Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 252 What Was the Wretched Man Mocking about

Emmett smiled and get another glass of wine for her, “Those people only focus on the interests and value from the marriage for convenience. Hence it’s not important whether she has engaged to Clarence Conrad before. Besides…”

It was because Clarence had canceled the engagement with Phoebe, Charles and Dempsey could cooperate.
Stella pressed her lips and didn’t speak.
No wonder Phoebe was so hostile to her recently when they met. It turned out to be because of that.

Phoebe had been planning to marry Clarence, but in the end, she had to engage with Justin. Last time, she also saw Clarence and Stella having dinner together. That was why she wanted to vent her anger on Stella.

Stella paused a bit and asked, frowning, “What about Daniel and her?”

Emmett raised his head and gulped down the champagne and turned to look in a short distance, “Please don’t worry for him. He has ways to resolve it.”

Stella followed his gaze, only to find Daniel also had come. He was talking to Cameron now.
Emmett was close to Cameron and Daniel was his friend. It was not surprising that Daniel and Cameron were also close.
However, Stella didn’t understand, wondering what kind of ways Daniel had to resolve the problem.

The engagement between Phoebe and Justin was a combination of interests from the Conrad and Steward families. She wondered if Phoebe’s father would change his mind just because of Daniel’s reasons.

The only reason to cancel the engagement would be one party had a better choice.

Right then, a waiter walked to Emmett and whispered to him. Emmett frowned slightly. Then he said to Stella, “Stella, please wait for me here for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

Stella slightly nodded in agreement, “Okay.” Before leaving, Emmett looked around. After ensuring that Clarence wasn’t around, he strode away with the waiter.

Stella held the champagne flute and took a sip. When she was about to look over at Daniel and Mr. Thomas again, she found they had disappeared in her sight.

Suddenly, she heard a man’s indifferent voice behind her, “Are you looking for me?”

Stella kept quiet.

She slowly put down the flute. She didn’t want to look back at all.

The next second, she felt the man’s warm breath on her fair neck and he whispered in her ear, “Are you looking for Emmett Carter, then? Stop it. I don’t think he would be back shortly.”

Upon hearing it, Stella couldn’t help but frown. When she turned around and wanted to say something, she found the wretched man’s face was way too close to her. Her lips brushed through his cheek, leaving a slight lipstick trace.

Clarence looked into her eyes, raising his brows, “We’re in public. It’s not appropriate. After we got home, you can do whatever you want. I won’t resist.”

Stella choked up.

She wondered if he was in his right state of mind.

She took a step back and said crossly, “Mr. Conrad, you know we’re in public. Aren’t you afraid that others would watch the fun?” Clarence said calmly, “They have eyes, and I can’t cover all of them, can 1?”

Stella wasn’t in the mood to talk nonsense with him. When she was about to leave, her wrist was grabbed, “Where are you going?”

“The ladies’. Mr. Conrad, would you like to go as well?” “Since you are begging me, I can accompany you to go there.” If it weren’t that there were too many people, Stella wanted to teach him a lesson.

Shaking off his hands, she walked forward. After taking a few steps, she heard the wretched man’s voice, “Wrong direction. It’s that way.”

Stella suddenly stopped. After inhaling deeply, she walked towards the direction mentioned by Clarence.
She wondered what was wrong with the wretched man. He followed her to the ladies.

After going out of the banquet hall, Stella saw the sign of the restroom and also heard someone whispering. Right then, the man who had been following her suddenly wrapped around her waist, dragging her to the corner nearby.

Before Stella utter any sound, her mouth was covered gently.

Right then, the people who were talking were passing them by.
It turned out to be Daniel and Phoebe.

After they had gone far, Stella pulled down Clarence’s hand, “Mr. Conrad, what guilty things have you done? Why do you need to hide from them?”

Clarence withdrew his hands and put them in the trouser pockets, “Do you want to say hi to her then?”

Stella slightly snorted. Ignoring him, she walked into the ladies’.

When she came out, Clarence was smoking while leaning against the balcony. He looked quite calm.

Seeing her out, Clarence put out the cigarette butt and tilted his head, “Let’s go.”

After a few seconds, Stella couldn’t hold back any longer. She asked, “What kind of excuse did you use to send Emmett away?” “Do you truly want to know it?”

“Forget it.”

Without thinking, she knew the wretched man wouldn’t give her a proper answer at all.

When they approached the entrance of the banquet hall, they encountered William who was about to leave.

The latter greeted them with a smile, “Hi, Mr. Conrad, Ms. Radomil.”

Clarence asked indifferently, “The banquet has just begun. Mr. William, are you leaving now?”

William answered, “Yes, I have something to deal with. I need to go now.” “The show tonight hasn’t started yet. Mr. William, what a pity if you’re leaving so soon.” Although Clarence was quite aggressive, William kept smiling politely, “Mr. Conrad, I don’t quite understand what you meant.”

He had known that Clarence was looking into him and he was alert on everything. Unexpectedly, he still let Clarence get some flaws.

William continued, “Mr. Conrad, if there’s nothing else, please excuse me.”

Clarence didn’t say anything else. Looking at William’s receding figure, he curled up his thin lips into a sneer.
Stella looked over at Clarence, wondering what the wretched man was mocking at.

Clarence met her gaze. He bent her finger and knocked on her forehead, “What are you thinking about?” Stella curled her lips and withdrew her gaze, walking into the banquet hall.

Since she had given Cameron the gift, she wanted to leave now, so she decided to tell him before taking off.
When she found Cameron, he was talking to Charles, Phoebe, and Daniel face to face.

After a hesitation, Stella walked over and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Thomas. I’ve gotta go now. Happy birthday to you.” Cameron looked back, “So soon? Where is Emmett?”

As soon as he finished asking, he saw Clarence who followed Stella to come over.

Instantly, he understood something.

The young man was truly capable.

Right then, Phoebe smiled and said, “Ms. Radomil, you came to Mr. Thomas’s birthday banquet not only with Mr. Carter but also with Clarence. You’ll make others envious.”

Stella smiled without speaking. She said to Cameron, “Mr. Thomas, I’m taking off now.” After that, she turned around to leave.

However, after she took a few steps, Phoebe’s voice rang out behind her, “Wait, Ms. Radomil.”

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