Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 253 Why Pestering

Stella calmly looked back and asked expressionlessly, “Yes, Ms. Steward? What’s the matter?”

Phoebe looked at Clarence and then at her, “Ms. Radomil, it’s so difficult for you to have a chance to enter such a banquet. If you go now, wouldn’t it be a pity?”

Before Stella said anything, Clarence said coldly, “Why a pity?”

Phoebe smiled, “Nothing. I just think since Ms. Radomil was invited by Mr. Thomas in person if she leaves before the party ends, it’s not so appropriate. Anyone who is well-educated and polite wouldn’t leave before it ends.”

Since the atmosphere was getting tense, Cameron coughed, “Ms. Steward, you’ve exaggerating it. It’s just a birthday. Nothing particularly important.”

“Mr. Thomas, I know you are generous and don’t mind Ms. Radomil. However, something has been in the bones and was born with. What do you think, Clarence?”

Her words didn’t only mock Stella but also Clarence.

After a few seconds, Stella said with a smile, “Ms. Steward, you are absolutely right. Something was born with. One cannot change her class origin, but no matter how well she tries to hide, one day, she would still expose how arrogant, mean, and rude she actually is under her pretty appearance.”

As soon as she finished the words, Phoebe’s expression changed dramatically. She looked extremely annoyed.

Right then, Cameron also calmly echoed, “Ms. Radomil, I agree with you. No matter how well the disguise is, the original face will be exposed because of those things born with.”

When he spoke, he cast a glance at Charles intentionally and unintentionally.

Compared to Phoebe’s embarrassment, Charles looked quite expressionless. He snapped in a deep voice, “Phoebe, you were being quite rude just now. Apologize to Ms. Radomil.”

“Not necessary.” Stella still smiled and looked at Phoebe. She continued, “Ms. Steward, I know you don’t like me at all. I hope you can understand I’m not the person who has caused the current situation. You shouldn’t have always picked a weak lamb.”

After finishing her words, Stella nodded slightly at Cameron and turned to leave directly.

Clarence stood motionlessly. Slightly raising his brows, he said to Cameron, “Mr. Thomas, I’ve got to leave as well.”

Cameron nodded.
Pressing her lips, Phoebe immediately walked away.
Seeing that, Daniel hurriedly followed her.

When they were gone far, Cameron looked over at Charles, heaving a sigh, “I didn’t plan to get involved in this matter. Since the children came to me, please reconsider the marriage with the Conrad family.”

Charles said, “I’ve done it for the sake of Phoebe’s happiness.”

Cameron held his walking stick and said calmly, “I’m not sure if she’ll be happy or not. She used to be engaged to Clarence Conrad. Even if she married into the Conrad family, they would often meet each other. It’ll be quite embarrassing.”

Charles didn’t speak.

Cameron added, “Although Daniel can’t compare to the Conrad family in terms of the power, he loves Phoebe truly. Besides, Phoebe likes him as well. Why don’t you let them have a try rather than binding two people who don’t like each other together?”

“The engagement has been decided. If I called it off now, I can’t explain to the Conrad family.”

“If you feel disgraced to say it, I can help you.”

Charles had never expected that Daniel would ask Cameron to help.

Although the Steward and Thomas families had almost lost contact, in the past, they were quite close.
For some reason, Charles couldn’t refuse Cameron at all.


Charles squinted, looking in the direction where Stella was gone, lost in thought.

After a while, he said, “I know it’s not the best choice for her to marry into the Conrad family. The engagement has been decided, if I called it off now, Phoebe’s engagements will be called off twice in three months. You know how harsh the rumors are. I don’t want her to be harmed again because of this.”

Cameron thought it over and didn’t answer.

What Charles said was indeed a huge problem. Let alone canceling the engagement again, the most important was Phoebe’s reputation.

Charles’s words did make sense, and Cameron couldn’t retort.

When Cameron was about to say something, Charles said, “I know you dote Phoebe since she was a kid. Now you are thinking about her lifetime happiness. However, under the current situation, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for her to marry into the Conrad family.”

Seeing that, Cameron couldn’t insist on persuading him any longer. He could only give up.

Out of the hotel, Stella was about to leave and she saw Emmett heading inside. He came to her and was about to speak, and then he saw Clarence following her. Emmett understood everything immediately.

He suggested, “Stella, let me give you a ride home.”

Stella checked her cell phone and refused, “No, thanks. The taxi I called has arrived. I’m leaving now.”

As she spoke, a white car was pulled over at the entrance of the hotel.

Stella smiled at Emmett gently and trotted to get in.

When Clarence was to follow her, Emmett subconsciously stopped him. Clarence said indifferently, “Mr. Carter, please move.” “Mr. Conrad, you know Stella doesn’t want to see you. Why still pestering her?”

“Did she tell you herself?”

“Mr. Conrad, you know it well. Why would you bother to ask?”

Clarence sneered, “Mr. Carter, if you have any clear estimation of yourself, you shouldn’t have said so. Don’t you know who she likes?”

Upon hearing it, Emmett gradually pulled a long face. He didn’t answer.

Clarence added, “Mr. Carter, since we met, I want to give you a kindly reminder – I don’t know what you are planning behind, and I’m not interested, but you can’t drag Stella into the mere.”

“Mr. Conrad, you don’t need to worry about it. I’ve never wanted to pull Stella into any danger.” “However, you know Phoebe Steward will attend the banquet tonight, you still brought Stella here.” Emmett’s expression slightly changed, “I planned to keep her accompany all the time. Mr. Conrad, it was you…”

Clarence interrupted him flatly, “Don’t make any excuse. If you care about her, you wouldn’t have brought her here since you could predict what kind of embarrassment she would face.”

Emmett knew what Clarence said made sense. Lowering his head, he didn’t retort.

Clarence was right. He knew that Phoebe would definitely show up in the banquet, and she would trouble Stella, but for competing with Clarence, he still invited Stella to attend the banquet with him. He didn’t even consider the consequences and he used Cameron’s name.

Clarence added, “Mr. Carter, I’m sure you’ve seen that Stella didn’t want to have any further relationship with you besides being friends. You’d better cut your losses in time. Mr. Carter, don’t always try to ruin others’ family.”

Clarence bypassed him and strode away.

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