Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 250 Mr. Thomas’s Birthday Banquet

After Emmett finished his words, Madison’s face kept changing between red and livid. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Logan looked at her meaningfully. Then he said to Emmett, “I see. Mr. Carter, I’ll visit you alone in the near future. I’m not holding you up today. Nice meeting you.”

Then he turned to Stella and nodded at her, “Ms. Radomil, see you around.”

After Logan left, Madison glared at Stella in anger, “Are you two in collusion? You deliberately embarrassed me, didn’t you?” Stella asked in amusement, “Did I invite you here?”

“You…” Madison bit her bottom lip tightly, “Wait and see!”

After that, she stomped violently, turned around, and strode away.

Emmett withdrew his gaze. He looked at Stella, “Stella, she’s always like this. Just ignore her.”

Stella faintly smiled, “Il know.”

Madison came here to sicken her on purpose. If she got angry, wouldn’t she have fulfilled Madison’s wish?

After a moment, Stella asked, “What brought you here, Emmett?”

Emmett pressed his lips and said, “Stella, tomorrow Mr. Thomas will hold a birthday banquet. He wants me to take you to attend it.”

Stella was a bit taken aback, “Me?” “Yes,” Emmett said, “If you are not willing to attend it, it’s alright. I can make an excuse to tell him that I can’t make it.” “Please don’t…” Stella thought for a moment and asked, “What time tomorrow?”

The last time she went to Cameron’s house for dinner, and she hadn’t had any chance to thank him yet. Now Cameron invited her to attend his birthday banquet. She couldn’t have any reason to turn him down.

Besides, if Emmett wouldn’t attend it because of her, it would be quite embarrassing.

Emmett breathed a sigh of relief secretly, “At seven tomorrow evening. I’ll pick you up at six o’clock.”

Stella nodded slightly, “Okay.”

Since Emmett had other things to deal with, he didn’t stay in the studio long. Soon, he left.

Stella stood motionlessly for a while. After heaving a sigh, she bent over to pick up the necklace that was tossed on the ground by Madison.

Soon, Sherry came back. With a gossiping expression, she said, “I saw Emmett’s car has just left. What did he say to you?” Stella answered, “He invited me to go to a birthday banquet with him tomorrow.”

“A birthday banquet? Whose banquet is it?”

It would be quite complicated for Stella to explain clearly. At least she needed to mention Annie.

Stella briefed the story, and Sherry was enlightened. Then she hit the nail on the head, “That means Clarence the wretched man was also there when you went to the old man’s house. He knows that old man. I’m sure he will also be in the birthday banquet tomorrow evening.”

Stella was speechless.

She wondered why she hadn’t thought about it earlier.

Sherry made hay while the sun shone, “Stella, have you made up your mind?”

Stella didn’t get it, “On what?”

“Of course it’s on your choice between Emmett Carter and Clarence Conrad. Which one would you choose?” Stella parted her lips, but she couldn’t utter a word.

Sherry put her arms on the cashier machine, supporting her cheeks, “If I were you, it would be quite difficult for me to choose as well. One is the ex-husband who has realized the love and started pursuing you, and the other is the business young talent who had been secretly admiring you for six or seven years.”

Stella said crossly, “What nonsense are you talking about?” After a long moment of silence, she continued, “I’ve considered trying to start with Emmett, but…”

“But you’ve realized that Clarence the wretched man was the man whom you like truly. Also, you don’t think you could let go of those things that happened between you two and you can’t be reconciled with him. Right?”

Stella didn’t nod until a long time later.

Sherry heaved a sigh, “I’m not experienced in such a matter, so I can’t give you any practical suggestions. However, please don’t rush to make your decision. Probably there would be better men in the future. You should be patient and cast your net widely.
You can’t miss any good big fish.”

Stella laughed, “Yes, I agree with you.” Sherry patted her on the shoulder, “Good. That’s what you should be like. You are a playgirl. How can you give up the whole forest just because of a single tree?”

After arriving home in the evening, Stella took a shower and came out of the bathroom. She was fumbling for something while bending over next to the desk. By accident, she knocked over a gift box next to it, and something dropped.

Stella turned around and saw the frame of best wishes was lying on the carpet.

Her temples popped. Then she squatted down to pick up the frame.

In the photo, Clarence slightly bent over. He tilted his head while talking to her. His face looked rarely tender.

But the premise should be if Stella hadn’t remembered what he was whispering in her ears at that time.

She stared at the photo for a while, then put the frame back into the box. Then she put the box at the bottom of the closet.
After it was done, Stella wanted to heat a glass of milk. Her cell phone on the desk started ringing.

She walked over and cast a glance. Thought of the devil and he came.

Stella didn’t swipe to answer the call after several seconds later, “Hello, Mr. Conrad. It’s so late now. What’s up?”

“I miss you.”

“Mr. Conrad, if you don’t have anything else, I’ve gotta go.”

Clarence said, “Stella, to be police, you should answer ‘I miss you, too’ instead of making an excuse.”

Stella was reluctant to show weakness, “To be police, I don’t think you should make such a call, Mr. Conrad.”

After a moment of silence, Clarence continued, “It’s just a prologue. I have something else to talk to you about.” Stella let out a hollow laugh, “Mr. Conrad, if you need to talk about something with me next time, you can speak directly. You don’t need such a scary prologue.”

Clarence pressed his thin lips and said, “Attend an event with me tomorrow evening.”

“lm sorry but I have an appointment already.”

“Cancel it.”

‘lL can’t.”

Clarence asked unhappily, “You don’t want to see me so much, do you?”

Stella opened the window to get some fresh air, “If I admitted it, will you stop showing up in front of me, Mr. Conrad?” “Do you think it’s possible?”

Stella choked up.

The wretched man answered so naturally, and Stella was amazed.

She said, “Mr. Conrad, I need to go to bed now. See you.”

After that, she hung up the phone directly.

The CEO’s office, Conrad Group.

Listening to the beeps on the phone, Clarence creased his handsome brows. He asked in a cold tone, “When was Mr. Thomas’s invitation sent here?”

Nathan answered, “About two hours ago…”

“When did Emmett go to her studio?”

“Probably four or five hours ago.”

Clarence pressed his thin lips and didn’t speak.

It meant that Emmett got to know about Mr. Thomas’s birthday banquet earlier than he did.

Moreover, Emmett went to see Stella and invited her to be his date earlier than he did.

Nathan added, “Mr. Conrad, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Carter are close to each other, so it’s normal for Mr. Cater to know it earlier.”

Clarence gently knocked on the desk with his fingers, “Will Charles Steward attend it tomorrow evening?”

“According to our investigation, he will.”

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