”

Stella said, “You are right. I can’t make much money by running my studio. Usually, I don’t have customers. Since you’ve come here today, I guess you want to let me make some money, don’t you?”

Madison held her arms across the chest and raised her chin arrogantly, “Of course. You don’t care about our friendship as classmates. I will.”

“Oh. That’s great. Thank you in advance,” said Stella with a smile, “Currently, I only have the private custom service here. The design fee starts from a hundred thousand per piece, excluding the material and labor cost. For your identity, you must need top jewelry. I happen to have a gem that could be made for earrings. It’s sold at three hundred thousand in the market. Since you came here deliberately to bring me profits, I won’t charge the labor cost from you. I’ll also give you a discount. Three hundred and eighty thousand in total. What do you say?”

As soon as Madison heard that the design fee would cost a hundred thousand per piece, his expression slightly changed.

When Stella told her the total, Madison couldn’t keep calm any longer, “Stella, are you robbing? What kind of thing will costs hundreds of thousand? I can buy something from other stores at…”

Stella smiled and said, “Well, that’s who my studio works. Although I don’t have many customers usually, I could still afford the rental after getting an order.”

Madison made an excuse, “How would I know if you have raised the price when I’m here? It always happens that the business owners have framed their acquaintances in business.”

“You can completely rest assured. I haven’t charge you an extra penny. Do you know Winnie Truman? She’s my loyal customer.
Besides her, a lot of movie stars also ordered some jewelry from my studio, including…”

“Enough. Enough.” Madison realized that her excuse didn’t work, so she had to find a new one, “My husband doesn’t like me to wear earrings. Do you have other kinds of jewelry?”

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