Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 261 The One That Reply Was Mr. Conrad

His reply could be seen in all the negative comments about Stella, his words were straightforward and mean.
A crowd of supporters had suddenly turned and begun boycotting the official account of the Conrad Group.
“He’s such a mental, weirdo.”

“Guess this is a fake or stolen account.”

“Can’t the employees in Conrad Group be a little more humane? Why would he add oil to the flame? He should be fired right away, how annoying!”

“The upper executive should come forward and teach your employee a lesson, don’t act like a mad dog. I’m commenting on Stella, not him, why would he scold me?”

When the netizens were speechless, a message was released by the upper officer from Conrad Group. ‘Thank you, everyone, there’s nothing we could do, the one that replied was Mr. Conrad.’

Netizens, ”…”

Next, an employee from SG Jewellery who released the news uploaded a text too. ‘I’ve told you, but you didn’t believe, Ms.
Radomil’s ex-husband was Mr. Conrad.’

After this statement was released, all the negative comments about Stella in the message before this were deleted within thirty seconds.

While everyone thought Mr. Conrad was going to continue the argument with the netizens, the Conrad Group released an official statement.

‘All the negative comments and accusations online towards Ms. Radomil were not true. Ms. Radomil was Mr. Conrad’s legally wedded wife, despite they divorce due to misunderstanding, they are still on good terms.

Presently, Mr. Conrad is pursuing Ms. Radomil, we urge all netizens to please comment rationally, otherwise, the Conrad Group remained the right to take legal action against untrue and defamatory statements made.’

Conrad Group was a huge corporation, they had a professional lawyer team, once they decided to take legal action, the lawsuits became inevitable, it was no joke.

The online discussion stopped at once.
Those online commentators and marketing accounts were paid parties, they would retrieve their participation once the issue had gone out of control.

In the meantime, Selina’s face stiffened reading the official statement released by the Conrad Group. She fell seated on the couch like her energy was drained out of a sudden.

She then called Phoebe with her trembling hands after suddenly recalling something. She stuttered, “Ms. Steward, have you seen the news online? Stella… She’s…”

“I know.” Selina stunned, “Oh gosh, we’re doomed!”

Phoebe spoke with a slightly annoyed tone, “What are you nervous about? I’ve tald you as long as you insisted that was what you received, no one could do anything.”

“But… That’s the Conrad Group, my small trick can’t deceive them.” Selina then asked cautiously, “Why don’t I release an apology statement now?”

“It will only prove that you did wrong if you release a statement now. Stella has no evidence yet, I don’t know what you are afraid of.”

Selina bit her lips, “Ms. Steward, I’m afraid to offend the Conrad Group, they might boycott me.” Phoebe mocked, “What a joke, do you really think Clarence is the king?”

“But the Conrad’s power in City N is…”

“Is the Conrad only powerful family in City N? What about the Steward?”

Phoebe’s words put Selina at ease.

She dared not make reckless decision and actions now, let’s wait for the response from Stella, if they provided proof, she would apologize right away.

Stella’s studio on the other hand didn’t participate in the discussion but remained silent instead.

The quieter it was, the more anxious Selina became.

“That wretched man showed us another side of him, standing up for his lover, how touching.”

Stella, “…”

Sherry put down her mobile and ran into the kitchen. “Stella, are you really not reading?”


Stella replied while rinsing the vegetables and then went for other ingredients.

Sherry read out loud every single replied from Clarence, it made no difference whether she read it or not.
Sherry took a bite of an apple and leaned against the door frame. “Emmett lost this round.”

Emmett didn’t lose only this round, he had never won.

Stella sighed, “That’s enough, tell Channing the meal is ready.”

“Alright, I’ll call him right away.”

Stella glanced at her mobile after Sherry left, paused for a few seconds and immediately looked away.

She wanted to ignore the online discussion, this was not her first time being scolded and planned to counter-attacked Selina slowly after the new year, in the meantime exposed Phoebe too.

But the wretched man intervened… And messed up her thoughts.
He had been trying so hard to win her heart but Stella never expected him to go to such extend.
It was quite unbelievable.

Who would have guessed that a CEO would use the company’s blog account and argued with netizens who made negative comments about her?

Apart from being mean-mouthed, none of the actions was his usual self.

However, everyone has a new perspective towards Clarence due to this online war, there were even netizens who suggested him to have a talk, teaching others how to play with words when scolding others. They even offered to pay.

During meal, Sherry noticed Stella smiled on her own and she waved in front of her. “What’s in your mind?” Stella put on a serious face right away, she blushed. “I…l’m eating, why?”

Sherry moved her lips but didn’t expose her, “New year’s eve is two days later, any plan?”

Stella, “Let’s just stay at home.”

Recalling what happened last time, she immediately added, “Only three of us, don’t invite anyone else! And don’t let anyone know!”

Channing, “Self-deception.” Stella, “?”

Sherry nodded in agreement, “Yeah, there will be reunion dinner on new year’s eve, even if you don’t mention it, someone would come.”

Stella, “…”

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