Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 249 Can’t a Divorce Woman Live on

Before Stella answered, Madison looked at a necklace in the display rack. Immediately, she said, “I want that one. It looks good.” Stella shook her head slightly, “I don’t think that one fits your charisma.”

Madison tossed her hair behind her ear and snorted, “For a woman like me will always have a charisma no matter what I wear, unlike others who need the magnificent accessories.”

“If you truly like that necklace, I can give it to you as a gift. It’s not costly anyway.”

Upon hearing it, Madison was annoyed, “Am I such a kind of person who wants to take advantage of you? Since I said I want to buy something here, I must pay for it. Your studio doesn’t have good business. Don’t puff yourself up at your own cost.”

As she spoke, Madison pulled out her bank card from her purse, ready to pay.
Since she was so determined, Stella raised her eyebrows, “All right.”

After scratching the card, Madison stared at the messages. When seeing that only eighty was deducted from her card, she felt deeply humiliated.

Stella said affirmatively that all things in her studio would cost over hundreds of thousands earlier. Madison thought that things in her store cost at least several thousand for a piece.

However, she hadn’t expected that the necklace turned out to be so cheap.

She realized that Stella was mocking her by using that necklace. She hated Stella to the core.

Just when Madison prepared to blow up, a mid-aged man in his thirties or forties walked in.

Madison rolled her eyes and walked over, “Logan, here you came! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Logan said, “I’m sorry. There was traffic on my way here.”

As he spoke, he looked at Stella, “I guess you are Ms. Radomil, whom Madison always mentions to me.” Madison said, “Why so rush? I haven’t made an introduction to you guys yet.”

She looked over at Stella while holding her own arms, “This is Logan Johnson that I mentioned to you earlier. He’s my husband’s coworker. Manager Johnson is a capable man and a quite outstanding talent.”

While introducing Stella, Madison curled her lips, “This is Stella Radomil. As you know, she’s my college classmate. She’s quite good-looking, but her relationship was less rewarding. She didn’t meet the right man. Now she’s running this studio.”

Logan reached his right hand to Stella, “Ms. Radomil, nice to meet you” He gazed at her, making Stella sickened.
Stella didn’t shake hands with him. Instead, she slightly nodded in response, “Hi.”

Seeing that, Madison added, “Since you don’t have any customers here, why don’t you close the store? Let’s go out for a cup of coffee. You can talk to Logan more.”

Stella refused, “No, thank you. I have nothing to talk to him.”

Madison said, “Stella, alas… I’m not blaming you, but you’ve divorced once. Why are you so reserved? Logan has lowered himself to come to meet you today. You’d better don’t push your luck too far. You can’t pretend to be superior!”

Logan tugged Madison to stop her, “Please don’t say that. It’s my pleasure to meet Ms. Radomil. Besides, I’m just a manager of a company. I didn’t low myself to come here.”

Madison cast Stella an unhappy glance, “Look at him!”

Stella believed that she was so polite since she hadn’t kicked out Madison directly. This was the first time that she encountered someone who was more shameless and able to distort truth than Clarence could.

Stella inhaled deeply. Ignoring Madison, she said to Logan, “Mr. Johnson, I don’t know what Madison has told you. I never agreed to let her arrange a blind date for me, and nor did I have this plan. Nice meeting you.”

Logan paused a bit and then smiled. He said, “It’s alright. It’s always a good thing to know a new friend.”

As he spoke, he pulled out a business card from the pocket of his suit jacket.

On the business card, Stella saw Steward Group.

It turned out that Madison’s husband was working for Steward Group.

Stella thought for a moment and said apologetically, “Mr. Johnson, I’m sorry. We don’t know each other at all. I don’t think it’s necessary to be friends.”

Madison seeing that, feeling Stella deliberately wanted to humiliate her. Let alone the necklace, Stella made her so embarrassed in Logan’s presence. Hence, she said rudely, “Stella Radomil, do you think you are still the spoiled princess by Horace Jason in the past. Wake up. You are just a dumped divorced woman. It’s your honor that Logan wants to friend with you. You’d better appreciate it.”

Stella said with a smile, “What hilarious things are you talking about? I didn’t provoke anyone. You came to my store and made a fuss. Now it turned out to be my own bad. Besides, so what I’m divorced? Can’t a divorced woman live on? Should I find a place to commit suicide?”

Obviously, Madison had never expected that Stella had such a sharp tone. She kept stammering but couldn’t utter a complete sentence.

Right then, Logan said, “Ms. Radomil, I agree. It’s nothing for someone to divorce. Besides, you are so charming and smart.
Even you are divorced, you should have a lot of admirers.”

As soon as he finished his words, they heard a man’s voice from behind, “Hey, Stella.”

Madison looked over and frowned, “Emmett Carter? Why are you here?” Emmett cast her a careless glance, “I’m here to find Stella.”

“Since when did you guys become so close?”

Emmett said, “I’m pursuing Stella. Can’t you see it?”

Madison’s expression changed dramatically, widening her eyes in disbelief.

Logan returned to his senses first. He walked up and said, “Excuse me. Are you Mr. Carter from Star Ferry Technology? I’m a project manager from Steward Group. My name is Logan. Nice to meet you.”

As he spoke, he bowed at Emmett and gave him his business card.
Emmett took the business card over and slightly nodded at him, “Hi, Mr. Johnson. I’ve heard about you for a long time.” Logan looked quite delighted, “Mr. Carter, do you know me?”

Madison had been showing off her husband to Emmett. Much to her surprise, she witnessed Logan’s attitude to Emmett, feeling as if her husband was at a lower level.

She said casually, “Emmett and we are college classmates. Since you both know each other, why don’t we go out to have a talk?”

Logan looked over at Madison, “Are you Mr. Carter’s college classmates?” Madison raised her chin, “Of course. We’re always pretty close to each other.”

Logan thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Carter, it’s so nice to meet you here. I want to invite you, Ms. Radomil, and Madison for dinner today. What do you think, Mr. Carter?”

Emmett said, “No, thanks.”

He looked over at Madison and said indifferently, “Stella and I don’t know her much.”

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