Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 256 The Truth Will Out

Of course Stella was just saying. How could she be stupid enough to go to the Steward family to ask this? Wasn’t this simply digging her grave?

Clarence said, “Afterwards when you meet Phoebe again, no matter what she says, don’t get into a head-on confrontation with her, just like before.”

Clarence got up, flicked her forehead with his finger, and laughed, “Don’t you just be all talk and no action. Take it to heart.”

With Stella’s eloquent skills, Phoebe was definitely no match for her if Stella opened her mouth. But, the more she did so, the more trouble she got into.

Stella waved his hand away displeasingly, “I know. Did you ever stop to think about the one who caused her to be targeting me so much?”

Clarence raised his eyebrows and withdrew his hand into his trouser pocket, “I’m leaving. No need to see me off.” “Don’t worry, Mr. Conrad, I didn’t even intend to.” Where did this wretched man ever get his confidence from?

After Clarence left, Stella cleaned up the living room. Then, when she was just about to go back to her room, Sherry quietly opened the door and popped her head around the door, whispering, “Has Mr. Conrad left?”

“He’s gone.”

Only then did Sherry let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the bedroom. She nestled into the sofa and said blankly, “My life is getting worthless. Stella, if I offend Mr. Conrad badly one day, please ask him to let me keep my whole body.”

Stella was speechless.
She sat next to Sherry and laughed, “It’s not that exaggerated.”

Sherry said solemnly, “I swear that I’ll never set you up with Emmett again. I get caught in the act every time. I guess it’s probably just God’s will.”

Saying that, Sherry added, “Eh, what did he just say to you for so long? I didn’t get to hear anything inside there.”

Mentioning this, Stella was silent for a few seconds before speaking, “He said that my real father might probably knew Phoebe’s father.”

At that, Sherry’s eyes widened, “Really?”

Stella nodded and briefly told Sherry all that Clarence had just told her.

After listening to it, Sherry had an incredulous expression and only then responded after a while, “I knew Phoebe wasn’t a good person at first sight. She had finally revealed her true nature. It seems that like father like daughter. They are so nasty!”

After a pause, she said, “Stella, so what are you going to do now?” Stella exhaled gently and looked aimlessly ahead, “I don’t know. I’ll wait and see.”

Clarence said that Phoebe’s father’s side was definitely watching every move that Stella made now. Plus, what happened at the birthday banquet tonight, the Steward family had even more of a legitimate excuse to deal with her.

Sherry said with a sigh, “No wonder you never wanted to search for your real father before. It seems you made the right choice.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been a thorn in Phoebe and her father’s side.”

Stella shook her head gently, “Even if there is no such thing, I feel that these truths will surface sooner or later.”

‘That’s right. The truth will out. Everything is destined.”

Stella added, “Don’t you ever say those words just now in front of Chan.”

Hearing this, Sherry patted her head, “Right, silly me. Don’t worry. I’ll Keep my mouth shut and promise not to say anything.”

Chan wanted to help Stella find her birth father out of the goodness of his heart. If he knew that he had put Stella in danger just because he had started the search, he would be in deep remorse.

Sherry was just talking casually just now, and she didn’t even think about that yet.
Stella got up and said, “Well, it’s getting late. Get some rest.”

Sherry nodded, “You go and wash up first. I’ll watch TV for a while.”

“Okay.” Stella went back to the bedroom to get her clothes and then went straight into the bathroom.

Not long after, Sherry heard the doorbell ringing. At first, she thought Clarence had returned, so she walked over in fear.
However, when she stood in front of the monitor, she saw Daniel standing outside.

Sherry couldn’t help but grimace and hesitated for two seconds before opening the door.

When the door was opened, Daniel saw Sherry and paused for a moment before saying, “Is Ms. Radomil back? I’m here for her.” Sherry answered, “She’s back, taking a shower.”

Daniel replied, “I’ll come back later then.”

Sherry didn’t intend to let him come in and have a seat. Just as she was about to close the door, Daniel suddenly said, “I bought some cake on my way back. I saw that you liked it last time. Do you want some?”

Sherry smiled perfunctorily, “No thanks. I’ve been on a diet recently and have given up sweets.” Daniel didn’t say anything else, nodded and turned to leave.

Sherry closed the door and had just sat down on the sofa when the bathroom door was opened, and Stella came out while drying her hair, “Sherry, who were you talking to just now?”

“Daniel. He said he was looking for you.” Sherry added, “He bought a cake and asked me if I wanted to eat it. Don’t you think he is strange? He gets even more intrigued as you ignore him.”

Stella stood in place for a while before heading back into the bathroom, “I’ll dry my hair first, and then go find him later.”

In fact, Stella could have guessed the reason Daniel came to her.

It was just something to do with Phoebe.

If it were in the past, Stella wouldn’t even care about it. But, it was different now. First, she needed to know what kind of relationship Daniel had with Phoebe and Phoebe’s father. Only by that, she could then take precautions.

After blow-drying her hair, Stella put on her coat and rang the door of the next room.
Soon, Daniel appeared in sight.

Stella smiled faintly, “I heard Sherry say you wanted to see me.”

Daniel nodded, “I think I should apologize to you for what happened tonight.”

‘Is it for Phoebe?”


At that, Stella was a little surprised, “Then…”

Daniel said, “It’s not for anyone. I just simply want to apologize to you.”

All the plans tonight were initially aimed at Phoebe. However, Stella was involved for no reason because of the feud with Phoebe. Daniel felt guilty in his heart for this.

Stella smiled, “If that’s the case, then there’s no need for you to apologize to me. What for apologizing to me?” Daniel pursed his lips and said nothing.

Stella added, “Daniel, if you don’t mind, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Go ahead and ask.”

“I just want to ask. Why did you do this even when you knew about Phoebe’s engagement to the Conrad family?”

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