Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 260 The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Seeing that the two were about to argue with all guns blazing, Sherry slipped away again.

Clarence put down his coffee cup and raised his eyes to look at Stella, “Am I that kind of person to you?”

“Yes or no, is it up to me?”

The wretched man had said before that he was a no-good. But, he sounded like he was being slandered at this moment.

Clarence said, “The resort needed to be booked a month ago. How do you think I could have foreseen that he was going to take you with him?”

Stella froze hearing this.
She hadn’t expected him to answer like that.

Clarence gave her a look and added, “I told you before that Emmett is not as simple as you seem. The only reason he would say this to you is because he is jealous of me.”

Stella subconsciously asked, “Jealous of you for what?”

“Jealous of me being the one you like.”

Stella was speechless.

She spoke with difficulty, “Mr. Conrad, do you think that everyone thinks the same way as you?”

Clarence said unhurriedly, “Then you should give me a reasonable explanation as to why he would lie to you.” Stella was silent and couldn’t think of what to refute.

Clarence said, “Stella, you must know that I will never do anything to hurt you. All I want is that one thing. But, Emmett is different. You know nothing about his background and intentions.”

“Come on, quit while you’re ahead. You have also done those things before. Don’t act innocent.”

Clarence was speechless.

Stella sat on the sofa quietly.

It reminded her when the wretched man said this.

Daniel and Emmett were friends, and they should be here for the same purpose.

And they were aiming at the Steward family.

Thinking of this, Stella glanced at Clarence several times, but she didn’t say anything.
Clarence slowly said, “It’s not too late for you to apologize to me now.”

“Mr. Conrad.”

Hearing her sudden serious tone, Clarence looked at Stella as he raised his eyebrows slightly, gesturing for her to continue.
Stella gently pursed her lips, “If Phoebe marries your brother, will it have a big impact on you?” “Caring about me?”

“Forget about it then.”

Clarence chuckled and finally spoke seriously, “It has not much impact, only that it will become a bit tricky when dealing with some matters. But, you don’t have to worry about me. It’s not a problem for me.”

Stella ignored his words, “I think that this union might not come to fruition in the end.”

She had always thought that Daniel and Emmett came prepared. But, since their target was the Steward family, how would they let Phoebe get engaged with Justin and expand the Steward family’s power?

Clarence curled his lips, and he didn’t retort.

Stella thought for a moment before saying, “Mr. Conrad, you should also know that Daniel’s identity is not simple. And he should have the same goal as you too.”

“You mean, letting me work with him?”

‘This is just the rational allocation of effective resources to get the maximum benefit.”

As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Since they both had the same purpose, why couldn’t they cooperate?

Clarence sneered, “You watch and learn. Not bad.”

Stella blushed at his words and coughed unnaturally, “I’ve always been one to take the best from the best.” And she added, “Retaining the good stuff without the bad one.”

After a moment, Clarence said, “Whether it’s Emmett or Daniel, neither can be trusted. You should stay away from them too.” ‘Oh.

After a few minutes, Sherry came in carrying the afternoon tea Stella had ordered earlier, “Stella, that… Mr. Conrad, please have something to eat before you continue.”

Clarence got up and said faintly, “I still have something to do. I’ll leave first.” Stella said, “Didn’t you just say you wanted to eat?”

“For a man’s words, some can be trusted and some not. Consider this as a free lesson for you.”

Stella was speechless.

After Clarence left, Stella and Sherry simultaneously looked at the large pile of food they had ordered, wondering how they would finish them.

None of the two men, who had just been fussing about eating, ate it.

Stella rubbed her brows. After giving the afternoon tea to the staff in the shop, she distributed the rest to the people in the next shop.

At the same time, the public opinion on the internet was still fermenting. Selina took advantage that Phoebe backed her. She did her best to get the job done to get what she deserved. She even aggressively hired internet trolls to spam on the internet.

She even rehashed the previous incident about Stella being kept, embellishing and making it as realistic as possible.
Just when Stella’s scandal gradually overwhelmed the jewellery forgery, one of SG’s employee posted a tweet.

“You guys have to be sensible. I know nothing about the jewellery forgery and I won’t judge it either. But, the story about Stella being kept is so outrageous. You’d probably want to bite your tongue if you knew who her ex-husband was.”

“You can just say it’s a whitewash post, no need to pretend like that. Moreover, who knows whether if her ex-husband has existed or not. Would she even tell you that she’s a mistress?”

“So what? Just tell us who her ex-husband is. Is it going to shock me or what?”

“By the way, wasn’t someone mentioned earlier that she was kept by someone of the Conrad family? According to what you said, are you going to say that her ex-husband is the president of the Conrad Group? It’s really laughing my ass off. Who are you scaring?”

After this last comment was posted, some internet trolls even screenshotted it and added some text to point out that Stella was delusional, daydreaming.

As things went viral on the internet, the Conrad Group’s official Weibo commented on a post by one of the trolls that cursed Stella the most, “Are you okay?”

Once this comment was made, those who had been fussing got even more excited.

“Look at it. Stella has been riding the wave of the Conrad Group and even forced them to come out personally to disprove the rumours.”

“Hahaha. Stella probably might never think of having such an honour in her life too. I wonder how the Conrad Group’s employees would feel when they read this.”

“Way to go! No need to show mercy for such a shameless person! I think Stella is not far from being banned from the industry after offending the Conrad Group this time. It serves her right!”

Just when everyone thought this move by the Conrad Group’s official Weibo aimed at Stella, their following comment blew everyone’s mind.

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