Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 262 Stolen Stuff Is Always Better

Sherry explained, “Guess Emmett will be with his parents, so only Clarence will come.”

Stella had a headache.

It was not the first time that wretched man visited unannounced.

She let out a sigh, “Let’s eat.”

Since it was not busy at the studio, Stella gave an extra holiday for everyone to have an early new year.

While she was shopping for groceries, she bumped into a familiar face.

Vivian leaned on a middle-aged man, she stunned when she saw Stella and frowned. “What are you doing here all by yourself?” Stella smiled, “If I’m not all by myself, could I possibly be only half then?”

It would frighten them to death if that really happened.

Vivian’s face stiffened. “No, I mean why isn’t Mr. Conrad with you?”

“Why should he be with me?”

“Isn’t he pursuing you?”

Stella, “…”

The middle-aged man asked, “Vivian, who is this?”

“Oh, it’s Mr. Conrad’s ex-wife, a hot person online.”

The middle-aged man glanced at Stella from head to toes twice, “Seems like Mr. Conrad is always surrounded by pretty women.”

A ringing mobile interrupted them, the middle-aged man frowned and looked disgusted. “I’ll answer the call.”

Vivian loosened her hands, “Go on.”

Vivian turned back to Stella and mocked, “You played so many tricks to married him and made him hates you, finally you are divorced, but he wants you back.”

“Luck seems to be on my side now.”

Vivian grunt, “Don’t go overboard too early, we all know Mr. Conrad well, he changes woman like clothes, he could marry and divorce you and then starts pursuing you now out of nowhere. Who knows when will he get bored and dump you again. It’s too early to celebrate.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

She then swept a glance casually at the middle-aged man on the phone. “Let me advise you, don’t keep being a home wrecker, there are consequences.”

Vivian didn’t care what she said, she folded her arms, “We are just getting what we want, if it weren’t me beside him, they will be someone else too. Do you think the rich one will ever behave? None of them is loyal to their wives, stolen stuff always better.”

Stella smiled in silence.

Vivian indeed was very true in some sense.

All men were alike.

Stella didn’t plan to keep chatting with Vivian and greeted, “All the best then.” Vivian looked at her back with jealousy and hatred.

She was a hot model for the Conrad Group, she had a good future career and life, but since they canceled the contract with her, no other companies dared to collaborate with her, she could only do some magazines shot and took part in small budgeted online series.

Her career was doomed and was forced to survive by being a mistress.
Stella on the other hand was back together with Clarence.
What was so good about her that she was lack at?

The middle-aged man came back after the call, “Mr. Conrad’s ex-wife left?”

Vivian grabbed his arms, “Why? You like her?”

The man smiled and held her shoulders, “All men like beauty, but I’m not as capable as Mr. Conrad to be able to marry such a beauty.”

“Mr. Conrad didn’t marry her willingly, it was all her tricks,” Vivian said.

“Oh? How so?”

“You seems so interested, do you really like her?”

The middle-aged man smiled, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s Mr. Conrad that I’m interested in.”

What would it be sleeping with Clarence’s woman, looked at that seductive face and body, must be awesome.

Vivian saw through him and knew exactly what he was thinking about. She said casually, “Well then I’m sure you know that Mr.
Conrad hates her to the bone, even her name disgusts him.”

The man was surprised, “Didn’t you say Mr. Conrad was pursuing her?” “It was just a sudden interest, if he really likes her, why would he divorced her?”

The man squinted his eyes, “I see.”

Stella met up with Sherry who went to buy some other stuff.

Sherry had big and small bags all over her, “Guess we had everything, huh?” Stella nodded, “I guess so, where is Channing?”

“Channing said there’s something he needs to do and ask us to go back first.” Sherry put the bags down, “Stella, wait for me here, I’ll go get the car.”

“Okay.” Sherry left and Stella took out her mobile to kill time. A black Benz stopped in front of her with the window down.
“Ms. Radomil, do you need help?”

Stella looked up and saw Logan, “Thanks, but I’m waiting for my friend.”

The window at the back seat rolled down, an eight or nine-year-old little girl was seen sitting in the car with a one or two-year-old sitting on the car seat beside her.

Stella recalled Madison mentioned that Logan was divorced with two kids.

The little girl stared at Stella and said, “Hi, you are gorgeous.”

Stella replied with a smile, “Thank you.”

At the same time, she took some of the sweets she bought just now and gave them to her.

The little girl received it after getting approval from her father.

A few seconds later, the car behind honked, “If you don’t need help, I’ll leave now, see you again.” Stella nodded politely.

Sherry’s car stopped in front after Logan drove away, “Stella who did you speak to?”

“Someone brought to the studio by Madison not long ago, she wanted to introduce him,” Stella said.
Sherry, “… Is she nuts?”

Stella replied with a smile then put everything into the car.

Logan made her feel uncomfortable during their previous meeting, but he seemed to be a good father today.

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