Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 265 She Looked Like Someone

Since it was the new year, Sherry didn’t give Daniel a hard time during lunch.

Stella and Channing went to Jeffrey’s grave after lunch.

Stella couldn’t utter a word looking at the picture on the tomb.

She hated Jeffrey when he was alive and wished countless time that she was not his daughter.
And her wished came true.

There was no father and daughter love between them all the while, it was irony to look back at what happened.
Channing bent and put the flower in front of the tomb. He looked calm.

After a few minutes, “Let’s go,” Stella said.

Channing stood up and ready to go but saw a cigarette butt at the side of the grave.

“What happened?” Stella asked.

Channing frowned, “No one else would visit Jeffrey apart from us.”

Stella nodded. “No one else knows his grave is here.”

Channing moved his lips and asked Stella, “Do you have any tissue?”

“Yes.” Stella took out a small packet of tissue from her pocket and gave it to Channing.
Channing took out all the tissues and picked up the cigarette butt and put it back in the packet.
Stella frowned looking at him, “Channing…”

Channing replied, “We have to be cautious.”

This was the first time Stella saw Channing being this cautious. She asked after a few steps. “Channing, do you know something?”


Stella opened her mouth but stopped, “Nothing, will you hand it over to the police?”

Channing became quiet for a while, “When will you go to Emmett’s home?”

Stella, “…” Alright, she won’t ask anymore.

After they were out from the graveyard, Stella said, “Channing, go home first, I’ll go buy something.”

Even though Emmett said not to prepare gifts, but since she agreed, it’s rude to visit the elderly empty-handed.

Stella headed to the mall after bidding Channing goodbye. She didn’t know Emmett’s parents, didn’t know their preferences, so she bought some nutritious products.

It was five in the evening when Stella arrived home.

There was a missed call and an unread text on her mobile.

She bit her lips, kept her mobile aside and pressed the password.

Sherry was alone laying on the couch, watching TV while having snacks.

She looked up hearing sound, “Stella, why are you so late?”

“I went to buy something.” Stella changed her shoes, “Channing is not back yet?” “No, I thought he’s with you,” Sherry replied.

“I asked him to come back first.”

Stella sat on the couch, thought for a while and decided to call Channing.

He must have had brought the cigarette butt somewhere.

Sherry said, “Stella, stop worrying about Channing, he is an adult, he knows what he is doing.” “I feel that he is behaving weirdly lately, he hide something from me.”

She had never intervened with Channing’s life before.

But so many things happened lately, it was hard not to overthink.
“Could he be in love?” Sherry asked.

“… Not possible.”

Being in love would not be this mysterious and serious.

Sherry then said, “It’s different, Channing’s personality is different from the others, and he is in his youth now, it’s normal to be a bit rebellious.”

Sherry continued, “Don’t overthink it, you should think about how to handle the situation tonight instead.”

Stella asked, “What’s the situation?”

“Don’t you need to go to Emmett’s house? What about that wretched man?”

This made Stella angry slightly, “Who cares about him, he can do whatever he wants, I don’t owe him anything.” Sherry let out a sigh, she didn’t even sure if Stella could come home tonight.

Not long after, Emmett called, he arrived downstairs.

Before Stella left, she reminded Sherry, “There is some leftover from lunch, reheat it for dinner with Channing, guess there won’t be delivery service tonight.”

Sherry nodded. “Go ahead, don’t worry about me.”

Stella took the gifts and went downstairs.

When Emmett saw her, he said lowly, “Stella, didn’t I say not to buy anything? I’ve had everything prepared.”

Stella smiled, “This is out of respects to your parents.”

“My parents will adore you,” Emmett said.

City N was quiet today, not many cars seen on the roads, guess everyone went back to hometown for the New Year.
Stella looked at the New Year’s decorations on the street and thought about something.

When they stopped for the traffic lights, Emmett glanced at her and called. “Stella.”

Stella turned, “Yes?”

Emmett replied, “Sorry for taking up your time at moment like this.”

Stella smiled casually, “It’s alright, I had lunch with Channing and Sherry, and we could meet each other anytime we want, it’s not a big deal.”

They arrived at the Carter not long after.

Emmett reminded her when they were getting off the car, “Stella, my mom and dad might ask about our wedding plan, please don’t mind and I will do the talking.”

Stella nodded lightly, “Alright.” Stella let out a sigh before entering, despite being an act, she was still nervous.

Emmett held her hand a second before they stepped in. Stella stunned and automatically pulled it back but Emmett’s mom appeared in front of them. “Emmett, you are home.”

And then she looked at Stella, “This must be Stella, what a beauty.”

Stella nodded to her, “Hi Mrs. Carter, I’m Stella.”

Emmett’s mom held her arm, “Quick, come in, don’t keep standing at the door.”

Emmett’s dad was reading papers about scientific research on the couch, he looked stern and serious.
Emmett’s mom was eager to introduced Stella, “Honey, come meet Stella.”

“Hi, Mr. Carter.” Stella greeted.

Emmett’s dad was stunned when he looked at Stella, she looked like someone.

Emmett’s mom immediately went forward and slapped on his shoulders, “What’s wrong with you? She said hi.”

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