Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 259 Reflect on Yourself

At the studio, those from the consumer association came to ask about the situation and left. It wasn’t just like what Selina thought of that the shop was closed for inspection.

After those people left, Sherry clicked her tongue, “I didn’t expect that it feels so good to have a backer.”

The shop assistant at the side didn’t understand what she meant and asked dumbly, “What backer?”

Stella was just happened to walk over and heard their words. She then smiled, “It’s nothing. Don’t listen to her nonsense.” The shop assistant knew that this wasn’t her business. And so, she turned around and ran off to do something else.

Stella stood at the front desk and sorted out Selina’s purchase records at the studio. Apart from Selina, the other few people who complained on Weibo about the fake products they bought at the studio were simply trying to stir things up.

With Selina leading the charge, even if they clarified that those people weren’t clients of the studio, no one would believe them, only thinking that they were diverting attention.

Sherry looked at the information, “Luckily I had taken photos to commemorate each piece of finished jewellery at that time.
Otherwise, we would have really fallen into these people’s trap.”

And on top of that, all of the jewellery and accessories that Stella sold had regular partners, and they cooperated with several luxury retailers. So, it was absolutely impossible to fake.

Stella said, “Phoebe should have known that this matter is just a storm in a teacup. Although things had gone viral, making a scene, the truth will surface sooner or later.”

Sherry wondered, “Then, what for doing all of this?” Stella smiled, “To teach me a lesson perhaps.” “What the hell. That’s disgusting.”

Stella said, “Ever since Clarence broke off the engagement, Phoebe has always thought that everything was because of me.
Plus, I made her look bad at the birthday banquet that day. So, how could she possibly hold back this anger?”

Sherry shook her head, “No, you’re wrong.” “Huh?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier that Phoebe looks hypocritical? She had deliberately approached you before even getting engaged with Clarence back then. It was indeed premeditated as thinking about it now.” After a pause, Sherry rubbed her chin and said solemnly, “But then again, it was right for her to think that you are the reason why Clarence and her broke off their engagement.”

Stella was speechless.

As Sherry just said, the man that they just talked of showed up in the studio.
Sherry coughed and found an excuse to slip into the lounge.

Although their shop wasn’t closed for investigation, the studio was still deserted, not a single customer at this moment. This was all because of the influence of public opinion and other external factors.

Clarence entered the studio as if he had returned to his own home. He walked to the sofa and sat down naturally, pressing his brows and saying, “Make me a cup of coffee.”

Stella was speechless.

This wretched man could even say this out, treating this place as the Conrad Group.

Stella stopped what she was doing and went to the pantry to brew him a cup of instant coffee.

After placing the cup of coffee in front of Clarence, she said petulantly, “Mr. Conrad, you do really make yourself at home here.” Clarence picked up the cup, “You’re really strange for saying that.”

He took a sip of his coffee, with his eyebrow knitted. In the end, he said nothing and just put the cup on the coffee table.

Stella said, “Mr. Conrad, are you here for something? If not, please go back. I don’t have time to entertain you either.”

Hearing this, Clarence glanced over the empty surroundings, “Not free?”

Stella gritted her teeth, “Mr. Conrad, get to the point.”

Clarence crossed his long legs and said slowly, “I told you not to confront Phoebe head-on, but I didn’t tell you to act like a pushover and let her take advantage of you.”

“Then, what you mean is…”

“After the incident, why didn’t you come to me immediately?”

Stella couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you trying to say that if Phoebe provoked me, I don’t start a head-on confrontation with her, but instead come and complain it to you?”

‘This is just the rational allocation of effective resources to get the maximum benefit.”

Stella was silent for a moment before saying, “You don’t have to worry about this. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Clarence’s face turned cold, “I almost forgot, you still have Emmett. I don’t need to worry so much then.”

Stella was speechless again.

This wretched man was insane, having such a jumping mind.

He was just talking about Phoebe and suddenly switched to Emmett in the next second.

Stella reminded solemnly, “I think if you have the time to fuss about this, how about you reflect on yourself that why Phoebe has targeted me.”

“Isn’t this a question that you should reflect on?” Clarence tapped his knee and said without haste, “You probably may not know that Phoebe had wanted to marry me three years ago. If you hadn’t had begged me, she might have been my wife now.”

Stella sneered, “Then in the end, it was me who have ruined your good deed.” “You’re right too to understand it that way.”

If Stella had a broom in her hand, she would really want to throw him out.
Within a few seconds, Emmett’s voice came from behind, “Stella.”

Stella turned around and smiled at him gently.

Clarence’s gaze fell on Emmett’s face and narrowed his eyes at him, finding that Emmett’s smile was harsh.
Emmett’s gaze swept over Clarence and said faintly, “Mr. Conrad is also here.”

Clarence said, “It seems that there really isn’t much work at Star Ferry Technology by the end of the year. You’re quite idle, Mr.

“Yeah, but not as good as Mr. Conrad.”

Seeing that things were getting awkward for the two, Stella coughed, “Do you guys want something to eat? I’ll order some afternoon tea.”

Emmett replied, “Sure.”

Clarence answered, “Sure.”

The two of them almost sounded simultaneously.

Stella’s eyes twitched, and she quickly fished out her phone.

After ordering, she said, “You guys sit down first. I’m going to the bathroom.”

Stella immediately fled.

After coming out of the bathroom, she dragged Sherry out with her.

But when they came out, there was already no sign of Emmett in the studio.

Stella looked around, “Where’s Emmett?”

Clarence slowly sipped his coffee, “Something happened at his company and so he left.” Stella frowned at him, “What have you done again?”

Clarence looked displeased, “What do you mean by that?”

“Wasn’t you the one who tampered with the annual meeting of the Star Ferry Technology before to make them go to the resort?” Clarence pursed his lips and said icily, “Did Emmett tell you this?”

Stella said, “Whether he told me or not, isn’t this the truth?”

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