Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 257 We Should Be on the Same Side

Hearing this, Daniel smiled, “Ms. Radomil, are you trying to ask me what purpose I have in approaching Phoebe? Is that right?” Although Stella’s words were euphemistic, the meaning was not hard to guess.

Stella didn’t say anything, which was considered as acquiescence.

Daniel added, “What if I told you that I did it because I really liked her?”

Stella smiled, “Of course, I would believe whatever you say. And since this question is personal, it’s okay for you not to answer

“That’s not so much. Just that, even if I am up to something, I think we should be on the same side. Don’t you think so?”

The smile on Stella’s face slowly faded. She was clear of what Daniel meant. He expected her to also be on the opposite side of Phoebe. So, even if Stella had guessed that Daniel was approaching Phoebe with some kind of purpose, Stella wouldn’t use this to pin Daniel down.

After a while, Stella said, “Actually, for something so obvious like this, if I can see it, I bet so did Phoebe too.” “This depends on what her ultimate goal is. Having the same goal is the only way to walk on the same path.”

For now, Phoebe just wanted to use Daniel to break the marriage contract with the Conrad family. So, she didn’t care about his reason for approaching her.

As for Charles, although he was clear in mind, he had no tangible evidence and didn’t know about Daniel yet. So, naturally, he wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

Stella raised her lips again, “I know.”

Just as she was about to turn around, Daniel spoke again, “Ms. Radomil, you should have noticed that Phoebe has a lot of animosity towards you. And with what happened tonight, she would make things even more difficult for you. No matter what happens afterwards, it would be best for you not to confront her face to face again like you did today.”

He continued, “After all, there are some tactics that are unimaginable, yet but not something that they won’t do.”

Stella nodded gently, “Thanks.” “You are welcome. As I said earlier, you and I are on the same side.”

When Stella went back, Sherry was sitting on the sofa, hugging a pillow and concentrating on watching the TV, as if she didn’t care at all about what they had talked about.

After hearing the sound of the open door, she got up and said, “Stella, I’m going to take a bath. You get some sleep.” “Okay, good night.” “Good night.”

After entering the bedroom, Stella sat at her desk and took out the photos and a pocket watch from the storage box. She looked at them carefully, and her thoughts couldn’t help but drift away.

She struggled to recall, but there was nothing left in her mind other than the blaze.

After a while, Stella felt a slight headache and was just about to put the pocket watch back when she suddenly remembered what Clarence had said. She turned the watch over and saw a series of numbers at the bottom, which should be the production batch number.

For something twenty years ago, was it still possible to find any clues now?

Stella was silent for a while. She then took out her phone to photograph all the specific details of the pocket watch to see if she could find out anything when she had the chance.

It turned out that Clarence and Daniel were right. And because of Stella’s act at the birthday party, Phoebe’s side soon made a move.
Two days later, a B list actress called Selina Lennon appeared at the studio.

She said that she had customized a bracelet here before, but after taking it back, she found out that the diamonds used on the bracelet were fake, just ordinary glass products.

When Selina came over, she even brought the media with her, exclaiming to defend her rights.

Sherry whispered to Stella, “Do you think this scene looks like the one before when that shrew came to our shop to cause trouble?”

It was now obvious who had arranged those people in the first place.
Stella pursed her lips, “She’s indeed a customer of our shop and has come more than once.”

According to this, that girl hadn’t come to the studio before, but she had the jewellery sold from the studio in her hands. So she must have gotten it from Selina.

Sherry asked again, “So what do we do now?”

Stella thought for a moment, “Don’t worry about it first. Let her make a scene.”

If things didn’t go too far, how could Phoebe be involved?

Selina obviously came with a purpose. Not only did she specifically come to the shop, but she also spent money to have a lot of Internet trolls steering public opinions.

Stella had already been in the trending topics several times when she was still at SG Jewelry Magazine. And so, people were familiar with her name.

Selina complained in her lengthy post that she had been introduced by a friend to purchase at Stella’s studio. But, she didn’t expect to suffer such a significant loss. So, she posted this was not to get any compensation but instead to tell everyone about this lesson through her own experience so that others wouldn’t be fooled again.

After this became a trending topic, two more people posted to echoed the sentiment, saying that they had a look at their own jewellery too after seeing Selina’s Weibo.

It turned out that all those jewels on their jewellery were fake.
After this outburst, Stella’s studio faking and cheating consumers became the top trending topics.

“This is the designer of the Puppy Love’ Series under SG before, right? Did I miss something? Since when did she open her own studio?”

‘This is the designer who was rumoured being kept before, right? I was on looking her news for days. I didn’t expect that not only does she have no boundaries on morality, but her character is also problematic.”

“Luckily I never bought anything from her. Think about the ones that went to her studio having a great loss. They just got a piece of glass after spending so much.”

‘It’s so disgusting. Selina is so hapless to have met such a bloodsucker. Yuck.”

Just then, someone also broke the story of a high school girl who had previously stolen her parents’ money to buy jewellery from Stella’s studio.

For a while, the crowd’s anger even surged, having all kind of unpleasant words.
By the evening, the studio stated without haste.

According to the allegations made by Selina and the other two clients today, they rejected and had entrusted their lawyers to represent them in this matter thoroughly. Furthermore, regarding jewellery forgery, they also had evidence in hand to prove that the jewellery sold from the studio at that time was certified and tested by authoritative institutions.

After the tweet was sent out, Winnie Truman was the first to republish it, followed by Stanford from SG, including several other artists, who all republished and liked it.

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