Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 251 She Is Suffering in Love Now

Clarence squinted. If Charles would go to Mr. Thomas’s birthday banquet, he would definitely meet Stella face-to-face.
Clarence believed that by then he would probably know what on earth Charles was planning.

Nathan said, “Mr. Conrad, besides Charles Steward and Mr. Carter, Mr. William will attend the banquet as well.” Clarence said indifferently, “Do you think it’s a coincidence or a plan for Daniel to meet Phoebe?”

“Mr. Conrad, you meant…”

“Recently, Vincent found that the first startup funding for Emmett’s Star Ferry Technology when it was found abroad was from a company named Hertz. This company also cooperated with Complex Corporation soon after that. The owner of Complex Corporation is quite close to William.”

Clarence sensed that Daniel, Emmett, William, and even Cameron had certain connections with each other.

As long as he looked into them more deeply, he could see the complicated network between them. He could tell that they seemed to appear with a certain common goal.

Cameron hadn’t held a banquet to celebrate his birthday for several years. At this critical moment, things that happened should be not so simple.

And a corner of the layers of mist would probably be exposed tomorrow night.

Clarence said, “Add more guards around the hotel tomorrow. Stella is always stupid on this kind of matter. She could only walk into others’ trap step by step.”

Nathan whispered, “Mr. Carter shouldn’t be using Mrs. Conrad, and nor would he do anything to harm her…”

Before finishing his words, he felt a cold gaze from the opposite. Immediately, he swallowed back the words and answered, “Okay, Mr. Conrad. I’ll get it done now.”

As the door of the office was closed, the office was back to silent again.

Clarence leaned against the back of his chair, looking at the re-framed photo on his desk. He pressed his thin lips, lost in thought.

Shortly after, his phone rang.

It was a call from Vincent, “You are right. Your trace in Aqock has been exposed. Joanna Perez is looking for your mother.” Clarence curled his lips into a sneer, “She acted pretty soon.”

“Not only are the bodyguards from the Perez family working for Joanna Perez. I can’t even find out the background of others.” Clarence said flatly, “Soon the force behind her would make a move.”

By then, Joanna would have walked into his trap step by step.

At six o’clock in the evening, Emmett appeared at the door of the studio, “Hi, Stella. Are you ready?” Stella picked up the gift on the cashier’s desk and smiled at him, “Yes. Let’s go.”

She didn’t know what kind of gift she should take, but she recalled the tea set in Cameron’s house. Hence, she bought some tea to please him.

Sitting in the car, after a long while, Emmett said, “Stella, there’s something that I haven’t told you yet.” “What is it?”

“Clarence Conrad will go to the birthday banquet tonight as well. You would meet definitely. But, it’s alright, I’ll be always with you. On that occasion, I don’t think he would dare to go too far.”

Stella slightly nodded without speaking. She didn’t know what to say.

After twenty minutes, the car was parked at the hotel entrance.

Cameron was a highly respected man in City N. The guests attending his birthday banquet were all influential ones in town.
When Stella and Emmett entered the hall, they met two of them.

Seeing them, Phoebe chuckled, “Mr. Carter, I didn’t expect you have brought Ms. Radomil here. I thought you would come here with Clarence, Ms. Radomil. It seems I still don’t know you much.”

Emmett said coldly, “Stella is a guest invited by Mr. Thomas in person. Mr. Steward, I don’t know what you meant.”

Upon hearing it, Phoebe didn’t look surprised. Instead, she said with a smile, “I see. Ms. Radomil, it seems you are quite important. You even know Mr. Thomas, and he invited you in person. I’m sorry for being ignorant.”

Right then, they heard a man’s deep voice, “Phoebe.”

Phoebe looked back, “By the way, Dad, I haven’t made the introduction yet. This is Mr. Carter from Star Ferry Technology. And this one… I’m sure you know. She’s Clarence’s ex-wife.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Charles glanced over them and his gaze fell on Stella’s face. He slightly squinted.

Stella said calmly, “Ms. Steward, I know you don’t like me a lot. But since you’ve started the introduction, I must clarify – My name is Stella Radomil but not ‘Clarence’s ex-wife’.”

If it weren’t that Phoebe’s father was there, Stella wanted to ask Phoebe if she would be quite joyful when hearing she addressed her as “Clarence’s former fiancé with the called-off engagement”.

In the past, no matter how hard Phoebe managed to approach her and wanted to become her friend, Stella always distanced herself from Phoebe, because she wanted to avoid such a situation like this.

However, it still ended up in this way.

Why would she bear the consequences of what the wretched man had done?

Phoebe sneered. When she was about to say something, Charles said, “Ms. Radomil, I can see you are not normal. No wonder you could have married into the Conrad family.”

Stella slightly smiled without answering.

She wasn’t in the mood to wonder what he implied.

Emmett said, “Mr. Thomas’s banquet is about to start. Please excuse us. Suit yourselves.”

After that, he took Stella away.

When they walked into the hall, almost all the guests had arrived.

When Emmett and Stella walked to Cameron, they saw him wearing a traditional Chinese-style custom and talking with William while holding his walking stick.

Seeing them, Cameron smiled and said, “Emmett, Ms. Radomil, there you came. Is it cold outside today? Thanks for coming.” Stella smiled, “Its not that cold.”

After they chitchatted for a moment, a bodyguard walked over and whispered to Cameron.

Cameron looked at Emmett and then Stella. After he answered, he waved to let the bodyguard go.

Cameron said, “Emmett, there are some desserts and hot drinks over there. Please show Ms. Radomil around.”

Emmett said, “Okay, Mr. Thomas.”

Stella realized that Cameron was sending her away deliberately, so she nodded with a smile and followed Emmett to leave.

A few seconds later, Emmett said, “Stella, please don’t take Phoebe Steward’s words to heart. She’s suffering from love now, so she purposely targeted you.”

Upon hearing it, Stella felt a bit surprised, “Isn’t she dating Daniel? Why…”

Emmett smiled and took over a glass of champagne from a waiter, “You shouldn’t know yet – she’s going to engage to Clarence’s Conrad’s alder brother. The ceremony will be held next month.”

Stella widened her eyes in surprise. She obviously never expected it turned out to be that way.

“But, hasn’t she once engaged to Clarence?”

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