Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 263 Overthinking is Useless

Sherry fell onto the couch once they arrived home, “New year is tiring, I will never fight with my mom ever again.” “You can still make it if you go back now, the new year is tomorrow,” Stella said.

Sherry rejected directly. “Though I miss her but I don’t want to listen to her nagging, I will only go back once I found a handsome son-in-law for her.”

Stella, “If you found a handsome one, guess she will kick you out right away.” Sherry sighed, “Difficult to pleased.” Not long after, the doorbell rang. Stella opened the door and saw Emmett.

“I went to the studio and found out that you closed a day earlier. I can’t get through yours or Sherry’s phone, so I come to visit directly.” Emmett said.

He paused and continued, “Stella, there’s something I need to discuss with you.” Maybe Sherry and Stella were in the elevator when he called, no reception.
Stella took a step backwards and said, “Come in.”

Sherry kept drinking water in the kitchen when Emmett walked in, she was afraid that she might be their cupid again once she stopped.

Stella poured Emmett a glass of water, stared at Sherry and asked curiously, “What are you doing?” Sherry waved, “Nothing, leave me alone.”

Stella shrugged and went back to the living room with the water.

She put the glass in front of Emmett and sat on the single sofa, “What would you like to discuss?” Emmett moved his lips and said, “Stella, I need a favor from you.”

“Stop being too polite with me, I’ll help whatever I can, you helped me a lot too,” Stella said.

Emmett said after a few seconds, “Can you go home with me tomorrow night?”

Stella stunned, in the meantime, Sherry choked by water and coughed.
Emmett continued, “I know it’s too sudden, I hesitated before I came to you.” Stella asked, “Go back to your home?”

Emmett nodded. “I’m not young anymore, my parents had been urging me to get married since and keep arranging blind dates for me. I didn’t know what to do and told them I’m in a relationship now, and they want me to bring her home tomorrow.”

Sherry knew he wanted Stella to go back home for the new year pretending as his girlfriend.
Even though it was pretending, it meant something if she followed him home.
It was such a great excuse, perfect.

Emmett continued seeing Stella remained quiet. “Stella, I know you will reject. I lied to my parents because they are old and want them to stop worrying about me. I will tell them the truth tomorrow night and told them I lied too.”

It was hard for Stella to reject after hearing what he said.

She promised just now to help whatever she could.

In addition, she owed Emmett, he helped her a lot.

Emmett continued, “Stella, it’s alright, don’t force yourself, I’m just asking. Forget what I said and forget that I came here.” “It’s not like I can’t help, it’s just…” Stella said.

Whatever, it was just a favor, overthinking is useless, it was just an act to put the old ones at ease.

Stella nodded. “Okay, I will go back home with you tomorrow.”

Emmett let out a sigh of relief and smiled hearing that. “I’ll pick you up in the evening then.”

Stella then asked, “Do I need to prepare gifts or something?”

“No, I will prepare everything.”

Sherry put down the glass and walked out of the kitchen after Emmett left. “You agree just like that?” Stella, “It’s … Hard to reject.”

“True, he uses his parents, it was indeed hard to reject, all parents worry about their children and it was a good act to not make them worry.”

But if someone found out Stella spent the new year in Emmett’s house, he would be infuriated.

Stella let out a sigh and looked at her mobile, “Why hasn’t Channing back yet?”

She dialed his number while uttering the words.

Sherry didn’t say anything and began eating grapes on the couch.

Stella stood at the balcony and asked once the call was connected. “Channing, where are you?”

Channing replied, “I’m caught up with something, don’t wait, go on and have dinner without me.”

With prior experience, Stella doubted and frowned. “What? You are not fighting with your classmates again, are you?” Channing, “… It’s nothing.”

“Alright then, come home early.”


Stella leaned on the pole after the called, she was sunken in thoughts.

In the meantime at the Conrad Group…

Clarence looked at Channing’s mobile and asked, “Your sister?” Channing nodded.

“What did she say?” Clarence asked again.

“She asked when I will be home.” Channing didn’t want to speak about this but asked, “When will we start doing what you said just now?”

“Keep an eye on Daniel for me, find out his purpose getting close to the Steward.”


“No and. It’s good enough if you can get some information from him, don’t think too much.” Clarence replied casually.
Channing frowned, but Clarence had his point, he couldn’t object.

He then stood up. “I’ll go back home if there’s nothing else.”

“Wait.” Clarence called and asked casually, “What’s your sister’s plan tomorrow night?”

Channing knew what he wanted to do, “Eat at home, but my sister doesn’t want you there.”

Clarence bit his lips. “You are too young now to understand. You will know when you have a girlfriend in the future. Woman tend to reject but remain hopeful in the heart.”

Channing, “…” He walked away without replying to him.

Clarence summoned Nathan once Channing left. “Go prepare, I want to visit Stella tomorrow night.” Nathan asked, “Mr. Conrad won’t go home for the new year?”

“We are at war now, why would I go back?”

Nathan nodded, “Yes.”

After a while, Nathan continued. “Mr. Conrad, the Perez took some actions lately, they wanted to create trouble with Mrs. Conrad but we stopped them.”

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