Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 254 You Ruined My Appetite

Half an hour later, the white car stopped in front of the apartment.

Stella got off. When she was heading into the community, she saw the wretched man’s car was pulled over on the roadside.
She wondered why he had arrived earlier than she did.

When Stella curled her lips, the door of the Rolls-Royce was opened. She saw the man’s tall and strong figure.

Clarence cast her a glance calmly, “Why are you running so fast?”

Stella answered seriously, “Going home for dinner.”

“That’s good. I haven’t had it either. Let’s have dinner together.”

Stella was speechless.

She said crossly, “Mr. Conrad, don’t you have your own home?”

Clarence turned around and walked forward slowly, “A home is called home with family. Otherwise, it’s only a cold house.” “Mr. Conrad, are you studying the family affection recently?”

Clarence ignored her. Standing in front of the building entrance, with a hand in his trousers pocket, he slightly tilted his head, hinting at her to open the door.

Stella inhaled deeply, taking the card from the bag.

After the door was unlocked, Clarence pushed the door open and let her in first.
Stella said, “Mr. Conrad, I didn’t know you are such a gentleman before.” Clarence raised his eyebrows, “It depends on whom I’m with.”

After walking out of the elevator, Stella entered the passcode to open the door of her apartment. As soon as she pushed the door open, Sherry’s voice was heard from the inside, “Stella, how did your date with Emmett go? Have you…”

Sherry hadn’t finished her words. When she saw the wretched man behind Stella, she suddenly stopped.

Then she let out a hollow laugh and turned around, “Ah, I’m so sleepy suddenly. I’m going to bed now!”

After that, she trotted back to her bedroom without looking back.
In the living room, Channing also put away his laptop and picked up the bag. He stood up and said, “I’m going home now.” Rubbing her forehead, Stella heaved a sigh.

After only Clarence and she were the only two left in the living room, Stella said, “Mr. Conrad, now you know how much you are not welcomed here.”

Clarence asked, “Are you sure they left because they don’t welcome me?”

Upon hearing his words with implication, Stella gritted her teeth. She was not in the mood to talk nonsense with him. Taking off her coat, she walked into the kitchen.

She checked the fridge, only to find two tomatoes.

Anyway, she hadn’t planned to make him a feast. She decided to make do with it.

Ten minutes later, the noodle soup with fried tomato and eggs was ready.

When Stella walked out with the noodle soup, Clarence had been sitting at the dining table.

She put a bowel in front of him and reminded him solemnly, “Mr. Conrad, please don’t misunderstand. I allowed you to come upstairs for dinner because I used to stay in Ms. Anderson’s house without paying her. There are no other special meanings.”

Clarence curled up his lips, “Ehn. I know it.”

Upon hearing his extremely perfunctory answer, Stella suddenly realized that she shouldn’t have said so. Probably, he truly misunderstood it after she had said so.

Stella walked into the kitchen again and took out her own bowel. She sat diagonally opposite him.
Clarence looked over at her, “Why are you eating so little?”

Stella didn’t raise her head and answered casually, “I’m on diet.”

“Why do you eat noodles so late if you are on diet?”

Stella choked up.

She looked into his eyes expressionlessly, “Mr. Conrad, if you don’t want to eat it, just leave. You ruined my appetite.” Clarence said, “I’m afraid you’ll be starved at night.”

Stella’s temples popped. She had explained several times that she used to eat a lot because she was pregnant at that time. Why did the wretched man mistake her like a hungry hog that could never get enough food?

Seeing that she was angry, Clarence said calmly, “Go ahead with your noodle soup. I’ll stop.”

Stella had been hungry for a whole night. She drank some champagne, so her tummy was a bit uncomfortable. After eating the small bowl of warm noodle soup, she finally felt cozier.

When she put down the chopsticks, Clarence asked, “Why did you fight with Phoebe today?”

Stella probably didn’t expect that he would suddenly ask her about it. After a moment of silence, she said, “Do you mean she may scold me, but I’m not allowed to reply?”

“Aren’t you so tolerant always?”

“I can tolerate her up to three times, but I’m a beauty, not a ninja turtle.” Clarence choked up.

A few seconds later, he burst into laughter.

Stella just said that casually, but she didn’t expect that the wretched man laughed out. She felt a bit embarrassed, and her ears were blushed with burning heat, “What… what’s so fun about it? Didn’t I tell the truth?”

Clarence put one fist against his lips and coughed, holding back his laughter. He said in a deep voice, “Yes, you are right.” Stella was irritated by his laughter. She immediately stood up, cleaned up the table, and walked into the kitchen.

While doing the dishes, she gradually calmed down.

In fact, she had never planned to get into any conflicts with Phoebe. When she was trapped in the Conrad family, she could see clearly that she couldn’t fight against those merciless capitalists. As long as they moved one finger, she would be doomed.
Hence, even Phoebe kept mocking her, Stella didn’t take her words to the heart. However…

After Phoebe said the very last words, she felt blood surging into her brain and couldn’t help but retort her ironically.

Now thinking about it, Stella didn’t think she had done it wisely. Besides, Phoebe’s father was also there at that time. She made Phoebe disgraced. Without any doubt, they would take revenge on her for sure.

Upon realizing it, Stella heaved a sigh in silence. It seemed that shortly after she could lead a peaceful life, she would encounter all kinds of accidents.

After doing the dishes, she walked out of the kitchen, only to find that Clarence was standing on the balcony, lost in thought. She asked, “Mr. Conrad, why are you still here?”

Clarence answered flatly, “How rude I would be if I left right after finishing eating.”

Stella was speechless.

Did he think he was always polite?

She checked the time and reminded him, “I’m going to bed now.”

Clarence turned around, “Aren’t you on diet? You can’t go to be right after eating.”

Stella closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

The wretched man was always good at looking for a flaw that didn’t exist.

She wondered if he hadn’t realized that she was sending him away.

When Stella was about to make it clearer, Clarence strode in from the balcony and sat on the sofa, “I have something to tell you.” ‘I don’t want to listen.”

Clarence raised his head, looking over at her unhappily.

Stella pressed her lips and sat down opposite under his pressure, “Mr. Conrad, please go ahead.”

She meant to ask him to get out as soon as he finished.

He crossed his slender legs and asked calmly, “When did you get to know that Jeffrey Radomil isn’t your biological father?”

Stella was taken aback, “How did you know it?”

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