Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again – Chapter 266 Heartless and Frenzied Wretched Man

Hearing this, Emmett’s father regained his presence of mind and nodded gently at Stella, “Have a seat.” Emmett’s mother said, “Stella, you sit here for a while. The meal will be ready soon.” Stella said, “Auntie, let me help you.”

“Don’t mention it, how can I let you offer help when this is the first time you come to our house. Come, have a seat.” As she said, she shouted at Emmett, “Emmett, come over to accompany Stella. There are fruits and snacks on the coffee table. Take what she likes to eat to her.”

Emmett walked over while smiling, “Alright, got it.” Emmett’s mother instructed Emmett’s father with a few more words and went into the kitchen to do her work.

Emmett’s father took the remote control and turned off the TV. Then, he looked at Stella and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “How old is Ms. Radomil today.”

‘l’ll be 26 after New Year.”

“Then you have the same age as Emmett’s, he is a few months older than you.” After pausing for a while, he added, “Ms.
Radomil, did your parents say anything about the matter that you and Emmett come to our house to celebrate New Year?”

Emmett frowned and said, “Dad.” After he reminded, Emmett’s father only remembered his previous words so he did not ask further.

Stella maintained a pleasant smile and replied softly, “My mother died when I was very young and my father also passed away not long ago.”

Emmett’s father picked up the cup and took a sip, “I’ve asked too much, don’t take it to heart, Ms. Radomil.” ‘It’s okay.” Since she was Emmett’s girlfriend, it was very normal that his father would ask about her family when she came to his house.

Emmett’s father added, “By the way, I heard Emmett say that you guys were classmates before and you guys didn’t contact each other after he went overseas. You guys met each other again during the classmate meeting a few months ago, is that so?”

Stella nodded slightly, “Yes.”

“Then this is also a rare serendipity.”

At this time, Emmett’s mother came out from the kitchen with dishes in her hands, “What are you guys talking about, eat first, let’s talk after we eat.”

Emmett’s father got up, “Let’s go to eat.”

Stella walked to the kitchen and when she was just about to help get the bowls and chopsticks, Emmett’s mother said, “Stella, have a seat, just let Emmett’s father help me.”

Emmett’s voice sounded next to her, “It’s okay, they’ve always been helping each other like this.” Stella withdrew her gaze and her lips curled into a pleasant smile.

Emmett must be very happy to have grown up in such a harmonious family.

Not long after, the reunion dinner officially started.

Emmett’s mother went to turn on the TV and played the Spring Festival Gala. She said while smiling, “It’s New Year, it’s better to have some related atmosphere.”

As she spoke, she went to sit at the table and said to Stella, “Quickly try it, Stella, see if the food is to your liking.” Stella said while smiling, “The dishes made by Auntie are delicious.”

Hearing this, Emmett’s mother was relieved, “It’s good that you like it. I was afraid you wouldn’t be used to it. I was busy with work before I married Emmett’s father and I rarely stayed at home. I learnt cooking in the past two years.”

Emmett said on the side, “Stella is very good at cooking.”

Hearing this, Emmett’s mother said surprisingly, “Is that so? I have to learn from you then.”

Stella felt abashed upon hearing the praise, “Auntie, you’re flattering me, I only know a little bit.”

“Stella, don’t be modest. Emmett is very fussy about what he eats. If he says it’s delicious, it must be of five-star standard.” As she said, she added, “When did you start learning how to cook?”

Stella said, “I’ve been living with my younger brother since I was young, so I slowly learnt how.”

But at that time, Stella’s cooking level was only ordinary. Her cooking skills became good because of the wretched man’s picky behaviour after marriage. That marriage made her guilty but she could not compensate him in other aspects and since she had nothing to do at home, she went to learn how to make a variety of dishes.

Emmett’s mother should have heard Emmett talk about the matters of her family so she did not ask further questions on this topic and talked about other things.

Not long after, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Emmett’s mother put down the cutlery and went to open the door. What she saw was a big bunch of bright roses. She was stunned.

The person who delivered the flowers said, “Hello, may I ask if Stella Radomil or Ms. Radomil is living here?”

Hearing this, Emmett’s mother directly thought that the flowers were ordered by Emmett. She immediately took them with a smile, “Yes, yes, yes, she’s here.”

After closing the door, Emmett’s mother held the flowers and walked in, “Stella, these are for you.”

Seeing this, Stella was a bit shocked. She turned her head to glance at Emmett. Emmett frowned slightly and his fist on the table was slowly clenched.

Emmett’s mother put the flowers into Stella’s arms and said to Emmett, “Emmett, well done, even I also forgot to remind you of this.”

Emmett did not look good. He did not say anything.

When Emmett’s mother just sat down, the doorbell rang again. She went over and opened the door. She saw that the person outside was sending a bouquet of roses. She asked doubtfully, “Did you guys send repeatedly? Someone already sent over the flowers just now.”

The person who delivered the flowers did not say anything and ran away after putting the flowers down.

Emmett’s mother suddenly felt even weirder. She held the flowers and walked in, “Emmett, what’s going on, I think you should call the florist and tell them that the flowers have been sent repeatedly.”

Immediately after her words were uttered, the doorbell rang for the third time.

Emmett’s mother looked back and realized that something was wrong.

Stella pursed her lips, “Auntie, I’ll go to open it.”

When she was about to get up, Emmett said, “I’ll go.”

After the door was opened, there was still only the person who sent flowers outside and the person was not the same as the previous two.

Emmett said coldly, “Where is the person who told you guys to send flowers.”

“I… also don’t know, I’m only responsible for sending the flowers over.”

“How many more.”

The person who sent the flowers stammered. It was obvious that he knew but he was unwilling to say.

Seeing Emmett standing there and having no attention to sign for it, he could only grit his teeth, “Maybe you should take a look out the window, the flowers downstairs are all to be given to Ms. Radomil.”

Their voices were not loud but were not soft either. They could be heard clearly by the people in the house.
Emmett’s mother subconsciously walked over and took a look out the window. She was stunned.

In the neighbourhood, more than ten people were standing there and they were all holding roses and waiting there.
Stella walked to the window and also saw this scene.

Other than the heartless and frenzied wretched man, nobody else in this world could do this kind of thing.

Stella took a deep breath and then took her things, “Auntie, Uncle, I’m sorry, I have to leave first as I have something to deal with.”

As long as she continued to stay here, the wretched man would not stop.

Emmett’s mother somewhat could not react. Watching Stella leave, she walked over and patted Emmett’s shoulder, “Why are you freezing here, hurriedly follow her.”

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