Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 258 My Brother

After seeing the news on the internet, Selina was stunned. She didn’t expect Stella’s studio to produce evidence, and coupled with Winnie’s influence, Selina instantly panicked. She quickly took out her phone to call Phoebe.

Selina asked, “Ms. Steward, this is not what you said before. How come they have evidence on hand?” Phoebe said faintly, “She’s just scaring you. If you really believe it, then you’ll be playing right into her hands.” Despite what she said, Selina was still feeling uneasy, “What if she really has the evidence?”

‘It’s simple. You’re just a normal customer trying to defend your rights. Even if she comes up with evidence, you can just issue an apology statement then. No matter what, the stuff went out from her studio and she has the responsibility to bear any consequences.”

Selina let out a sigh of relief hearing this. Phoebe was right. Even if the public opinion on this matter were reversed, the problem would still lie with Stella’s studio itself. She just had to bite the bullet and say that this was how things were taken home.

After a while, Selina added, “Ms. Steward, then when are we going to sign the contract for the play you promised me?”

Phoebe said, “The contract can be signed at any time. But I think it would make more sense to wait until things are done before we talk about the specific details. Don’t you think so?”

Selina knew what she meant. After the matter was done, the benefits promised to her would be given to her. In contrast, she would get nothing if the issue was not settled.

Selina added, “Don’t worry, Ms. Steward. I have already made a report to the consumer association and her studio will soon be closed for investigation. When the time comes, my team will guide the public opinion again, letting the public think that she was really arrested for forgery.”

“Okay, you take care of it.” After hanging up the phone, Phoebe curled her lips slowly, looking coldly ahead.
At this time, she heard the servant’s voice faintly coming from outside the door, “Master Steward is back.”

Immediately afterwards, the door of the study was opened.

After pausing for a while, Phoebe put away her phone and walked over to knock on the study door.
Soon, Charles’s voice came out, “Come in.” Phoebe gently pushed open the study door, “Dad, I want to talk to you.”

Charles was sitting at his desk, and he put a pocket watch in the drawer, “Are you still wanting to talk about the marriage with the Conrad family?”

Phoebe nodded and slowly said, “The Conrad family’s power is currently in the hands of Clarence. Even if Justin and I did get engaged, it can’t change anything.”

“Phoebe, you’re wrong. The Conrad family’s power is deeply rooted in City N. Even without Clarence, the Conrad family shouldn’t be underestimated too, not to mention that Joanna isn’t as simple as it seems. Justin is gentle and polite. You won’t suffer when being with him together.”

“But I…”

“Phoebe, as long as you marry Justin and give birth to a child within a year, I promise you that the whole Conrad family and Steward family will be the child’s.”

Clarence’s existence was too dangerous both for the Conrad family and for Charles. This was why he had agreed with Dempsey.
On the other hand, the Conrad family was now trying to wrest power away from Clarence at all cost.

Phoebe frowned, “But what if there isn’t?”

Charles looked at her, “Phoebe, nothing is impossible in this world.”

“But I don’t want to marry Justin. You know how he is. Wasn’t this the reason you didn’t let me marry him back then?”

“Things are different now.”

Phoebe said in disbelief, “Dad, I don’t understand why you would suddenly make such a decision. I can’t accept it.” Charles had never forced her ever since she was young.

Moreover, Phoebe was still reluctant now. She couldn’t believe that Clarence would get back together with Stella.
How could she just stand by and watch them being together while she was not well off?

After a long while, Charles suddenly said, “Phoebe, there’s something that I’ve never told you. It’s time to tell you the truth since you have grown up.”

Phoebe frowned hearing this, not knowing what he was going to say.

Charles slowly stood up, took out a box from the hidden compartment of the bookshelf, and handed it to Phoebe. Inside the box was a picture of two people.

Phoebe was puzzled, “This is…” One of the men in the photo looked like it should be Charles when he was young.
As for the other man, she had never seen him before.

Charles walked to the window and said, “The other man in the photo is my brother.”

Phoebe was stunned, “But why have I never seen him?”

“Because he died twenty years ago in an explosion.” Charles stood with his back facing her, and his emotion was elusive, “In that explosion, it was not only him who died but also his wife and daughter.”

“How could such an explosion happen?” Charles smiled, “That’s because he wanted to put me to death.” Phoebe was dumbfounded, not expecting to hear such an answer at all, “Then, the burns on your neck came from this?”

Charles nodded, “I had thought that this would have ended twenty years ago, until recently, I found out that his daughter hadn’t died and had even come back.”


Charles narrowed his eyes, turning back, “That person is Clarence’s ex-wife.”

Phoebe widened her eyes, hearing that, being incredulous.

“But isn’t Stella’s father a gambler? Back then, he…”

He had even sold his daughter to Twilight Club. Otherwise, Stella wouldn’t have met Clarence there.

Charles continued, “I later went to investigate and found out that her mother didn’t die at all. After the explosion, she remarried and went incognito along with her daughter to avoid responsibility.”

“Which means she was involved in that explosion against you in the first place?”

“At least she was in the know.” Charles added, “At that time, I had already taken over the Steward Group. However, he was bent on coveting the shares I had. So, he planned that out, only to end up harming his own family.”

Phoebe said, “You are worried that Stella will also come with the same purpose as her father. So that’s why you want to join forces with the Conrad family?”

“I’m not sure yet. It’s just that I can’t take the current situation lightly. My life doesn’t matter as I had survived twenty years ago.
I’m just worried about you. That’s why I agreed to the engagement with Justin on your behalf.”

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